Horse safaris have opened up new vistas in adventure tourism

Published: Oct 01, 2018

Whenever we talk about jungle safari, the image of being seated in a game vehicle and watching the wild from close range flashes on our minds. There is nothing wrong with it because it is still the favorite mode of moving around in the wilderness in a safe manner. However, other forms of traveling into the wilderness have become quite popular that have injected more elements of adventure into the journey.

horse safaris

Instead of remaining confined within covered vehicles to view animals in its natural habitat, horse safaris allow people to enjoy the adventure and thrills of riding horseback to have a close view of animals. Riding horseback across the jungles of Africa is an excellent attraction for the adventurist traveler who would find the opportunity just befitting their desires.

Like the old day explorers

The vast and mysterious wilderness with its enchanting attraction keeps the curious and brave heart travelers trying to get a feel of its naturalness by engaging closely with the environment.  Riding on horseback just like the explorers of the ancient times or like the missionaries and hunters is an experience that is one of its kinds.

horse safaris

The safari gives excellent opportunities of testing your horse riding skills in unknown terrains that is entirely different from the traditional horse riding that you see on TVG shows. Depending on the course you select for the safari, you could also come across some people who have made the jungle their homes for centuries and prefer to remain there for many more years.

The closest encounters

For an all-encompassing experience of discovering the wildlife by getting to the closest possible range, there is nothing better than riding on your horse into the wilderness. Since other animals are familiar with horses and trust it, you can enjoy the closest encounters of your dreams to see and photograph animals as if you were a wildlife photographer par excellence. It is an unmatched experience that you would never like to miss.

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Choose a company that organizes safaris

Several tour operators arrange jungle safaris of various kinds, from the traditional vehicle-borne safaris to walking safaris and horse safaris. Get in touch with one such tour operator and embark on a horse safari conducted across many African countries like Tanzania and South Africa. Since the journey is risky and you need an experienced guide, you must select a company with a proven track record in conducting horse safari tours for a few years.

Be familiar with the conditions

Familiarity with the geography of the place, knowledge about the seasons and climates and experience in spending time in jungles are essential for embarking on a journey on horseback. You must know about the safety and precautions to take during the trip, especially about how far you could venture into the jungle and what are the best times for being there.

If you are brave and adventurous and confident about facing the unknown courageously, then you should plan for a horse safari that opens new vistas in adventure tours.