6 Reasons Why You Should Get a Helpdesk Software

Published: Aug 05, 2018

Streamlining your company’s activities is certainly a priority if you ever hope to expand and become as profitable as possible. Automation is a very important part of how companies all around the world are maximizing their profit margins, but at this point you may be asking what kind of automation would be best for you. A helpdesk software like Kayako is one example that can help you in a great many ways. Here are some benefits associated with getting one installed.

#1 Enables Multitasking

Your CSRs simply won’t be able to get very far while handling customer complaints and queries if they don’t have some help. A helpdesk is designed to help make multitasking possible. This is going to really improve the manner in which your CSRs will be able to handle multiple complaints, categorizing and logging them with superior efficiency.

Helpdesk Software - Woman multitask

This is going to greatly improve your response time and create a much more satisfied customer base overall, one that would have fewer complaints in the long run.

#2 Saves Customers’ Time

When a customer makes a call or contacts through live chat, they are not going to want to waste too much time. The fact of the matter is that they usually don’t have all that much time in the first place and they are not going to appreciate it if it takes ridiculously long for them to be able to lodge a complaint. Helpdesks are really going to improve things in terms of response time, and if a customer is able to get the job done much quicker than would have been the case otherwise they are going to end up getting a much better impression of your company overall.

#3 Allows You to Analyze Trends

Helpdesks are a great way to store data, and this data can be very useful at helping you ascertain certain trends in your customers complaints. These trends can help you understand what your company might be doing wrong. A company that legitimately acts based on the complaints that customers have made is going to end up getting a great reputation, and you really can’t discount the benefits that are to be received from having a good reputation.

Helpdesk Software - Analyze Trends

People will just trust you more, and they are going to be more likely to buy your products or pay for your services.

#4 Helps Prioritize Certain Customers

If you have been working in customer support for long, you would know that not all customers are created equal. Rather, some customers are going to have genuine complaints and the others might not be quite as genuine. The latter tend to take valuable time away from the former, and a helpdesk can seriously prevent that from happening. The fact of the matter is that you need to be able to give the right customers their time, and helpdesks can help prioritize your customers based on how urgent their complaints are.

#5 Handles Basic Complaints

Continuing on from the previous point, even genuine customers sometimes have a complaint that does not require an actual CSR handling things for them. These basic complaints can be handled by a helpdesk software as well, without you having to worry too much about the quality of help being offered. The fact of the matter is that these complaints are simple enough for a software to log and deal with, relaying it to the relevant people that would solve the complaint and make things work out very efficiently. This can help your CSRs focus on those customers that actually need them.

#6 Helps Make Things Organized

Handling hundreds of customer complaints a day is going to be very stressful indeed, and the stress will only increase because of the fact that it creates a lot of clutter. Helpdesks can help remove this clutter by organizing everything to the extent where they would end up becoming very easy to go through. This can help make things easier for future CSRs who would be able to go through old complaints that might give them an idea of the sort of help that the customers they are currently dealing with might need.

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