Whatever will they think of next? Mobile phone technology that we love!

Published: Dec 01, 2013

With today’s fast moving technological advances, phone manufacturers are coming up with more and more functions and software to keep us wanting the latest and greatest device with baited breath.

It is a given that mobile phones are now expected to be more than just a phone. They are now a diary, a bank account manager, email, a word processor, internet, navigation, camera – and so much more. So it makes one think – What else can manufacturers add to this device?

Higher technology

The BBC News magazine reported on the creative genius of Dutch inventor, Dave Hakkens, who has come up with the idea to build a phone from Lego. Now this is not the garish plastic blocks that we all enjoyed as a child, but actually micro components of a mobile phone which allow the consumer to select exactly what they need from a vast range of ‘bloks’ and create a bespoke phone to suit their needs.


Using this mobile phone lego technology, the consumer would not need to change their phone every 12-24 months in order to upgrade the specific features they require, but rather they can simply replace the appropriate blok with the up to date version and hey presto, a new phone!

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This ingenious idea would not only give users a great deal of flexibility when choosing their mobile phone device, but would also allow repairs of individual functions to be easily carried out rather than replacing the whole phone and so minimize electrical waste.


For all the multitasking women out there who are juggling a career with busy family life, you know the importance of multi-functional tools and the essential nature of the ever growing and bursting-at-the-seams handbag. So why not minimize the accessories in your handbag with a fabulous mirror screen protector on your mobile phone? These fun, quirky screen accessories are lightweight and scratch resistant to protect your LCD display and when the phone is in use the screen becomes completely transparent.

Beautiful woman making up using a smart phone as a mirror

This not only allows you to touch up make up on the go, but also provide privacy when your phone is not in use as the screen immediately turns into a mirror when your back light goes off on your device. Available to fit any screen shape and size, you can easily transform your phone into a dazzling mirror that will turn heads whilst allowing you to carry one less thing in your handbag.

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Apps, Games and Utilities

The latest in mobile phone technology can be seen in the app market, and everyone who is anyone knows that apps can literally revolutionize your life. Apps are being constantly designed and developed for all smart phones by experts and they can now do so much more than tell you the weather, prettify your photographs or give you your banking information. Free apps such as the Google TV Remote can transform your mobile phone into a customized hand-held remote control for so many devices.


Rather than reach for the TV remote, you can simply tap the app on your smart phone or tablet and you will be automatically linked to your TV, DVD and other media devices via your mobile broadband and allow you to use voice recognition to change channels, settings, push content between devices and much more. No need to search under the sofa cushions for a missing remote, a click or a swipe on your phone and you are good to go!

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Anything Goes

Finally, a concept phone that may not be far from reach. Also known as the “Relexer”, a phone / medical device that can be worn around your wrist. The function of analyzing the wearer’s health condition including a thermometer, blood pressure and heart rate monitor is what the phone ambitiously aim to become. The notion of predicting ailments in real time and warns you of any danger can be a life saving feature – on top of what a smart phone already is.


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So next time you consider upgrading your phone, think about what you activities you carry out most often in your day to day routine and check out the latest cutting edge technology to help make your life that little bit easier. With literally thousands of apps to choose from, you can truly customize your mobile device to suit your needs and desires. The question is, what will they think of next?

Richard Orchin is a technology enthusiast who spends his time seeking out the newest and coolest gadgets while blogging for sites such as mobi-data.