LinkedIn Engagement is Flying – Make the Most of your Profile

Published: Aug 12, 2020

The rundown of “victors” during the pandemic-fuelled lockdown is predictably short. Due to working from home however, one platform has grown significantly due to the pandemic and subsequent quarantine – LinkedIn.

As per the most recent insights, LinkedIn has 706m individuals around the world, in over 50m organizations, more than twice the figure from five years back.

Also, LinkedIn’s analytics, contrasted with this time a year ago, are what marketers in the industry describe as… ridiculous!

While the greater part of us have LinkedIn, I’m certain the majority of us have a propensity for overlooking it for extensive periods of time. We drop it, forget it and then pick it up when we need to. Sound familiar?

However, since LinkedIn’s star is rising quicker than at any other time, and the worldwide downturn that comes as expected each decade has dropped upon us, there is no better an opportunity to ensure your profile is completely polished.

Get ahead of the curve and improve your profile ready for a potential job searches you may have to do in the future. Whether that’s a new role or just a career change, it never hurts to put your best foot forward.

Polishing your LinkedIn profile

To begin, how about we consider what shows up first when searched: your name, profile image, region, current or most recent position then shared connections.

When it comes to getting your name and area correct, I have confidence in you.

Be as imaginative as you sensibly can with your photograph. While it may appear to be going above the norm: opting for a black and white image, in formal attire, looking like a pro… this approach can really pull businesses into your profile. Especially in the event that you are in a more innovative industry.

Professional Pose

Ensure that your headlines match your current roles and keep them both precise and brief. This may seem obvious, but typos will really hurt you here. Make sure everything is spelled correctly.

Mutual connections are important, too. In the event that you haven’t done it for some time, hit the “My Network” button on LinkedIn’s top menu bar and hit that ‘connect’ button with everyone you vaguely know! Building those mutual connections is key to opening dialogues with potential employers.

Be that as it may, in the event that you need to become a LinkedIn ace, it’s imperative to not become complacent due to your shared connections list. Good work so far, but there is more to do!

The next step, is to work on your recommendations. These have been in place on LinkedIn for some time now and can make a huge difference to your profile quality. Reach out to people you work with, or have worked with in the past, and offer a recommendation swap – they write one for you, you write one for them. That way, you both win!

Finally, if you really want to superpower your profile, consider using a LinkedIn search exporter and list compiler, like LIX. You can export thousands of jobs, profiles and company data in minutes. For anyone really serious about LinkedIn, you can’t miss a tool like this.