The Call of Duty League Mid-Season Review

Published: Aug 31, 2020

The inaugural franchised Call of Duty League has had its share of failures and successes, but so far, it’s all been positive for the most part. The Call of Duty League 2020, or CDL, which kicked off in January, has just passed its midpoint which is reason enough to carry out a mid-season review of the season.

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Based on the most popular Call of Duty of all time: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the title has also found an immense amount of additional support from its sibling battle royale title of Call of Duty Warzone. Due to this, viewership has been at an all-time high, with the Seattle Surge Home Series 2020 racking up over 96,000 concurrent viewers at one go.

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The first season of the Call of Duty League consists of a stronger presence of North American teams, as we’ve listed all of the CDL teams below, including how they stack up right now:

    • Atlanta FaZe

    • Chicago Huntsmen

    • Dallas Empire

    • Florida Mutineers

    • London Royal Ravens

    • Los Angeles Guerillas

    • Minnesota Rokkr

    • New York Subliners

    • OGLA

    • Paris Legion

    • Seattle Surge 

The Call of Duty League schedule has included an opening weekend followed by seven CDL Home Series: each with their own victor as listed below: 

    • CDL London – Chicago Huntsmen

    • CDL Atlanta – Atlanta FaZe

    • CDL Los Angeles – Dallas Empire

    • CDL Dallas – Florida Mutineers

    • CDL Chicago – Dallas Empire

    • CDL Florida – Atlanta FaZe

    • CDL Seattle – Chicago Huntsmen 

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The best team in the league is currently Atlanta FaZe, sitting in second with an event in hand. Currently, everyone is gunning for positions in order to seed for the final event of the CDL, the CDL Playoffs. Following the Call of Duty League update to shorten rounds of Domination and Search and Destroy in February, the change came in once the majority of the league events went online.

Unlike previous titles in the franchise, Call of Duty Modern Warfare has offered the competitive scene a new gun meta, with a heavy focus on submachine guns. It’s no wonder then, that the top kill-to-death ratios in the league are mostly from distant assault rifle players as listed below:

    • Octane (1.28)

    • Skyz (1.22)

    • wuskin (1.22)

    • Cellium (1.21)

    • Simp (1.19)

    • GodRx (1.17)

    • Denz (1.17)

    • Slasher (1.16)

    • Assault (1.15)

    • Methodz (1.14) 

This year, though, teamwork has taken priority with the Call of Duty League Rules introducing Domination as a third game mode which players voted to keep in the League. The addition of the in-game mechanic of ‘Dead Silence’ has forced the competition to make risky plays and take chances that can shape the entire map too.

Only a few events remain until the season is decidedly over and certain teams have almost confirmed their fate – such as Los Angeles Guerillas and Seattle Surge. Having to start off in the Losers’ Bracket compared to, for example, the semi-finals where you’d have to win only three series to be crowned the champion is a massive difference. 

Let’s take a look at the remaining events of the Call of Duty League 2020 schedule

    • CDL Minnesota Home Series (5-7th June)

    • CDL Paris Home Series (19-21st June)

    • CDL New York Home Series (10-12th July)

    • CDL London Home Series (17-19TH July)

    • CDL Toronto Home Series (24-26th July)

    • Playoffs – Unconfirmed

There’s also an All-Star game which is yet to be confirmed. Besides the main Call of Duty League, side-events are beginning to be hosted for Call of Duty Warzone too, as first seen at Seattle.

A total of $4,600,000 are on the line for the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League at the final event. Nothing else compares in the history of competitive Call of Duty.