Inspirational Women That Changed the HR Game

Published: Sep 02, 2018

Girl bosses and lady moguls have been on the scene for ages.

Finally they’re getting recognition in the business world through women empowerment and gender equality movements. I believe the HR game has been thoroughly changed by lady power and that those powerhouse ladies deserve a spotlight. So today we look at 3 women who are inspirational, intelligent and ingenious. 

Lisa Brown Alexander photo via Twitter 

Excellence. This word is one that you will hear from Lisa in any interview you read or watch. Doing everything with excellence is what she strives for in order to destroy any misconceptions people may have about powerful women. She trailblazed the HR world by reaching a demographic no one had ever touched, the non-profit.

Lisa Brown Alexander

As the CEO of Nonprofit HR, Lisa’s years of knowledge in the business leads organizations to function at their highest capacity through continual learning. Lisa has inspired women to find a niche and work to make it work for others. At the end of the day her innovative tactics allow nonprofits to carry out their mission and do it with, you guessed it, excellence.

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Jenny Dearborn photo via Twitter

She’s a sweet powerhouse fueling the future of learning in HR. Jenny has been called a Wonder Woman in the HR industry as she seems to do it all from family to work, she seems to have the system of integration down. She believes you can’t compartmentalize your work and personal life but instead you have to make them flow together in order to achieve greater productivity.

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Jenny Dearborn

As the Head of Leadership and Learning, Jenny has paved the way for tech integration in HR. She has pushed to break the mold of traditional learning and make it part of everyday life. Millennials have surprised her in a good way in the workforce by making changes she believes are necessary. Jenny pushes for HR training to be accessible, mobile and continual. As far as leadership and learning goes, she’s leveling everyone up. 

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Sharlyn Lauby photo via Twitter

Accessible and incredibly smart are two words that describe Sharlyn. She loves a good burger and can tell you how to position your company to make incredible hires. She started as an HR professional and has leveled up to consultant, author, speaker and bartender (of sorts). Sharlyn is the author the HR Bartender, a website that has created a space for workplace issues. It is ranked in the top 3 blogs read by HR professionals.

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Sharlyn Lauby

By creating a safe space to talk about all things HR, Sharlyn has brilliantly integrated progress in the field using social media. Sharing her ideas freely has created a conversation that is retweeted and reblogged across the internet. In doing so, her killer strategies have pushed HR excellence across the country.

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Collaboration for change is of utmost importance to HR consultant Sana’ Rasul. She is a mover and shaker in the world of HR women through a site called HR Girlfriend. The site strives to connect ladies in HR to each other and create a conversation around issues that directly affect them in the field. She believes the being a part of this kind of community has an impact far beyond individual reach, which makes her the perfect “Chief Girlfriend” at the site.

sana rasul

She educates those in the HR world about cyber security and how it is extremely necessary. Sana’ is also asked to speak on a continual basis regarding HR processes and the future. Her talent, experience and engaging personality make her an inspiration to many women in HR looking to grow.

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Trish has worn many hats from blogger and podcaster to CEO and mother of twins. She changed the way HR conferences were held by co-founding her very own. HRevolution is an incredible conference that showcases the latest advancements and trends in HR. Trish has paved her own way in the world of HR by focusing on strategy in business for her clients.

trish mcfarlane

The podcast she co-hosted (HR Happy Hour) for 5 years was the most listened to across the entire industry. People clearly take her advice seriously after her 20 years of experience. Trish proves that with innovation, continual learning, and hard work the HR landscape can change when people choose to tune in.

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These ladies have changed the game, and encourage others to do so as well. Cheering each other on is part of creating progress in an ever-evolving HR world. We’ve seen that inspirational women can create motivation in young professionals. Their contributions are clearly invaluable.

So tell me, who has inspired you and what have they brought to the HR table?

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