MacCase: An Artistic and Protective Brand

Published: Aug 11, 2020

When it comes to electronic devices, customers want to make sure they are protected. At checkout, most people opt for insurance or guarantee in case anything were to happen. But it does not stop there. Everyone looks for a protective case that will keep their devices safe from bumps and scratches. This case needs to be strong but also aesthetically pleasing. Tech fanatics do not want to ruin amazingly designed devices with ugly cases. Luckily for them, MacCase was founded by a man who went to art school and now provides users with artistic and protective cases.

MacCase was founded in 1998 and by 1999 they had designed and produced a case for the original Apple iBook. They immediately stood out thanks to the revolutionary thinking behind their colors and style, going against the typical black case. Their passion for detail and innovation was shinning through their idea to let their designs showcase the Apple logo. This design element is something other brands incorporated, and we can still see to this day.

After 22 years, MacCase remains extremely popular among customers. The reason behind their evident success is their beautiful, functional, and innovative designs. Every product is proof of the brand’s mission to provide a multi-layered experience of innovative design, quality, thoughtful engineering, and value to customers in the Apple accessory, business, and travel goods industry. With this in mind, they offer a variety of products: briefcase backpacks, duffle bags, iPad backpacks, iPad back covers, iPad bags, iPad briefcases, iPad cases, iPad keyboard covers, iPad sleeves, MacBook Pro backpacks, MacBook Pro cases, MacBook Pro sleeves, messenger bags, laptop tote bags, and overnight bags, among other accessories. They offer each of these products in leather and nylon appealing to the college student looking for an excellent messenger bag and the CEO looking for the world’s best iPad case.

Michael Santoro, President and Chief Creative Officer, decided in 2007 it was time to reinvent the market he had created with the company’s founding. For this reason, he designed the MacCase Premium Leather Collection which can still be purchased today. “I wanted a product to juxtapose the cool clinical feel of the Apple laptops,” says the CCO, “something warm and handcrafted. Leather was the answer.” And if leather is your answer as well, you can purchase a diverse amount of their products made from this material.

One of the great services MacCase provides is the Custom Leather iPad Case and MacBook Pro Case Program. If you are looking for something other than a standard black or brown leather case, the program offers multiple options for color and finish including leathers in purple, red, pink, and chocolate. In just five simple steps, you will have the product to fit your standards:

1. Select the model you like.

2. Select the leather finish and color.

3. Select the thread color.

4. Select the color for the interior fabric.

5. Add an embossed monogram of three letters.

For over two decades, MacCase has provided customers with professional and timeless designs. Their cases–and every one of their products–are not only protective, but also artistic. Santoro’s art background helps the company keep up with an aesthetic that will please every buyer. If you are in the market for a case to protect your electronic devices or equipment to transport it with you, MacCase should be your go-to brand.