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Published: Apr 06, 2010

Content content content. Probably the hardest thing to come up with. My original plan was just to have this website as a personal blog / portfolio but since the popularity of my themes (and some of the articles) – I’m getting that itch to take things even further. Maybe Fearlessflyer can come up a notch. Maybe it can attract more readers. Maybe it can play with the big guys. But one man cannot do it. I need content and I’ve run out.

That’s why I need your help.

Why write for me?

Decent exposure. Below is a screenshot of my analytics page. I do not do any marketing for my blog, nor do I submit it to special web directories. Most of my traffic are organic (from search engines) and word of mouth. My themes are the central source of visits – and they keep coming.

What I’m Looking For

Articles related to web design, WordPress, code, plugins, how-to’s. Basically – if it’s interesting and it’s about web design – I want it. The articles do not have to be well written. I am pretty good in proof reading and I can polish your articles as needed.

If you’re interested contact me – host[at]fearlessflyer.com. Your article will be fully credited to you inside an author box (which I have yet to work on), along with links to your portfolio and Twitter account. I may also work on automating the process so you can have your own account here at Fearlessflyer and create posts anytime. We’ll see how it goes.

Did you know you can Write for us?

Check out our Guest Post Guidelines to see what it takes.

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4 thoughts on “Looking for Guest Writers!

    Hi Fearless Flyer,
    We’re wordpress fanatics but just bumped into you, how could that be? We clicked thru the CambodiaKnits.com site to find you. The site is very nice and the theme had alot to do with it. Your work is fresh and original.

    Congrats & Cheers,

    New York Herald

    Marco says:

    Maybe, if you really don’t know what to write about anymore, you could write somithing more on how to customize your awesome themes..you could tell us some tips on how to change the slide in the blue rooster theme (template-home.php), on how to make every image in that slide link to a different page for example..
    That would probably be very helpful for those who want to use one of your themes and presumebly would increase the number of people using theme.
    This is my suggestion, but..I must tell you that your website and what you’ve done so far are already great and helpful.
    Best regards..an italian estimator

    Hi Marco,
    Thank you for the input. Most of my themes can be customized with some knowledge of HTML and CSS. Though let me look into putting something together. Maybe an entire post dedicated to little things such as customizing the slider in Blue Rooster, adding links to the slider etc. Let me see what I can do. Thanks again.

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