25 Websites for Graphic Design Textures and Patterns

Published: May 14, 2016

Graphic is an excellent practice and art of projecting and planning ideas as well as experiences with textual and visual content. There are several options available to make an awesome and superior graphic design, but the specialized designed resources produce unbelievable results. If you want to know about the unique tools, you can follow this awesome guide properly.

While speaking about patterns and textures, these are the exclusive resources that help professionals to create an eye-catching and exclusive graphic design within short time duration. In order to get these fantastic resources, you can visit the right and best website where you can find out many fine quality minecraft texture packs.

There are many websites available to get the patterns and textures, but the best one offer patterns and textures for free. The free resources help you to create or develop an attractive and heart-grabbing graphic design projects without facing any difficulties. It not only brings you some benefits, but also allows you to use it in your web design process.

There are many textures as well as patterns available, so you can utilize the right one properly. In order to avoid the inappropriate one, you can hire the best and free website.

The following list helps you to choose the superior website and get efficient patterns or textures easily.

1) Lost and Taken (http://lostandtaken.com)

Lost and Taken

It is one of the specially developed websites well known for its unique and exclusive texture photos. The leading platform allows you to download lots of texture photos without spending a single penny. The website includes different types of free textures, so you can carefully download the right one as per your individual requirements. In order to download the texture, you need not to follow any difficult procedure. Instead, you can click on your favorite texture and get the new window with download option.

2) Subtle Patterns (http://subtlepatterns.com/)


Subtle Patterns is well known for its click and play experience. When you click the pattern thumbnail and it will boom. It can be applied as the layer style or format to your existing layer. The unique platform includes appropriately four hundred patterns that are suitable for Photoshop and Sketch. The patterns are completely free, so you can utilize it without any hesitation.

3) Deviant Art (http://www.deviantart.com)


It is one of the most largest and effective online social communities in the world. The awesome website is highly suitable for art enthusiasts and artists, because it allows them to connect via the sharing and creation of art. Here, you can have lots of superior facilities, so you can utilize it in a proper manner.

4) Texture Lovers (http://www.texturelovers.com)


There are many online websites that offer minecraft texture packs, but the best one allows you to enjoy some additional conveniences. In order to obtain the benefits, you can utilize the Texture Lovers. The website Texture Lovers provides an effective archive of the finest textures globally. These kinds of awesome textures are really free to download as well as use. The free-to-download textures allow you to do your personal and commercial work easily. Here, you can also get the links of tutorials and inspiration related to textures.

5) TextureLib (http://texturelib.com/)


Texturelib gains a huge amount of popularity among people because of its stunning collection of high resolution and fine quality textures. The most outstanding website includes different varieties of textures in order to suit every taste and graphic designing requirements. By visiting the website, you can get free textures for your personal as well as commercial use.

6) Texture King (http://www.textureking.com/)


The Texture King is a superior platform that is well known for free stocks the unique textures. When you visit this site, you can find out lots of different free textures. It includes dirt, concrete, plaster, rust, grunge and more. These several choices help people to download the right one as per their individual requirements.

7) Pattern8 (http://pattern8.com/)


Pattern8 is an awesome website that is developed to make this easier to discover fine quality and free patterns. These kinds of seamless patterns are fully free to download and use. Along with this, it also offers you free pixel and vector patterns. Finding the suitable and best pattern is not an easy task, because few of them do not suit your individual requirements. In order to overcome the drawbacks, the website comes with a list of efficient patterns. In addition, it also keeps the things easier and permits searching through color.

8) Blog Spoon Graphics (http://blog.spoongraphics.co.uk)


The Blog Spoon Graphics is famous for its multiple services or facilities. The specialized website not only offers you superior patterns and textures, but also allows you to utilize many logos, brushes, vectors and more. These kinds of specialized options encourage many designers to utilize this awesome website again and again. The website offers all these amazing services without charging any amount. Additionally, it also offers lots of articles, tutorials and other resources in order to enhance your user experience.

9) Texture Palace (http://www.texturepalace.com/)


The main aim of this website is to offer free and premium textures for people who want to create an awesome graphic design. In order to bring the useful solutions, the website does not require any payment, so you can use it without any uncertainty. The superior and ultimate website includes lots of premium and brilliant textures with preview image. These kinds of wonderful facilities encourage many designers to use these resources for their personal work.

10) Graphicmania (http://www.graphicmania.net)


Graphicmania is a stunning medium where you can find out wide array of interesting articles, awesome designing ideas, many vector packs, advertising ideas and useful freebies. These are the exclusive services that helps individual to achieve their desired results very soon. The website offers lots of freebies such as patterns, textures, free icons, free fonts, Photoshop patterns, Photoshop brushes, Photoshop PSDS and more. The website not only brings you some conveniences, but also allows you to know all interesting facts about the Photoshop patterns and textures. Here, you can also find a huge number of free and simplicity patterns. By using these exclusive resources, you can easily create a fine design easily.

11) Free Stock Textures (https://freestocktextures.com)


FreeStockTextures is an exclusive and awesome website developed to bring you a wide array of superior textures and awesome designs. These kinds of specially designed resources help designers developing many outstanding projects. The exclusive website not only includes some useful resources, but also allows you to get lots of paper decorations, Photoshop brushes and vector graphics. If you want to promote your own project, you can utilize these brilliant textures. When you visit the website, you can browse the top and best texture categories such as graffiti, ground, nature, wood, wall, concrete, liquid, grunge, stone and more.

12) Pattern head (http://www.patternhead.com/)


Pattern head is an excellent platform that is well known for its seamless free patterns. The specially developed website includes lots of design resources and freebies, so you can use the perfect one as per your designing requirements. The awesome patterns are designed with specialized techniques, so it will really bring you awesome results. The brilliant design not only offer you useful benefits, but also allows your project to get a new look.

digitalocean bannerblank
13) DinPattern (http://www.dinpattern.com/)


There are many online websites available to obtain the patterns, but the specially created platform offers you a huge collection of brilliant patterns. If you want to know about the wonderful medium, you can carefully watch this superior guide. While considering DinPattern, it is a fantastic online website that offer immense number of patterns and design tools for artists, social network users, web developers and designers. Along with this, it also permits the user to customize their pages easily. These kinds of excellent patterns are really used for the artwork, twitter backgrounds and web design. You can utilize these exclusive patterns for both your commercial or personal web as well as screen use. If you want to get these awesome patterns, you can visit this superior website immediately.

14) PatternCooler (http://www.patterncooler.com)


PatternCooler is one of the most specialized and awesome platform that includes lots of fun and cool patterns. You can utilize these exclusive and wonderful patterns allows youcc to create an attractive designing project without facing any difficulties. The website offers these resources completely free. These are the exclusive pattern designs used to create several platforms such as WordPress, tumblr and twitter blog backgrounds, Mobile and web apps, Photoshop, gimp textures as well as other design projects

15) Background Labs (http://backgroundlabs.com/)


Background Labs really shares lots of superior free patterns, vector graphics, website backgrounds, design resources and superior textures for everyone. Along with this, it also allows you to browse by styles and colors. The exclusive website includes inspirational art and fresh resources for every requirements and taste. Here you can get many high resolution and free textures in an effective manner.

16) Mayang Textures (http://www.mayang.com)


Mayang Textures is an exclusive online library that includes lots of fine quality and exclusive textures. These kinds of high resolution textures are really free, so you can use it for your every project requirements. The website does not allow you to download in a bulk manner, so you can download 20 textures per day. If you need many textures, you can get it by investing some amount.

17) BittBox (http://www.bittbox.com/)


BittBox is really well known for its promo codes. The exclusive website not only includes promo codes, but also allows you to get lots of superior resources such as textures, Photoshop brushes, fonts, vectors and more. These are the freebies, so you can utilize it without investing money. The textures are available in different categories like fire, grass, pattern, plastic, bubbles, bokeh, ash, dried leaves, branches, tree and more. If you want to know about the full categories, you can visit this website immediately.

18) Texture Gen (http://www.texturegen.com/)


In this present world, you can find out different varieties of textures, but the best one brings you awesome results. If you want to get the unique resources, you can visit the Texturegen. It is an awesome and effective website that includes lots of backgrounds and textures. These kinds of high resolution and quality textures are available for free. The online website includes free wood, plaster, grunge, metal, rust and other types of photo textures. From multiple choices, you can pick the right one based on your individual project. These kinds of specially created textures allow you to use it for your personal as well as commercial use.

19) Wild Textures (http://www.wildtextures.com/)


This website has a great collection of interesting patterns and textures. The website has a feature with which you can look up for textures based on color They are free to use – commercially and personally – so you can include them in your works or just stack them up in your library.

20) Ava7 Patterns (http://ava7patterns.com/)


Go to this link if you need to look for patterns which are not too bold, but more feminine and soft. In between of course, you may also get to see patterns which have big designs. The site allows you to use the patterns for your projects and would appreciate if you link back to this site!

21) Graphics Wall (http://www.graphicswall.com/)


This website specializes in and caters to all of your design needs. They have all the design-related goods stacked up over here – so basically you could call it a one-stop shop – latest patterns, textures, graphics, vectors etc. This website should be one of every designer’s must-visit places on the Internet.

22) Shizoo (http://shizoo-design.de/)


This is a design website which has a Danish origin. Over here you will find an array of everything related to design – whether you’re looking for brushes, backgrounds, vectors headers, patterns, icons… all of the works are available here in great variety. Must visit!

23) Bgrepeat (http://bgrepeat.com/)


This website specializes in giving you a collection of “fresh, cool, minimalist, awesome repeating backgrounds, patterns.” The patterns set is divided into three categories: ‘Recent’, ‘Most viewed’ and ‘Most downloaded.’ Here you will find simple understated patterns in good numbers!

24) CG Textures (http://textures.com)


CG texture is a hub for various digital pictures that helps the designers to craft wonderful projects. It is famous for free textures it provides in categories such as metal, wood, fabric, and plastic. It also offers an assortment of textures featuring animals, landscapes, floors, food, nature, paper and many more interesting objects and scenes.

25) Texture Mate


Texturemate is a resourceful site for web designers, graphic artists and 3D modelers as it is a repository of original textures. It is popularly known to provide free texture packs and texture photographs in jpeg images. It offers a high-resolution download for brush packs, stock images, and many other creative stuffs.

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These are the most popular and reliable websites that helps you to obtain high resolution and sophisticated patterns and textures. If you face any difficulties while choosing the best website, you can watch this above listing. The brilliant guide helps you to know all interesting about the website and its freebies. These awesome details surely help you to pick the highly appropriate texture or pattern without any confusion. The smart selection process helps you to save your precious time and money. Moreover, the finest resources make your graphic designing process unique and superior.

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