Choosing The Right Rental Car In Curacao

Published: Jan 25, 2021

For anyone planning to visit Curacao, the best way to explore this beautiful island is to use a rental car. However, it is often a challenge to find a suitable rental car that is tailored to meet your specific needs. Several car rental firms have set up operations in Curacao with the aim of not only targeting new customers but also return customers. As such, some of the key factors these competing rental car firms tend to emphasize is customers’ wishes. Renting a car as an inbound visitor in a host country may seem like a daunting task. This is because, as a guest in a host country, one still needs to get assistance on a wide range of services he or she may need.

Here’s more about renting a car in Curacao.

Rental Cars

1. Visiting Curacao?

Most holiday enthusiasts like visiting islands such as Curacao for their leisure activities. Subsequently, for one to improve his or her experience during such visit to an Island such as Curacao. He or she needs to make prior plans. Among such plans may involve, for instance, searching for a rental car that is suitable to serve his or her needs while in Curacao. With the advent of the internet, it is simpler for a prospect inbound visitor to Curacao to search online for the right rental car and subsequently make prior bookings.

Making a prior booking and paying for the desired rental car can save you time and cost of moving from point A to B while in Curacao. Nevertheless, not everyone is comfortable booking and paying for a rental car online. For instance, some visitors may prefer a face-to-face engagement with rental car dealers the moment they arrive in Curacao. This group of visitors may need, for instance, to physically explore different rental car firms and their services before deciding on the right rental car firm to deal with while in Curacao.

2. Rental cars

Deciding on the right rentalcars curacao is important while visiting such an Island that receives visitors on a frequent basis. It is also important to note that each visitor to the Island may present with dissimilar needs when it comes to selecting the right rental car. As such, rental car firms should take into account the different needs of each visitor seeking rental car services. In this respect, for holidaymakers intending to visit Curacao, they need to consider these tips if they are to get the desired experience using the rental car.

3. Deciding on the type of car to use

Navan Travel

While planning to rent a car, it is important to emphasize more on selecting the right rental car that meets your needs. Some of the rental cars that visitors to Curacao may consider are ones that are:


Cars that are compact compared to larger ones tend to consume less fuel, hence, saving the user from spending more on gasoline. Further, on an Island such as Curacao where the streets are rather narrow, compact cars are more suitable. This is because it is easier to maneuver in such streets using a compact rather than a large vehicle. However, despite a compact car offering the user flexibility to easily navigate the streets of Curacao, they are not comfortable driving compared to large vehicles such as SUVs. In addition, they seem not to be safe in case of an accident as evident with the manner in which the driver, passengers, or cargo space is congested.

Sedan/Saloon car

As a passenger car, they are available in different brands as well as types. On the Island, these types of cars are widely used for movement from point A to B. One of the primary benefits associated with a saloon car is fuel efficiency. In addition, compared to other types of cars, the sedan is cheap to rent and preferable for visitors who may not afford high-end rental cars.


For visitors to the Island who prefer comfort and are ready to spend, the SUVs are the most suitable while intending to move around. SUVs not only comfortable but are also stylish thus improving a user’s experience while driving around the Island. Similarly, this type of car is also spacious and suitable for visitors intending to travel far while on the Island.

To all holidaymakers and other inbound visitors to Curacao, choosing the right car will ease your movement while exploring this beautiful Island. Since there are several rental car firms on the Island, visitors have a wide range of rental vehicles to choose from based on their wishes.