Ideal for showcasing products, CMS style WordPress Theme Blue Rooster is available for free!

Published: Jun 05, 2009

Finally done with a simple theme called Blue Rooster. The theme is a two column layout with a extra templates that can convert your blog into a CMS. The sidebar and footer are both widgetized, author and category templates included, as well as social buttons already intact. The theme style is a mix of rounded corners, flat edges and wooden elements with a schema of muted, dark colors on a plain white surface. Blue Rooster is free under Creative Commons license.

UPDATE 5/16/2012 – I’ve recently updated this theme. Numerous bugs were addressed, additional seo updates, added more theme options More Information


Blue Rooster is ready to use out of the box. The standard blog template will work with or without assigning thumbnails to your posts. In order to use thumbnails – you would have to assign custom fields to your posts with name: “image“. To learn more about custom fields – check this link from the WordPress Codex. You DO NOT have to resize your images for the thumbnails, thanks to the Darren Hoyt for his TimThumb script which made this all possible. The thumbnails are also powered by jQuery: PrettyPhoto – which is a lightbox clone where the larger images are displayed when clicked. A link to the single post is also included with the larger image.

The Bonus Templates


If you want to use the slide show in the front page – just apply the template “template-home” to your home page. Then make this page the static page of your site. To customize the slide show – simply replace the images in the images folder. Note that there are two sets of images: the larger image and the bottom bar. The active state and non-active state of the bottom bar matches the larger image. The Testimonials section in the template are actual posts under a category: testimonials. Simply create this category and start creating posts under it. The testimonial author works as the title for this section.

The Photo Gallery page is as simple as applying “photo gallery” to a page. The images in this gallery are automatically populated from your custom field thumbnails. So in order for this to populate – you must use thumbnails in your post.

Other Stuff

A custom login form is built in the header which is also jQuery powered. Once logged in will give you quick access to the dashboard, as well as quick “Edit” links after each post. The single post page includes an author information which feeds information from your user profile and Gravatar. So to utilize this section – your user information and gravatar must be filled out. The comments section support threading and pagination.

How to add links inside the Slideshow

In the template file called “template-home.php” is a section called “rotate” (means a div with an id named “rotate”). Within this rotate section, is a series of empty divs that have different ids – namely: fragment-1, fragment-2 and fragment-3. Even though these fragments are empty – they are styled with a background image in the stylesheet – so they appear that they have a large image.

You can enter anything inside these fragments as you wish (text, other images and even links).

Save the template and view


Now it’s totally up to you to change the background image, to fit the new link. It is also up to you to change the “style” of the link – to make it into a button, a large image – whatever you wish.
As mentioned, these div fragments are empty – so you can add anything you want.


You can download the theme from this link. Additional documentation can be found in this series of posts. Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

This article is written by Michael Soriano. Michael is a Front End Developer based in La Crescenta California. He specializes in CSS, JavaScript and UI. When not developing sites, Michael likes to play handyman and wrestles his kids.

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308 thoughts on “Ideal for showcasing products, CMS style WordPress Theme Blue Rooster is available for free!

    Anan says:

    where is the download link please

    Tom says:

    Additionally – custom fields don’t seem to appear when I post using this theme now? They work under the standard theme?

    Tom says:

    Hi Michael,

    Great work on the theme, I’ve got v2 installed and have been tinkering as you can see from my site!

    I’m trying to remove a few things but having read the comments I can’t see how it’s done – hopefully you can help?

    – Quicklogin on the page
    – Sidebar


    ByuGrl says:

    Michael’s theme is awesome! Just in case anyone else has a problem like mine you may want to know that the problem lies with your mod_security settings…Luckily my host server (Hostgator) was helpful and changed my settings for me

    Thanks again to you Michael for your beautiful theme and your good advice…

    ByuGrl says:

    I hope you’re not tired of me…but spoke too soon…could you take a look at this page and tell me what you think the problem is….somehow the thumbnail images don’t show…you’re demo shows beautifully…. now where the images are supposed to be show by the thumbnails don’t appear either…you could also check out the “New, View, & Trends Tab” (blog page)…the thumbnails don’t appear either.

    Don’t know what I’m missing because I deactivated all the plugins twice…no change…I’m stuck

    Appreciate you

    ByuGrl says:

    Forget about my nit-pics and worries!!! It just took a minute for my browser to catch up I imagine…..All’s Well!!

    Michael, You’re brilliant!

    Thanks for your work, I’m looking forward to everything you come with in the future…Officially a fan

    ByuGrl says:

    Sorry for the duh moment!=) Got it!…But are you having any trouble with timthumb, because my thumbnails still aren’t showing up…the darnest thing! Was hoping the fresh theme would fix it…any ideas…Don’t want to go chopping up this install like i did the last one.

    BTW Theme looks damn good!

    ByuGrl says:

    Thanks Michael…So grateful…but where’s the download button? =)

    Zara says:

    wheres the download button? 🙂

    ByuGrl says:

    Hi There, Michael,

    I’m pretty sure I was pretty unclear, due to panic, in my last post…

    First let me premise with the fact that I’m no coder or programmer, but I’ve picked up a lot from working within WP…

    But I believe the problem may be slightly bigger than I first thought..well for me it is…

    It seems that WP is using the most updated jquery scripts, and the ones that were included in the theme are no longer recoginized(?) & working properly…

    I’ve downloaded all the latest jquery downloads, and I called myself replacing all of the old jquery files with the updated ones, but because I’m not confident toying around too much with the theme and php writing, I’m not quite sure how to make the theme call up the new info, because simple replacement apparently wasn’t enough.

    I’d read in a few forums that all you needed to do was upload the new versions and presto changeo everything would be alright….No luck for me, however.

    My “rotate” no longer works, my galleries no longer fully appear, nor do the images appear in galleries or thumbnails…they’re “there” but you can’t see them, nor do they connect to the posts as they once did…

    It’s as if the language no longer communicates….Everything changed…:(

    It must be a “global” type of thing, because I’ve noticed that this site’s (fearless flyer) scripts stop running frequently while I’m visiting the site FYI.

    I personally think you’re brilliant…so I’m looking to you for any suggestions to keep this beautiful theme for current and future us..Looking for that “touchscreen” experience…

    BTW…I downloaded Shadowbox 3.0.3 and Lightbox 2.0.4 scripts but afraid to move forward w/o guidance..

    Have looked at your tutorial for fancybox and timthumb, and would like to use it for individual pages, but not sure where to place it in the BR theme. (i.e, Where to appropiately place scripts in header, then on pages, then in functions, then in css….)….especially since timthumb is not recognizing images in my site.

    If you take a look at my site you ca see what I’m referring to at

    Hope to hear from you soon with any suggestions you may have…your tutorials are the best “print” tutorials in my opinion and I will follow whatever you suggest.

    Thanks a bunch in advance!

    i’m updating the theme. should be done soon

    I’ve updated the theme. Download and replace yours.

    ByuGrl says:

    Hey Michael,

    Can you help me?

    I just updated to 3.1 and it broke my prettyphoto in this theme..
    Have yo encountered that problem?

    And is there a recommended way to address it? Tried to replace prettyphoto with new version(?) that didn’t work too well.

    It used to be so beautiful 🙁 Do have a backup, but like to update for security.

    rachel says:

    Hi Michael
    Thank you very much. I’ve found the problem. When i use http://www it does not work. If i remove ‘www’, the picture is showing up. thanks alot for your reply

    rachel says:

    Hi, I just found this theme and i love it very much! thanks for your awsome theme. I have a small problem with post image. I created 3 post and put in the image link in custom field. Only 1 post captures the image. While the other 2 post only display grey box. What could be the problem? Need advise. thank you very much.

    make sure you’re using images that are local.

    Madrone says:

    Still not understanding how to change adspots in sidebar .php
    I see images in image folder but how to tell sidebar which image to choose? It says: class=”spot”>ad after the href.
    How/where to change class? Spot? confused.

    “You would have to go in “sidebar.php” and edit the img src values, as well as the a hrefs. Just basic html”

    Steve says:

    Michael – what a great site. I’m doing a WP site for a friend and this is perfect, but can I replace the overall bkg (the dark wood panelled wall on the demo) ? I’m not the techiest – but think i can move around enough to do it if possible. THANKS!

    anandy says:

    nice rooster
    lets have a bite

    johny says:

    hy i have installed this gorgeus theme but i have a problem on my home page it says “The page isn’t redirecting properly” when i select my home page to have home page template. Pls. any help ? Thanks

    pete says:

    I give up. I had to install a different gallery plugin 🙁

    Pete says:

    Hello, I’ve read all of the comments above and I’ve tried everything but I still can not get the images to load on the photo gallery. Does it matter that the page is called something other than “photo gallery”?

    I’ve changed permissions on all the images and the timthumb file and it still will not work.

    Please help, this theme is awesome and I really want to make it work.

    the page name doesn’t matter. the photo gallery template gathers all of your post “custom-field” images and displays it gallery style. so if you don’t have posts with custom fields – nothing will show up.

    Pete says:

    I have added the custom field and link to the post but it still doesn’t work. I’m sorry to be a pain in th a** here.

    how if i just want to display image from certain category post in gallery page, and not display image from other category post.

    jackacey says:

    Hi, I like this theme very much, it’s a good job!But I can’t find link to download this file, could you tell me? THx a lot!

    try it now. it should be working

    takaohara says:

    I like your unique theme. thank you for sharing.

    Angela says:

    How do you remove the related posts from every page?? I don’t want it on there as it’s just too much. Where do I go to remove it?

    Excellent look theme – very unique.

    katy says:

    Hi, Great WP Theme. Thank you very much

    icd says:

    Any plans on making this theme BuddyPress Compatible out of the box? Would be willing to pay for it, specially for the homepage setup.

    jamessyboy says:

    Hi Michael, I’ve lloking for theme like this for ages. Superb! I noticed that a lot of the commenters aren’t reading othe rcomments and you need to keep answering the same replies repeated!

    I have a question about being able to remove the 3 images underneath the main rotating image – you mentioned previosly just to use: display:none – I’ve tried this and also commenting out the templste-header page but doesn’t work – is there an easy way of doing and if so where can I amend the code? 🙂 cheers, Jamessy

    Angela says:

    Ok, I’ve figured it out. I had to update the version of timthumb. I know you don’t give free support anymore, but couldn’t you have at least made that suggestion? I’ve been trying like crazy to figure out why it wasn’t working.

    Angela says:

    Ok, I’ve contacted my host again and they say they’re seeing a 404 error coming back from the timthumb script and they don’t provide support for 3rd party scripts and that I should contact the script writer, that’s you. Please help me figure out why it’s not working.

    Michelle says:

    Love the theme! My recent posts won’t show up in the recent posts section. Is there something I can do?

    Angela says:

    Ok, i’ve given up on the photo gallery page and just used a gallery plugin. I am also having problems with my blog thumbnails. I have checked with both my registrar and my host, I have both gd library and timthumb enabled, yet I still get the grey boxes for my thumbnails, but when I click it, it opens just fine. You can see the problem here :

    Tony P says:

    Thank you for this really nice and visually appealing theme, came in very handy for a new blog I am promoting.

    Angela says:

    I just cannot get my photo gallery page to work. I’ve set the custom field to image and used many different settings in value – full url, just the /images/image.jpg link, and tried other ways…it’s all blank. What do I do? And please tell me how to assign full width to pages. Thanks.

    Paul says:

    Hi. Love the theme. I just can’t get the image slider to work. Right now it is showing your default images. I created a post, added a custom field with the name image, i put the url of the photo in the value box: and still nothing happens. Any advice?

    Angela says:

    How do you set a full width to some pages?

    Karl says:

    Really Nice theme! Good coding and great clean design, will use this for sure!

    webzoo says:

    Love the theme! Question, .psd files downloaded, opened and edited, but kwill not save. How do I save my text changes? Thank you 🙂

    Justin says:

    Just want to say what a fantastic template this is! I found it pretty easy to set up and customize! You’d done a fantastic job and I think I’ll be back for more!

    MichaelC says:

    Michael – I love this (and many more of your themes). I’m having an issue with this one currently however. After install WP keeps telling me that the install worked but I can’t use the theme due to a missing stylesheet. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there an easy fix?

    Thanks so much for your work.

    i would upload the theme manually using ftp.

    marc says:

    first thank you for that nice theme. amazing!
    once the theme installed, it has the blue rooster logo. how can I change it?
    thanks for the feedback

    Just… You impress the hell outta me. Nice work, man – and thanks for making them free for those of us who are new to WP.

    Jinna says:

    hey! great theme.. for some reason when i click ‘next page’ on my gallery, it doesn’t go to another page – it just reloads all of the same pictures. could you please help and let me know what i should fix to make sure that all of the photos show up?

    i tried to increase the number of posts that are shown in the gallery, but only allows me to increase them to a certain point. i think like.. 25 pictures. help! thanks <3

    Dom says:

    Im having the same issue posted by Marco and John post’d on 7/30

    Dom says:

    I love this theme! When I apply the template-home to my home page I get the three main graphics appearing down the page, but its not showing up as a slider. What am I not doing? Please help

    Reggie says:

    For some reason, I am unable to change the logo. I when into the theme editor in wordpress, changed “logo.png” to my image in the Stylesheet.css, but for some reason, the logo is only changing when i view my page in IE. When i try to view in Firefox, the Blue Rooster logo is still there. When I try to view in Chrome, no logo is showing.

    Please help! I really like your theme!


    How to delete the button under slide? I like slide image, but don’t want 3 button under it. thanks

    i am a fan says:

    i love your template, am using photo gallery as main page, any chance u can show how to add additional info like in your freebies page under each photo ? and i like the fading hover effect as well. it would be awesome if u can show it. Thank you.

    Nico says:

    How do I apply the template “template-home” to my home page??

    Nico says:

    done !!!

    jon penn says:

    Hi, awesome theme thank you… I however have an issue as the template static home template doesnt seem to show any of the recent posts?

    my client picked this theme for me to customize for her…. can anyone help with making a page template that has no sidebar…id like the page template to be “full page” but dont know how to configure it 🙁

    patrick says:

    Very cool theme! I have been looking for something like this for a while.

    Evan says:

    Great WP Theme. Thank you very much


    Juanla says:

    Hi, I have any problem with the gallery images, i try add custom field called “image” and value “URL to image”, but the result is a blank image error, any idea?:

    Michael says:

    The images have to be local. Upload it to your server.

    Michael says:

    also – make sure gd library is installed – inquire with your host. lastly – make sure “cache” folder is writable.

    Juanla says:

    Solved! Local images problem 🙂


    Mac says:

    Hi !!! Great Theme. I’m not clear on how to do the following.

    “If you want to use the slide show in the front page – just apply the template “template-home” to your home page. Then make this page the static page of your site.”


    Michael says:

    Create a page – name it home > apply the template “template-home”.
    then go into settings > reading – choose “a static page” and select “home” from the drop down list.

    Thanks, necessarily I use in practice, nice theme!

    Mogge says:


    First of all: great theme!

    I´m trying to use prettyPhoto with YouTube and/or Vimeo links thay way it´s described here:
    but it wont work. Anyone managed to do this?

    kate smyth says:

    I am a librarian building a non profit homework help website I love this theme, looks fantastic in all browsers but tried it at the library today and realised that the Timthumb post images don’t show up in IE 6. Which is a problem as all my local libraries use IE 6 and won’t be updating soon.

    Any fixes for the php or CSS? I’ve searched but not sure what to do!!!

    Thanks Kate x

    Mogge says:

    IE6 is not supported. Not even by Microsoft.

    Christina says:

    Hey I wanted to add a fourth slide. How do i go about doing that? And also, I wanted to add a larger logo for the header but it won’t let me it cuts off. Please help me!

    This theme is rocking! It’s hard to find good themes of this caliber without being REQUIRED to pay a penny. I salute the veteran designers for their continued support to us up and comers.

    Tiziana says:

    Fantastic template but I can’t see the Recent posts section. I have to set it and how? I have test the template local on my pc. I would like to know if it’s possible to put in place in of the “Recent posts” section the preview of the various categories. So instead of showing the preview of the post put a picture of category 1 and category 2, etc. and clicking on the various categories being sent to all post content in that category. It’s possibile? And how have to do that? Thanks in advance for your help. Sorry for my english. 🙂

    Tiziana says:

    Anyone can help me 🙁 ????

    Filippo says:

    Great theme, I used for my personal blog !! very professional and functional !! Thank u so much from Italy

    sol says:

    Awesome theme! Well done!

    Just wondering if there is any way to pause the slides on hover?

    Macitaly says:

    Hi Michael,
    great theme, as usual 🙂
    Should be possible to add a dropdown menu in header instead existing plain pagelist?
    I tried with some plugin and actually are workings, but the submenu are cut I suppose by slideshow (because submenu goes under slides) and, anyway, it’s difficult to apply the original cool style.
    Thanks anyway for your work 😉

    Removed the “overflow:hidden;” in the stylesheet #header in order the sub-menu to show.

    seko says:

    Hello Michael. Thnx for the great work. I can not show up thumbnails. Im just having grey boxes instead of pics. Do u think it’s same problem?

    Marco says:

    When I use the “Template Home Page” the big slideshow images are just stacked on top of each other…

    How do I fix this?

    You can see it here:

    Please help!


    John says:

    having the same issue as Marco. Would love to know how to fix it.

    Thanks so much.

    Michael says:

    still debugging.

    Raj Chumber says:

    Hi, I’m using this template on my wordpress, but I don’t know how to apply ‘template home’ to my home page. The instructions above say to ‘apply’ template home to your home page but I don’t know how or where I can change my homepage, is it something in the ‘codin’? I’ve looking and trying for the last two weeks and no luck, please can someone guide me!!!!

    create a new page – call it “home”, in the right hand section – under “template”, select the template from the drop down list, save changes – view page.

    Raj says:

    It seems like I am having the same problems as other in this discussion. I can’t seem to make ‘template home aka home, my HOMEPAGE, can you help with that please?

    Michael says:

    check “settings”, “reading” – edit options there.

    Romuald Czeczownik says:

    Hi! Fantastic theme – thank you!

    But there is one problem – many people use AdBlock and “RECENT POSTS” section is not visible under this plugin.

    It seems that AdBlock is blocking images because of this redirection: “timthumb.php?src=http://”

    Anyone know how to fix this?

    Sorry 4 bad english, best wishes. 🙂

    the image redirection is necessary in order for your images to resize.

    Nikhil says:

    can i install payment gateway to Blue Rooster theme…both paypal and credit cards?

    sure you can. you need to implement the buttons manually.

    EVAN says:

    GREAT WORK! I have just downloaded and would love to know if there is a way to replace the “recent posts” section/ 3×2 image grid, with a regular Page, or textbox widget.

    is this possible. hope so! love it so far.

    it is possible – you would have to edit the template file in code.

    EVAN says:

    What code should i put in. I tried to replace it with different .php… but it seemd to clear out the etire section.

    i’d be REALLY great if i could just turn that whole section into 3 slots for widgets? possible?

    Fabrizio says:

    That’s incredible and cool theme. I’ve reviewed it in my site with great pleasure.
    Thanks a lot

    Rodrigo says:

    To use the “template-home “, the Blue Rooster theme, delete the file “index.php” original. However, when the system calls the “template-home” the slide does not work correctly. An image appears below the other. What should I do?

    Very awesome theme. I work with wordpress since a few time. I would like to use it for one of my web site.

    I would like to know if it’s possible to have the PSD file because i like to change the wood background for a plain color.

    Thank you.

    The PSD files are in my downloads page

    Addy says:

    The download links seem to be dead..

    working on this issue.

    Morning, saw a tweet on Twitter and had a look. Great looking theme, however the download links don’t seem to work. Is it me or is there a slip up?

    Kim Doyal says:

    This theme is GREAT! 🙂 Just retweeted it and downloaded it….I’m looking forward to getting into it.
    Thanks for releasing this!

    M. Sanders says:

    Hi, Michael.. I’m having an ISSUE. Fantastic theme, btw.. But, I would like to use the gallery a certain way. I’ve got it to work.. But I would like to know how to use it to display certain images, per section?

    For example, I want to have a Ladies gallery on one page and Men’s gallery on another. Each page would show all of the images, but would be separated by Ladies (tag) and by Mens (tag)?

    Please help. I’m on a timeline.

    you would have to create a new page template – modify the loop to filtered by specific tags.

    jen says:

    how to remove quick login?

    Hi Michael,

    Wonderful theme, I love it and look forward to using it on my blog. The photo gallery is very well done but I have a small problem. It is based on custom fields “image” which means that the page will retrieve the images of all the notes on the page “blog”. I would like to use the page gallery to publish only works or photographs without making them appear more tickets blog. How can I create a new custom field to the gallery page?

    PS: On your blog you can see that the latest comments, it seems that a link is missing which prevents us from reading the earlier reviews.

    Hi Nicolas,

    Hmmm. a new custom field is not the answer – you can do a special query for a specific category on the gallery page instead. This will pull only the posts from a designated category – still using the same “image” custom field. in your blog – you can “exclude” that specific category so they won’t show up.

    Nicolas TAFFOREAU says:

    I can’t exculde a category only on “Home page” and “Blog page”. Can you help me please ? I want to see it only on “Galery Page”.


    John says:

    Thank you so much, and I am ‘officially’ an idiot. This is one of the most amazing themes I have eve seen and used. It’s beautiful and full of surprises!

    I am trying to get the lower images on the slideshow work with the smaller versions of the large images that I have placed in the folder to replace the original ones from the template, but nothing seems to work. Do you have any ideas?

    you need to replace the image named “button-sprites.png” which is one big image for all the buttons and the hovers: you can also download the photoshop file from my downloads page.

    John says:

    Again, thank you so much for the site and the support. I have MOST of the kinks worked out, but I am still REALLY struggling with the Photo Gallery. I believe that I have the DB turned on, and I keep putting the “prettyPhoto” in the “link rel” area in the advance picture area…and I STILL cannot get the pics to my photo gallery. HELP, please!

    thanks – John

    @John – just to let you know – the “Photo Gallery” in the demo site is using the page template “photo gallery” – not the WordPress “insert gallery” from your uploaded media. The photo gallery template pulls all the custom images from your previous posts and displays them as a “gallery” – you don’t have to do anything like add a rel attribute etc.

    Jason says:

    I love this theme it is perfect for a project I’m working on. How do I apply the template “template-home” to my home page in wordpress. I have it installed on my dashboard, but see no options for changing the template to Template-home? Sorry in advance for my ignorance.

    create a new page – name it “home”. on the right hand side – under “template” select “template-home” and hit publish.

    Tyler says:

    To those wanting to know how to add a link to large images in the slideshow. Just wrap the div in a link. Like so:

    ernest says:

    is there a way to change the size of thumbnails?

    Ares says:

    Hi, i love this template,but, what is the font?


    Henrik says:

    Rockwell MT, i think.

    Pablo says:

    Just wanted to say great work, great design and great support. You are the reason people want to learn more, thanks for your time and efforts.


    david boo says:

    it’s a nice template
    you can open my Website “” download more Mobile Phone wallpapers

    Niclas says:

    Hi, a really great theme! Could some one please explain to me how to get the Blog function to work?

    Also I wonder if it would be possible to link the big picture to a specific page and different pages depending in witch picture that are shown?

    Marek says:

    Oops cried wolf, too many plug ins activated. Is working now.

    Marek says:

    I really like this template, but I broke the homepage template.

    Instead of the animation I know have 3 very large still images on the homepage.

    Any idea how to fix this?
    I’ll keep tinkering in the meantime.

    madvaneik says:

    Hey is there any Solution to link the Slider Images?

    Marie says:

    Love your template. But the 3 buttons links in the header don’t work

    I replace : fragment-1 -2 -3 by in the home page template

    but it doesn’t work…

    Thanks for help !

    and thanks a lot for this great template !

    it looks like you got it going.

    Marie says:

    Yes, that’s working ok now ! Thanks again for your great theme !

    Chakib says:

    hey gr8 theme i like it!!!

    but it took at least 2 mins to spor the DEMo link , would you make it more visible ? along with the Download Links and the PSD download , you can use custom CSS for them or just a Write panel 🙂

    John says:

    Great site, thanks a lot. I followed your directions for making my “home” page the “template home”, but it still defaults to the blog look when I link to the page. Any ideas?

    Thanks again!

    Go to “Settings” > “Reading”, Under “Front page displays” – select “A Static Page” and choose your home page – hit “Save”

    djupi says:

    I try to use custom field to give a thumbnail, but it doesn’t show up the image. How to fix this?

    Your hosting environment doesn’t have the GD library – or support Timthumb – Contact them for details.


    Your theme is really amazing i have never seen that kind of work before. I have installed this theme at but I am facing some problems-
    1. How to make the library working? Line add more pics in the library

    2. I can not see the thumbnails in the gallery and also in the post sections.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Best Regards,

    Hi Avdhesh,

    1. The library automatically fills itself with the custom images you put in for your posts.
    2. The thumbnails in home and the posts section are both using Timthumb automatic resizer

    I can almost guarantee that this is the problem: Your hosting environment doesn’t have the GD library – or support Timthumb – Contact them to enable this for you.

    Avdhesh says:

    Thanks a lot for the help i have been in touch with my hosting company they have fixed one domain with another theme but on you theme still there is some problem. They have created a ticket for that and will get back to me in 2-3 days. thanks for the self again.

    Yoooooo!! My Problem is solved. Thanks a lot for you time and help. while Doing all this and getting the GD library enable on my domain. I found out one more thing may be this can help to other people.

    If you have the GD library enable and the thumbnail script is working and still you are not getting the thumbnail then you must be doing this mistake.

    Pass the image URL which is on your domain if you will pass the url in the value field which belongs to another domain will not work.

    Enjoy the theme and MANY THanks to


    Thanks for the tip Avdhesh!

    Avdhesh says:


    I have send you a email on your email address. Can you please reply that if possible.


    Ryan says:

    First, awesome theme. I have been able to get the top slider images to change. When I replace the images for the part under the slider, those images do not change.

    Just to make sure I am doing it right, I am replacing the images titled “btn1, etc.” correct?

    TO EVERYBODY WHO WANTS TO KNOW HOW TO ADD LINKS IN THE SLIDESHOW, I’ve updated the post above. Read the section “How to enter links in the slideshow”.

    Barbara says:

    Hi there – I love this template! I’m wondering if it’s compatible with WordPress 2.7? That’s the platform available to me through my ISP. Thanks!

    Hello, Thanks for this great theme. One questions: can be translated? Best regards.

    Manuel says:

    Hello and thanks for this wonderfull theme.
    I have a question. How i can customize the “add blocks 100×100” image to be different in each block? I have tried and i can customize it but it is the same image in all blocks.
    Thank you

    That’s because I used the same image for demo purposes only. You would have to go in “sidebar.php” and edit the img src values, as well as the a hrefs. Just basic html.

    Manuel says:

    Hi again! What can i do to put the reply option in comentaries?

    @Manuel – Go to “Settings” > “Discussion” > check the box that says “Enable threaded (nested) comments

    JesseSP says:

    Hello, I am building a site for a friend of mine using the Blue Rooster template, and for some reason, my frontpage slideshow is no longer working. You can click on my name to view the site, any help would be MUCH appreciated.

    I’m assuming there’s some sort of Javascript conflict, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    yes – it is most likely a javascript conflict. disable whatever plugins you have and enable one at a time. this will help you sort which plugin is conflicting with the slideshow.

    JesseSP says:

    That did the trick! Thanks for your super-fast response!

    I like this style and template ‘s color a lot. It look modern and professional.

    Wow Thanks .. I like this color style a lot. It s look modern and look professional site.

    great theme

    thank you

    Robin says:

    I love this design, however mine looks nothing like the design you have here. I wish I could figure out the thumbnails thing.

    Shawna says:

    i have changed the smaller images below to match the ones i used n the upper slide show. however, the old images still show up. what might i be missing?

    the smaller images is only one image. Make sure that its the same name.

    Hoang says:

    Hello Michael, this is one of the most beautiful WordPress themes I ever see. You rock, kudos for that!

    Just for you guys who don’t know how to split a post into multiple pages, just use tag in your post.

    For “Blog” page to work, create it and choose “blog” under Posts page field in Reading Settings.


    Thanks again Michael… quick question (may not be a quick answer)… Is their an easier way to add “ad” images and links. Am I just not finding it? Love how this is turning out by the way.

    You know what… I did it the long way and it looks and works great. Thanks again for the theme.

    Steven says:

    How would I create a sub-menu (child pages) to the existing menu system on this theme?
    I have “about us” page and then 3 other sub-pages that go under “about us” but I just cannot figure out how I would display these menu to drop down from existing menu. I am trying not to put these on the sidebar but right below the current menu system. It could be plain text, boxed, CSS, jquery, whatever. As long as I could make a visual link to child pages 😉

    please help me out with this?

    And a beautiful theme by the way!

    This has helped me – you would have to code yourself though. Open header.php and styles.css – modify according to this article:

    Olivia says:

    Hi Steven,

    Did you ever figure out how to create a sub-menu? I looked at the link for the suckerfish drop down menus but am still a little confused. Anything that you figured out would be helpful!


    Wesley Henry says:

    Love the template. Thanks for the use. Is their a way to set the timing on the rotator for the home-page slide show?

    yes you can. in the theme folder, scripts, rotate – i believe it’s rotate.js – look for the number 2000 – increase to higher number.

    dylan says:

    the theme download link gives me a zip file with a blank file in it

    matthijs says:

    nevermind it works!

    rod says:

    hi Matt, How did you apply the home-template? I can not find it! :S


    matthijs says:

    hahaha, its actually realy easy. Log in to your WordPress admin, go to Pages –> new page. Title it home, then go to the right sidebar where you will find the Attributes tools. There’s one called Template with a dropdown. Flick it and you’ll see Template Home. Apply and save and you’re good to go!

    Valerie says:

    With that done, you click “Home” and the formatted Home Page template shows, true enough, BUT, when you enter your site from the domain name, “Home” is not yet set to display as the Front Page, it ONLY when you click the “Home” link.

    To make the new “Home” page show as the HOME page, go to “Settings” -> “Reading” -> under “Front page displays” select a “Static” page and select the newly created “Home” page as the “Front Page”. NOW… You’re good to go.

    (I have a FRESH WordPress install)

    matthijs says:


    i dont get the homepage-template to work. Mainly because i don’t understand how to ‘apply the template “template-home” to your home page’ 🙂

    Please help!


    Rosie says:

    Hi Michael, this is really fantastic. I downloaded it earlier today (via Rapidshare cos the zip file was empty) and I’m working on it as we speak… The only thing I can’t get my head around is how to get a thumbnail in my post using custom fields and therefore generating a gallery. Sorry, but I’m a novice and any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance for all the great work!

    when creating a post – directly underneath there’s a section called “custom fields”.
    create a “key” with the word “image”, to the left of it “value” – enter the full url of the image you like.

    you don’t need to resize – it will do it automatically.

    Rosie says:

    Hi Michael,
    Thanks… it works!
    Another quick question. Can I use prettyphoto for photos that are on pages too? It only seems to work with photos in posts and my site is basically all pages with just one page for the blog. If prettyphoto doesn’t work with pages, I’ll need to look for another lightbox. Do you have any suggestions?
    Again, many thanks!

    Yes you can – all you need to do is add “rel=”prettyPhoto” ” to the anchor tag of the photo. This will trigger the prettyphoto script.

    Rosie says:

    Thanks for answering Michael, but this just isn’t working. If I try to add the rel in the advanced link settings of a photo when editing the page, WP just refuses and no matter how I fill this in, it remains blank. Am I doing something really stupid…?
    Thanks for any help offered.

    JesseSP says:

    I am having the same problem as Rosie regarding the blank page. the “rel=”prettyPhoto” ” method isn’t working for me either. Otherwise, excellent template!


    First of all: Congrats on a fabulous, slick and elegant theme. I’ve experienced certain problems downloading it, though. It would appear that the file is empty. At least it shows up empty upon downloading it, unlike the file, which works according to your intentions, undoubtedly.

    I’m afraid I’m at my wit’s end. Could it simply be that it is empty?

    Would appreciate it if you take a look. Thanks a million in advance!

    @Jarle – try downloading again. I just installed a download counter plugin which may have caused it to show up empty.

    Huh… I tried once more, to little avail, I’m afraid. But still hope for a solution. The theme is definitely worth waiting for.

    Alvaro says:

    Excellent! Didn’t try it yet but I’m definitely creating some project to use it h yes!


    Hope I can give you back something in the near future.

    Mike says:

    Michael – phenomenal theme. Many thanks.

    I’ve been trying to use the thumbnails on my posts used the custom image field.

    I’m having an issue where the image doesn’t come up on the post or the home template (with the exception of a grey box) but it pops up when I click on the grey box in the post. Any guesses?

    Mike says:

    Update: I’ve gone through the support for timthumb – changed my permissions accordingly – and still no thumbnails. Nothing is generated in the cache.

    If anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated.

    Angela says:

    Did you ever figure out why you get grey boxes? I’m having the same problem. Image pops up when I click it, but small grey box on blog page.

    Soprano says:

    What a spectacular theme! Love it!

    Thank you very much for sharing.

    Excellent theme, I would like to download this theme. Can some one help me to find the download link of this theme?

    tinux says:

    Great Job Man!

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for sharing such an awesome theme! I searched high and low for a great looking theme that was well suited to both blog and more traditional content and this is perfect.

    I’ve a quick question for you – is it possible to make the large images (eg, slide1, slide2 etc) on the homepage clickable? If so, how would I do this?


    yes you can. the best way is to include the link and style it with a large background image in the css.

    Thanks for the quick response Michael.

    I’ll do a bit more research and try that.


    Flo says:

    Hi, very impressive Theme, I love it. But I have a slight problem: If I use links in my articles, they disappear in Article view. If I view the single post, the hyperlink is still there… Could you please give advice to solve this problem? Thank you so much.


    Flo says:

    Allright, I found out that the problem lies in the theme. It is using “the_excerpt();” in the article-view. It seems, that links are forbidden in this view. I changed it to “the_content();” and voilà, there are the links. Not a very nice solution, though. Do you have any suggestions how to allow hyperlinks in excerpts?

    Slick Rick says:

    Excellent Work:) What is the easiest way to custom hyperlink the small images in the rotator on the homepage?

    change the href value for each image.

    Slick Rick says:

    Changing the href values (ex. #fragment-1) for the small images in the template home breaks the rotator. Can you please explain in slightly more detail? Thanks for your help

    Slick Rick says:

    More help please:)

    you’re right – I forgot the those images are meant to control the slideshow. if you want a customized bar underneath the slideshow – just hide the original one (display:none) and create a custom one to replace it.

    2r says:

    Exactly where do I apply the template “template-home” to your home page?

    Great theme:-)

    You have to create a new page named “home“. On the right column of the “Add New Page” page – you will see a section called “attributes“, go to the “Template” drop down list and select “template-home“. Hit “Publish

    Felicia says:

    Love the theme! Would love a bit of help to get it working for me. I added a new page called home and selected the attribute Template Home and saved. The page was added but it still isn’t my “homepage” of the main url. It is still the Default Template style. How can I get my main url do be the Template Home?

    Trisha says:

    I would love a copy of the PSD. Please release it.

    Hey Michael,

    This is an awesome theme! I can’t believe I have not seen it sooner! Really, great work.

    Quick question. How can I change the timing on the homepage rotator? I would like to slow it down slightly. Appreciate any help. Thanks.

    @Nick – in the theme folder, go into scripts, rotate and open “rotate.js”, you will see at the end of the script: “.tabs(’rotate’, 2000)” – the “2000″ is 2000 milliseconds – change that to a higher value i.e. 5000 is 5 seconds.

    Kenan Kurt says:

    Really smartest theme i’ve ever seen, nice thought!!!

    TBarrios says:

    I am having trouble finding the code that controls the rate at which the slide images in the home template transition. Can this be controlled, because they change too quickly for my intended use. Thanks again!

    @TBarrios – in the theme folder, go into scripts, rotate and open “rotate.js”, you will see at the end of the script: “.tabs(’rotate’, 2000)” – the “2000″ is 2000 milliseconds – change that to a higher value i.e. 5000 is 5 seconds.

    Rory says:

    This is a great theme, thanks so much for making it available.

    How would I go about changing the amount of time the home page slides are displayed? I’d like mine to be a bit longer before it autoscrolls to the next.

    Thanks again.

    @Rory – in the theme folder, go into scripts, rotate and open “rotate.js”, you will see at the end of the script: “.tabs(‘rotate’, 2000)” – the “2000” is 2000 milliseconds – change that to a higher value i.e. 5000 is 5 seconds.

    Nguyen Duy Anh says:

    Could you please tell me how to divide a post into many page like the demo ?

    Use the “Next Page” short code to divide your posts into multiple pages

    Nguyen Duy Anh says:

    Thank you very much for your help!

    Nguyen Duy Anh says:

    Sorry for disturbing you so much but could you explain more about using the short code “Next Page” ? I don’t know much about these things

    @Nguyen – the “Next Page” shortcode is: Make sure you’re under “html”, enter the next page where you want your posts to split.

    Nguyen Duy Anh says:

    That’s so great. I tried to use the shortcode but I wrote wrong code [Next Page]. Thanks for you help!

    V.C says:

    Your theme is really pro.
    It must used as a business website than a normal blog.
    I like it very much.
    Thank you.

    Nguyen Duy Anh says:

    Is there anything wrong with the custom field ? I assigned a custom field as in the instruction but i didn’t work. I installed this theme offline with XAMPP.

    on each post should be a custom field with the name “image”,
    the value should be the full url of where the image is.

    see link:

    Nguyen Duy Anh says:

    At last I found the problem with the thumbnail, it must be upload to the host. I gave it the link to an image on other site so i didn’t work.

    Nick says:

    You could also just go from the root of the website like

    Awesome post, these themes are very inspirational!Thanks for sharing.

    Dean Perry says:

    OMG! Brilliant Theme!
    And its FREE 🙂
    Thanks!! 😀

    Nice theme! Thank for sharing
    I like the touchscreen style

    You have a great talent. Thank you for sharing so spectacular theme. And discuss the

    ermm.. nice idea … this is great.. thank you..

    mame says:

    Hello Michael,

    Great theme.

    How to use photo gallery template?


    TBarrios says:

    Yes, I would like to know this as well. Following the directions on this page have not produced any results. All of the variations I have attempted have been equally unsuccessful. Apparently I am just that stupid. A little hand holding would likely go a long way. Thanks.

    @mame, @TBarrios – the photo gallery template pulls image custom fields from your post. So all you have to do is apply the Photo Gallery template onto a page and that’s it.

    Usman Latif says:

    Hello Michael,

    Another great theme. I love it. Just needed a little help.

    When I got to widgets and add widgets to my footer, they actually do not replace the default widgets. How to remove or replace the default footer widgets..?


    @usman –
    I filled the footer with dummy HTML for demonstration purposes only. So go in footer.php (under Appearance > Editor > Footer.php) and you will see there’s 4 blocks of dummy HTML code you have to delete manually.

    CMS Themes says:

    This is an awesome WP theme mate! It have a very professional looks.

    Your submission has been approved, the theme is now listed at

    Jake says:

    wow….. this is amazing

    Adam says:

    This is a fantastic theme. I love the simplicity, exactly what I have been looking for. Would love the .psd files for editing. Thanks again.

    a_usman says:

    no doubt, this is one of the best free wordpress theme. I am going to check it out for my other site.

    I hope you will release the psd files, or at least please send them to my email address as I want them to setup my blog.

    Full credit to your work.

    HANi says:

    woooow great theme

    i’ll use it 🙂

    Michael, this is really nice work. Keep it up. I saw your stuff on Themeforest and Twitter brought me in.

    Edmund Pelgen

    security says:

    very nice theme thanks

    Nice looking theme.

    If you haven’t already, and assuming the theme is GPL, you should submit it to the theme directory on

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