Start Fresh: Choosing a Consolidation Loan

Published: Aug 09, 2018

Debt can cause some serious problems when it comes to your financial future. Once debt begins to take over, your credit score begins to drop. Once you hit a lower credit bracket, it can be difficult to get credit to purchase things that you need. You may end up putting important things on hold, such as a car, house, or appliances.

Consolidation Loan - money

When multiple sources of debt are all weighing on you at the same time, it can be overwhelming to get them under control. You can get a fresh start with a consolidation loan.


The amount of your debt consolidation loan is going to be determined by the amount of debt on your credit cards. Traditional loans are concerned with your credit score. Many people that need a consolidation loan are having credit issues due to the debt. The loan companies may take a look at your income and bills to see if a loan is a feasible option for you. These companies are already taking a risk with clients that have defaulted on credit cards, they want to secure their investment. Choose a company that is willing to take on the bulk of your credit card debt, not just one or two.

Term and Payments

The length of your loan is the part that is often flexible. A long-term loan can help you spread out your payments over several months or years. The goal is to make each payment affordable. Loans that drag out too long have a higher risk of defaulting. The company is going to want you to make this payment a priority. Look for a company that has a variety of terms to choose from. You income may play a big part in this schedule. Check out your options with

Be sure the company you choose takes your budget seriously. They should take a look at what you pay for rent, utilities, phone service. Bring copies of your bills with you to the consultation. The goal of a consolidation loan is to keep you out of debt, therefore, flexible payment options should be available. You should also be able to set your payment for days that are near your paydays. This ensures a prompt payment. 


Interest is a normal part of any lending situation. You can shop around to find the best interest rate before you commit to a contract. Be sure to weigh all of the factors, however. It may be worth paying a higher interest rate if the lender offers more flexible payments. These loans are also a higher risk for the creditor. Higher risk loans, in general, have an increased interest rate. You can, however, help to reduce yours by paying off the loan early.

When you are ready to apply for a consolidated loan, make sure you know what you need. Flexible payment plans can help you set up a term that works with your budget. A quality loan company does not ask for monthly payments that are more than you can afford, either. The goal is to get you out of debt, not cause more issues. Shop around until you find what you are looking for.

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