7 Content Marketing Tips to Improve Your Brand Image

Published: May 31, 2019

The only way you can communicate with your consumer is via the content posted on your brand’s top domains. This includes your website and its blog, social media channels, and any other referral method such as podcasts.

Without content marketing tactics, your digital marketing campaign might fall flat, allowing your brand to suffer and fumble around. You need to create an image that’s not only popular amongst your target audience, but also credible and reputable.

Mentioned below are 7 content marketing tips that will help you improve your brand image.

Create Original Content

Consumers are tired of viewing content that isn’t similar or doesn’t impose the same value as described or shown. This content, known as clickbait, decreases the chances of converting a lead to a potential customer. According to Marketing Insider, approximately 78% of consumers pursue brands that post original and relevant content as it not only boosts their interest but also correlates with their purchase intent.

To create relevant content, try to come up with ideas that are not generic, and add value to your brand. If you’re having a tough time coming up with ideas, then consider hiring a content marketing team that can keep its eyes out for on-going, viral trends.

Try not to catfish consumers into believing that you’re offering value in the form of content that is not only stolen from a rich source but also irrelevant to your brand.

Create Infographics

Infographics are a type of content that provides visual graphics merged alongside snippets of text for the simplification of data. According to an IBCW study, infographics are the ultimate go-to resource instead of blog posts, which mainly consist of text.

To lure the attention of your reader, try to incorporate impressive visuals and design along with the compelling copy. Your text should outline the benefits of shopping at your brand with a specific spotlight to problem-solving material with the context at hand.

Ephemeral Content

Instagram and Facebook provide content formats that allow brands to upload short-sized ephemeral content that lasts for 24 hours to pique the interest of their users. Try to explore social media channels and create a frenzy with graphic short stories to keep people hooked to your brand’s daily content.

Introduce Video Format

Video content comprises of audiovisuals that tend to cater to consumers with shorter attention spans. Try not to make a video because your competition is making one. Online tools are available to help create professional and valuable content.

Share your video links on your social media for people to engage and interact with. Try to make your content as valuable and as human as possible. Also, your video should be in direct correlation to your brand’s image.

For instance, if your brand sells shoes and you have published a video that doesn’t include content related to tutorials, guides, tips, news or gossip, or the latest trends in the community, then your consumers wouldn’t know what exactly you’re offering or why they’re following your brand so avidly.

Create Posts with Color

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Suppose you’re creating a blog post that has authentic and informative material for your readers to read. The clichéd textbook print isn’t exactly helping to build the interests of your consumers.

You’ve used big headlines – like you always do – but this time, try to incorporate a little bit of color into your posts. For instance, hire a graphic designer who can design a post for you with an image or gif to portray the entire gist of your material. Add your headline subtly into the picture, wherever there is space.

Image source

Pro Tip: Pile up on free stock images so that you wouldn’t have to worry about copyrights.

Compile Your Data into Graphics

Data analysis and compilation is a tedious process, but to prove your point, you must lead your customers to it. Try to compile your data into graphs or pie charts so your consumers can understand the basics of your data.

Introduce data visualization graphics into your boring presentations as well to simplify the learning process for amateurs and entrepreneurs alike. An example of visual graphics is shown below.

Image Source

Voice Search

Bots are taking over digital media, allowing our customer care centers to be more vigilant and proactive towards consumers’ shopping needs. Similarly, voice search is booming, and if it weren’t for Siri or Alexa, voice search wouldn’t have made it to our speakers today.

It is reported that by 2020, almost half of e-commerce purchases on the Internet will be conducted solely with the help of voice search.

Introduce AI-powered voice search technology so that your consumers can have their queries answered within seconds. An AI-powered chatbot will also help your customer care representatives focus on questions that are more perturbing and lengthier than those that contain answers in the knowledge base due to their frequency.

The Final Verdict

Content can outshine the efforts you put into designing and executing the dynamics of your brand. It is considered the powerhouse of any digital marketing strategy, which consequently serves as the ultimate route for promoting your brand’s image and visibility.

Author Bio

Sohail Rupani is a senior SEO strategist at PNC Digital, a digital marketing agency based in Orlando. He specializes in SEO and SEM techniques. He is passionate about technology and loves to analyze the tech industry in his spare time and stay in touch with the latest happenings. He also writes technical articles about SEO and digital marketing. Follow @sohailrupani for more updates.