Situations When You Should Appoint Senior Care

Published: Jan 29, 2021
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Elder care or also known as senior care provided by the health care agencies is a luxury and a necessity simultaneously. Senior care assistance by professionals has provided convenience to the primary health care takes and luxury to seniors to live independently. Senior care assistance is one of the elements that can help you balance personal/professional life along with better mental health. 

Since the majority of the elderly are stubborn and hesitant to receive any assistance. It can be hard to be authoritative over your elderly but once the senior care is initiated they will quickly accept the ease and comfort the professional will provide. 

Most of the inquiries we received have one similar question: is this an ideal situation to receive senior health assistance or we are too early for it?

There is no concrete situation or time to avail of senior care assistance. Different services accompany you in different situations. However, for better understanding and decisive choice, below are a few of the situations, the majority of the individuals take assistance from the home health agency professional.

Emotional Dependency:

After retirement most elderly experience social isolation and loneliness which only increases with time as the physical dependency increases. Most adults at 60 and above need assistance with traveling or at least a companion to accompany them. The absence of energetic adults in life adds up to social isolation, feeling of extreme dependency, loneliness, and anxiety. Unfortunately, as time goes by the elderly can’t travel nor do they have people who can come meet them often. 

Senior health service professional traits of empathy and compassion also make them great companions, who are responsible for encouraging the elderly for social interaction, and accompany them in travels such as hospital visits, grocery, etc. depending on the agency policy. Many agencies also encourage clients to participate in community events, games, and get-togethers. 

If you are unable to provide emotional support to your loved ones due to a hectic schedule, it is a good enough reason to hire a senior care professional.

Independent Living:

The general understanding of senior health services is that the professionals are meant to look after the elderly under primary caretaker supervision. The senior care professionals on the other hand are providing care for both dependent and independent elderly for years. 

One of the hardest things is to convince your loved ones to come to live with you at old age. Several elderly find it an attempt to snatch their independence and freedom. Although that is far from true, it better is to offer the elderly an alternative of hiring a professional for assistance daily. 

Most experts suggest that if your beloved is at an age where their cognitive processes (including memory, decision making, and learning), language (forget names, places, and things), and mobility (weak muscles and joints) have started to decline then it is best to hire a professional. 

A professional caregiver may assist the individual in ALD throughout the day rather than completely doing it and help encourage them in using mobility aids to prevent any sore muscles and pain. The professionals also danger proof the house for the independent living elderly for example: installing anti-slippery rugs, removing tripping obstacles, and suggesting improvements for mobility and less physical energy consumption. 

If your beloved insists on living independently then suggest hiring a senior care professional for alternative days per week and the expenses are covered by most insurance companies. 

Physical Dependency:

Several types of medical conditions decrease the mobility of an individual which makes activities like personal hygiene and grooming an extremely hard task. Other kinds of physical dependency may include the use of medical equipment, minor medical procedures, assistance in getting out of bed, and dressing up among others. 

When an elderly is bedridden or physically dependent on the primary care taken in such cases, the caretaker gets no or very little rest, and late the fatigue tolls on mental and physical health. 

As a primary caregiver, it is extremely important to take rest now and then. A senior care professional can help take responsibility while you can detox yourself in respite at home. A senior care professional will also assist you in dealing with the elderly with Alzheimer and dementia as well. You can also hire a professional if you have to travel out of the city or state. 

Health Concerns:

One of the misconceptions about senior care services is that you can only acquire them in desperate times. However, there is no need to wait to receive assistance for a better and healthy lifestyle. 

A professional hired for alternative days can encourage the elderly for a healthier life through exercise, medical check-up appointments, meditation, and several kinds of therapies among other techniques. 

Professionals help the elderly keep a track of diet, medications, exercise, and any occurrence symptoms which can help diagnose any disease at an earlier stage. 

Progressive Diseases:

Medical conditions are the pronounced part of aging. While advanced healthcare keeps it at bay but the more we age, the weaker our system gets. The most common progressive medical conditions that affect older people daily activities include:

Arthritis is characterized by joint pain, stiffness. Restricted movement and inflammation in and around the joints create a hurdle for important chores such as cooking, laundry, and movement from one place to another. 

Hypertension is one of the common medical conditions experienced by aging factors.   One of the concerning parts of hypertension is that symptoms are rarely noticeable except in the hypertension crises when the blood pressure reaches dangerously high levels. 

Other than hypertension being a risk itself, it also strains blood vessels and other organs increasing the chances of heart diseases/ attacks, kidney diseases, strokes, and vascular dementia. 

Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of heart failure and fatal situations. Characterized by smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. To prevent any dangerous situation the individuals are required to bring significant changes in diet, and lifestyle.

These are just a few progressive medical conditions to mention but the most common reason for receiving senior care and you may receive senior care as you require.

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