Looking for Guest Writers!

Published: Apr 06, 2010

Content content content. Probably the hardest thing to come up with. My original plan was just to have this website as a personal blog / portfolio but since the popularity of my themes (and some of the articles) – I’m getting that itch to take things even further. Maybe Fearlessflyer can come up a notch. Maybe it can attract more readers. Maybe it can play with the big guys. But one man cannot do it. I need content and I’ve run out.

That’s why I need your help.

Why write for me?

Decent exposure. Below is a screenshot of my analytics page. I do not do any marketing for my blog, nor do I submit it to special web directories. Most of my traffic are organic (from search engines) and word of mouth. My themes are the central source of visits – and they keep coming.

What I’m Looking For

Articles related to web design, WordPress, code, plugins, how-to’s. Basically – if it’s interesting and it’s about web design – I want it. The articles do not have to be well written. I am pretty good in proof reading and I can polish your articles as needed.

If you’re interested contact me – host[at]fearlessflyer.com. Your article will be fully credited to you inside an author box (which I have yet to work on), along with links to your portfolio and Twitter account. I may also work on automating the process so you can have your own account here at Fearlessflyer and create posts anytime. We’ll see how it goes.