How to generate Leads through Instagram Stories

Published: May 20, 2021

Social media have taken over the internet, a long time ago. Yet, some companies still don’t have any idea how to benefit from them. Instagram is the biggest fish in the sea, with over two billion users daily, around the world. Here is how you can generate new leads by posting Instagram stories, on your company’s account.

Create Quality Instagram Stories to attract more Customers

The only way to grow a business, is for it to be seen and heard, as often as possible. It has to be brought back in people’s thoughts, every chance it gets. If your company doesn’t use Instagram stories to stay in touch, rest assured that your competitors will. And who do you think they will think about, next time they need a product or service like yours?

You may be worried that you won’t know how to reach this audience, the right way. As a matter of fact, looking at other companies posts on Instagram can be intimidating, thanks to the quality level that they show. But there are tools to help you create Instagram stories, just as beautiful and to the point, so you can also benefit from this visibility, positively. All you have to do is use Instagram story templates, that you will fill with your information, photos and videos. You will get instant gratification from such a work, as soon as you post will be online. Then, you only need to go on finding more followers.

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Growing your audience to increase the Number of Leads

If your company serves an international public, the number of leads you may be able to generate on Instagram, is probably higher than what you can handle, at least at the start. But even if you are local, the number of potential customers is still one of the greatest you will find, on any media that you may advertise on. Each new follower that you will get on Instagram, through the use of the stories, is one more lead, inching closer to converting.

Because stories only last 24 hours, they have the advantage that people will forget the previous ones. Therefore, if you repeat your messages, that won’t disturb your follower base. The truth is, they are so bombarded with information, every day, that what they see in the moment, is their only reality. That is also why it helps conversion. Since they act upon the things that they see, this is a great opportunity to offer your leads, a promotion they can’t refuse.