Finding the Best Course Creation Platform for Individual Creators:

Published: Jun 02, 2024

As an individual creator who has ventured into the world of online education, finding the best course creation platform has been a journey. I’ve had the pleasure (and sometimes frustration) of using various platforms, but three that stood out are LearnWorlds, Google Classroom, and LinkedIn Learning. Each platform offers unique features and benefits, but if you’re serious about creating engaging, interactive, and profitable online courses as an individual creator, read below to find out my choice.

How I found the Best Course Creation Platform:

1) LearnWorlds – Best Overall for Individuals

LearnWorlds has quickly become my go-to platform for course creation. It’s a robust tool designed specifically for educators, trainers, and entrepreneurs who want to build a complete online school. Its seamless user experience with an intuitive interface is nothing but breeze to use. As an individual creator, the drag-and-drop editor is a game-changer. It allows for easy customization, ensuring that even those without technical skills can create visually appealing courses.

LW User Interface

The platform provides numerous templates and themes, giving users the flexibility to design their courses to match their brand’s aesthetics.

One of the standout features of LearnWorlds is its focus on interactivity. The platform supports video-based learning with interactive elements such as quizzes, polls, and interactive transcripts. This not only enhances engagement but also aids in better knowledge retention for students. As a solo creator, these tools help me create a more engaging learning experience without needing a tech team.

LearnWorlds offers detailed analytics and reporting tools, allowing me to track student progress, engagement, and completion rates. This data is invaluable for understanding how students interact with the content and for making necessary adjustments to improve the learning experience.

And of course, who doesn’t want to monetize their courses! LearnWorlds provides a variety of options, including subscription models, one-time purchases, and memberships. The platform supports seamless integration with various payment gateways, making it easy to manage transactions. This is particularly beneficial for individual creators looking to generate revenue from their expertise.

2) Google Classroom: Awesome for Bigger Organizations

Google Classroom is another popular platform, especially within traditional educational settings. It’s designed to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students, making it a great tool for K-12 and higher education. The biggest advantage of Google Classroom is its integration with the Google ecosystem. This makes it easy to use tools like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides within the classroom environment. For educators already familiar with Google’s suite of tools, this integration is seamless and highly efficient.

Google Classroom’s simplicity is both a strength and a limitation. It’s incredibly easy to set up and start using, making it accessible for educators with limited tech experience. However, this simplicity also means it lacks some of the advanced features and customization options available on platforms like LearnWorlds.

Divi WordPress Theme

While Google Classroom is great for managing classroom activities and assignments, it’s not designed with course monetization in mind. Additionally, its analytics capabilities are relatively basic, providing less insight into student engagement and performance.

3) LinkedIn Learning: Mostly for Professionals

LinkedIn Learning is a well-known platform primarily used for professional development and corporate training. It offers a vast library of courses created by industry experts. The major strength of LinkedIn Learning is its extensive library of courses covering a wide range of professional skills. For individuals looking to upskill or reskill, LinkedIn Learning provides high-quality content created by experts in various fields.

Courses completed on LinkedIn Learning can be added directly to your LinkedIn profile, showcasing your new skills to potential employers. This feature is particularly beneficial for professionals looking to advance their careers.

However, LinkedIn Learning is not ideal for course creators. The platform does not offer the same level of customization or interactivity as LearnWorlds. It’s designed more for consuming content rather than creating and selling courses.

Conclusion: LearnWorlds wins!

After using all three platforms, it’s clear that LearnWorlds is the best course creation platform for individual creators serious about building and monetizing online courses. Its user-friendly design, advanced interactive features, comprehensive analytics, and robust monetization options make it the ideal choice for solo educators, trainers, and entrepreneurs.

While Google Classroom excels in simplicity and integration within the Google ecosystem, and LinkedIn Learning is perfect for professional development, LearnWorlds offers the most comprehensive and versatile solution for creating and selling engaging online courses. If you’re an individual creator looking to take your online education business to the next level, LearnWorlds is the way to go.

Article submitted by Richard Goldstone – Teacher at Azusa Pacific University who is currently building an online course for his material.