How to Rock Mobile Native Advertising

Published: May 25, 2021

Mobile Native Ads

For mobile native advertising to be beneficial by generating more sales and awareness for a brand, It has to be done right and carefully to make it engaging and captivating to potential customers.

Mobile Native ads have become very valuable today because of their numerous benefits after years of annoying display ads like banner ads.

Mobile native ads need to be done using different channels to reach customers.

Ways to do mobile native ads right

1. Target your audience based on the brand

It is of great importance for an advertiser to know his targeted audience and it would be beneficial to his campaign and audience.

The type of mobile native ad an advertiser chooses should the type of products or service the advertiser is trying to promote.

2. Knowing the user’s mindset

The mindset of every user is clear, in the sense that it involves getting answers to questions they have in mind.

They click to explore an ad if they think they have found something worth exploring or information worth knowing.

3. Matching the right content-type

Different content types produce different results, so choosing the right content type or medium of advertisement goes a long way in getting good results.

Some of the contents are video, text-based content, photos and others.

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4 . Make your ads effective

To ensure your ad is effective, an advertiser has to make sure he uses the right headline, video, images and so on.

And also make sure that the headline, images or videos related to the product or service being advertised.

Market analysis can also be taken to help an advertiser understand his audience.

  • Headline: Use keywords to make your ad effective and attractive to your audience.
  • Images: Use creative images with good quality to make your image stand out.
  • Videos: Consider using videos that appeal to people, the role and action in the video must be able to draw the attention of a customer.

5. Target wide

Try not to guess, give your ad time to do well and analyze the response gotten based on location, gender, interest and another determinant factor. Test different combinations of headlines, images, videos and others to know the outcome.

6. Timing

Time is a very essential factor in sales because some produce products tore in a particular season and sell less in another season.

So learn to Target by time. Products and services being advertised and Target audience also are contributing factors. If you are selling a product that is needed by professional workers, you ought to target the time they would be away from work and be using their mobile devices.

7. Measure and Test

Test different social media platforms that resonate better with your brand use apps like Facebook and Instagram, for a sponsored post, you can also use sponsored influencer content on YouTube, promoted listing or online publication to promote your ads.