Topic- Travel Tips for Students Who Do Not Earn Yet

Published: Dec 19, 2018

The wanderlust hashtag is doing rounds on social media. Nowadays, people of all ages spend a good amount of money to explore new and exciting places. Does that mean students who haven’t started earning should forget about travelling? Certainly not! Are you are a student who is yet to get a job? Here’s some good news for you. If done the right way, travelling is not always an expensive affair. Whether you are in your teens or early twenties, student years are the best time to travel and see the world.

Makeyour plans beforehand– Whenyou want to travel on a limited budget, planning ahead of time is crucial. Don’twait for the day before your journey or make your plans on the road. Selectyour destination and do your research. Find out the cheapest places where youcan stay safe. Apart from this, if you plan ahead of time, you can also buyflight tickets at a much cheaper rate. There are many hotels that give specialdiscounts for advanced booking, especially to the students.

Talk to someone who has the same experience- It is not possible to find cheap travelling options on the internet. Inthat case, you can get advice from people who have travelled as a student on a minimumbudget. You can get tips or ideas from them and make your travel plansaccordingly. You can also get to know where you can get the best deals, what toexpect when you are at that destination, etc.  

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Make the most of your connections- Ina world dominated by social media, it is not hard to expand your connectivity. Ifyou have a friend who is from another nation, you can definitely make the mostof it.  You can visit his/her country andcan stay at his/her place. This way, you do not need to rent hotels. Even ifyou don’t want to stay at your friend’s home, you can ask your friend to getyou the best deals on hotels, food, etc. However, you should go for this onlyif your friend is completely trustworthy.

Get hired as a freelancer- If youdon’t want to take money from your parents, you can opt for freelancing orpart-time jobs. Similar to the online platforms which provide students withreliable essay help, there areseveral sites which post requirements for freelancers. Sites like Upwork,Freelancer, 99designs, Elance, etc. offer jobs related to various fields. Itcan be short-term or long-term projects, and you can earn a handsome amount byworking in your spare time.  Whether youare good at writing, designing or anything else, you can find a suitable job. Thisway, you can earn money and finance your travel plans.

Start saving- No matter how cheapdeals you get, you are going to need money. So, stop spending money onunimportant things. You have to make a few sacrifices if you want to saveenough money for your travel plans. Cut back on the amount that you spend tobuy cigarettes, alcohol, video games, etc. You can stay back at your home forsome days instead of renting an apartment and use public transportation for a while.Prepare an estimate of your total cost and make it a target to save for yourtrip.

Make budget-friendly choices – Ifyou want to travel in a budget, you need to make some choices. Of course, youcannot stay at the most luxurious hotels. Rather, you should be staying athostels, eating at fast food joints or munching on street foods. Apart from this,you can also try the hawker stands or outdoor markets to buy products thatinterest you.

You can buy food in bulk and cook your ownmeals. This way, you can save the money you would have spent on buying foods. Also,food stands can be cheaper options to fill your hunger pangs. Take buses whenyou want to go to places or enjoy walking from one spot to another. As a youngstudent, you can definitely use up your energy and travel long distance onfoot.

Bring your student ID with you- You mightfind some hostels, restaurants or pubs which offer special discounts tostudents. Hence, travelling with your student ID can come in handy if you wantto make the most of these offers. Not just discounts, you can even get freetravel insurance. You can apply for student identity cards that are internationallyrecognized. Some countries and overseas vendors prefer these than the regular IDsthat are issued by the colleges or universities.

Travel light- You don’t need anexpensive suitcase when you can easily carry your things in a backpack. Beselective when you pack. This way, you won’t have to pay extra for baggage.Also, if you have to walk, you can easily travel to places without carrying aload. In case you need to change your hostel or hotel, you can do it withoutmuch hassle.

Enroll in a volunteer program-Thebest way to travel to many countries, especially those in Europe, is to getinto a volunteer program. Many organizations host programs in which travelersare connected with families, individuals, and other organizations fromdifferent parts of the world. In exchange for your service, the organizationwill provide you with accommodation and food. This way, you can save up on basicexpenses. To enroll as a volunteer, you have to go to their site and sign up.There can be a small sign up amount which you might have to pay. Followingthis, you can find various volunteering opportunities and select the one thatsuits your needs.

Irrespective of the country you want to travel to, your safety should always be your priority. Make sure that the destination you choose is safe for students. Before you set forth, you should also know the places to contact if you ever get into trouble.  

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