Best WordPress Theme for Clubs, Promoters and DJs: Nightclub – Absolutely Free!

Published: Nov 22, 2011

Nightclub is a vibrant WordPress theme that will power your next club website. Ideal for party photos, event coverage and dazzling conversations of the night before. Nightclub comes with an awesome slideshow, large post thumbnails, social buttons, a flickr photo feed – all customizable via an admin panel. Beautiful typography, color schema and modern textures – try Nightclub for WordPress!

Are you a DJ?

This might be the perfect setup for you. Each post in Nightclub can be converted into a photo gallery. All you have to do is grab photos from your local drive and upload.

How about grabbing your favorite events and turning them into a slideshow? That’s what Nightclub is designed to do. Simply follow the steps in this page and voila! Your homepage is instantly refreshed with your finest events and images.

Additional setup such as flickr feeds and widgets are controlled via admin panel. More documentation can be found in these series of posts.

You can download the theme from this link. Please leave your comments and your URLs below.

This article is written by Michael Soriano. Michael is a Front End Developer based in La Crescenta California. He specializes in CSS, JavaScript and UI. When not developing sites, Michael likes to play handyman and wrestles his kids.

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12 thoughts on “Best WordPress Theme for Clubs, Promoters and DJs: Nightclub – Absolutely Free!

    Heather Mitchell says:

    Can I also post the categories to specific pages? Such as, if someone clicks the menu People who Inspire, all the people i write about would be on that page?

    You can create a category called “People who inspire” and start adding posts to it. As far as the menu – you can just add a link to that category to it.

    Heather Mitchell says:

    I Love this theme, it the best format for my site
    ( I keep struggling with some minor
    things however – such as default image size (my pics on the home page
    don’t re-size themselves appropriately so they’re often distorted. and I
    don’t have any comments yet so my visitors see all these ZEROS at the
    top of my posts which could look like visits – either way it doesn’t
    reflect positively and i would like to deactivate it until i do get
    comments and some real numbers in there. And lastly, my site takes a
    very long time to load, despite only have a handful of posts – due to
    the photos — and this will only get worse as i begin to post more
    often… is there a way to limit the post page to the last 5 or last 3
    posts and have a OLDER POSTS button at the bottom of the page? i am
    using a template because I don’t know enough coding to edit the CSS
    styles page. Advice and feedback about my site is welcome and i’m
    grateful for it. Thanks 🙂

    All of these things can be done – but you would have to edit some code. As far as the page being slow – try installing a cache plugin

    snowflake13 says:

    This theme looks great. I’d like to try it out. Where can I go to download it?

    the link is in the content above

    shai says:

    hi i was trying to buy one of your theme but only paypal for payment option? I dont use credit card just giftcard/debitcard i bought from department store..

    you can use your credit card – there’s an option in paypal.

    Elkana says:

    Good day,
    Can I get an .po / .pot file? I want to translate the theme into Dutch because I love your theme!

    Greetings from Holland

    juvesatriani says:

    Your work always excellent..soon after im finisih card application ..i“ll be buy yours..thanks forn kindness

    Matt says:

    Great share! Thanks for posting. Looking forward to learning some new techniques and how you’ve gone about executing your ideas and design. Cheers!

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