5 ‘Out of the Box’ Stag Do Ideas For Travelers Under 30s

Published: May 24, 2019

It is no secret that lately stag parties have fallen victim to monotony. What started off as a Spartan custom has become an American stereotype and there is little doubt as to who should be blamed for this. The finger of blame can be firmly pointed at the Hangover series!

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What should the lads wear? Black tuxedos, of course! Where should they go? Las Vegas, of course! What should they drink? Well, that’s a no brainer.

But Stag Do’s don’t all have to follow the same, well-worn pattern.

If you want to script your own original ideas for a Stag Do that everyone will remember and enjoy (and not just because they woke up in a hotel room with a tiger), and you’d like some points for creativity, then let us help you think out of the box.

Extreme Adventure Activities

If you read the stories of people who have faced adversity together, you will find that they develop a stronger bond. Extreme sports might not be exactly negotiating Mount Everest, but it is nevertheless a kind of struggle, which is also a lot of fun at the same time. Doing something tough together doesn’t only assure you a good time that you can all still talk about in years to come, but it will also make your gang more close knit than ever before.

Extreme Adventure

Getting your mates to participate in extreme adventure activities can be a perfect way to create a story which you can wear as a badge of honour. Every adventurous activity that you do together, be it bungee jumping, cliff jumping or paragliding, will give you a story to go back home with of a memorable incident that you can fondly recall later.

If you or any of your friends are not very comfortable with the idea of extreme adventure, you can try activities which are less extreme but just as much fun. These activities might include Land Rover off-road driving, clay pigeon shooting, off-road buggies, archery and other such activities. These activities will give you plenty of opportunity to have banter and a good time together.


The stag do activities we mentioned above demand involvement of two or at most three individuals. But if your group is much bigger and you are looking for an activity in which each of you can participate together, then paintball could be the perfect activity for you.


Stags in fancy dress costume is a pretty common sight but you must admit that a fearless looking gang in camouflage uniforms, each holding a gun in their hands, (albeit paintball guns!) is a sight to behold and would make for a great social media post.

The game of paintball has been traditionally used as a team building exercise as it is an excellent ice breaker. It makes communication effortless and is an activity that can break the ice amongst any group of strangers or friends, no matter how frosty!

Road Trip

What better way to spend time with your gang than to set out on a road trip and have some great fun along the way? Road trips have become more popular recently and you don’t need much analysis to learn why. All you need to do is take your car to the nearest petrol station, get a full tank and a car full of snacks, and you’re off!

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Road Trip

You can plan stop-offs and adventures along the way, and you can even mark a few tourist spots on the map if they do not require you to go much out of the way. Make reservations at hotels along the way or carry your own camping tents if you’re rustic enough!

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You can drive in turns so that none of you are too deprived of much needed rest. You need to remember that you also have to wreak havoc when you reach your destination city so you shouldn’t exhaust yourself too much along the way.


Camping offers a great balance between the seclusion you need to party to your heart’s content and a relaxed atmosphere which makes you want to party more. When you are camping or glamping, there is no worry at the back of your mind about returning back to the place where you have booked your accommodation. It not only makes for a memorable experience but also a good tale or two at the end of the weekend.

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Whilst camping in itself is an interesting activity, you can combine it with several other outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, kayaking or hunting. There are many activity centres which offer the option of camping. An advantage of letting such activity centres host your stag do is that you can do fun activities during the day and unwind/party at night, all in the same location.

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Driving Experiences

It is difficult to find a man who doesn’t have a weakness for wheels. If your lads like to drive, why not make driving a big part of your stag party? Most guys would be thrilled at the thought of getting behind the wheel of a sports car, or off-road vehicle and racing against each other. There are many venues which offer Go Karting or dirt buggy experiences. If you have off-road driving enthusiasts in your group, you can even sign up for a Land Rover driving experience.

Driver's view

If you are not a big fan of driving yourself but love to see wheels in motion, you can buy tickets for a competitive racing event and feast your eyes on those supercars, whilst you hold a pint of beer in your hand. The only thing you need to be careful about when including such events in your stag do is that you must book tickets and accommodation beforehand as they attract a huge audience.

The ideal stag do activity is the one which engages your entire group and most importantly the groom-to-be. It is certainly the last party that he will attend as a bachelor and he deserves a farewell, which even years later, brings on the nostalgia of his bachelor days.