Updated Agency Lightbox and Slideshow Code

Published: Dec 01, 2011

I just got done updating one of my themes – Agency. I received several complaints about the lightbox functionality not working. I investigated and found a bug in the javascript.

For some reason – the images are not picking up prettyphoto. So I modified a few lines to fix this. I also had to completely rewrite the slideshow code. The theme is using WordPress’ default jQuery library and it didn’t play nice with jQuery UI (which the slideshow was using). This time around – the slideshow is not dependent on any plugin. For those who’ve bought this theme before – download the theme again. Contact me if you don’t have the link anymore. For those interested – you can buy the theme from this link.

digitalocean banner

Other updates include the addition of @fontface for the post titles – so the it now uses both Cufon and web fonts. Check out the Demo from here.