Best Recruiting Software for Small Business: Why VIVAHR is the Top Choice

Published: Jun 01, 2024

As an HR manager at a small business, I’ve had the opportunity to work with various recruiting software over the years. Among the options I’ve used, VIVAHR has proven to be the most effective and user-friendly. Compared to other software like Workday, which I’ve also had experience with, VIVAHR stands out for several reasons. Let me share my journey and why I believe VIVAHR is the best recruiting software for small businesses.

Why VivaHR is the Best Recruiting Software for Small Business

1. User-Friendly Interface

One of the biggest challenges with recruitment software is the learning curve. With Workday, I found that the complexity of the interface required extensive training sessions. In contrast, VIVAHR offers a clean, intuitive design that my team and I mastered within days. This ease of use meant we could focus more on finding the right candidates rather than figuring out how to navigate the software.

VivaHR User Interface

2. Customizable Job Posting Templates

Creating job postings can be a time-consuming task. While Workday offers standard templates, VIVAHR’s customizable templates have been a game-changer. We can easily tailor job listings to reflect our company’s unique culture and values, making our postings stand out to potential applicants. This personalization has significantly improved the quality of candidates we attract.

3. Multi-Channel Job Posting

With VIVAHR, we can post job openings across multiple platforms with just a few clicks. This feature contrasts sharply with Workday, where we often needed additional steps or even separate tools to achieve the same reach. VIVAHR’s multi-channel posting capability has expanded our applicant pool and saved us countless hours.

4. Collaborative Hiring Features

In our small business, teamwork is essential. VIVAHR’s collaborative features allow my team to share notes, rate candidates, and provide real-time feedback effortlessly. While Workday offers collaboration tools, they often felt clunky and less intuitive. VIVAHR’s seamless integration of these features has fostered better communication and faster decision-making within our team.

5. Efficient Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

An efficient ATS is crucial for keeping track of applicants. VIVAHR’s ATS is straightforward and effective, giving us a clear overview of where each candidate stands in the hiring process. On the other hand, Workday’s ATS, although comprehensive, often felt overwhelming and required more time to manage. VIVAHR’s streamlined approach has reduced our administrative burden significantly.

6. Affordable Pricing

As a small business, budget constraints are always top of mind. Workday’s pricing can be quite steep, especially for smaller companies. VIVAHR, however, offers flexible and affordable pricing plans that provide great value without compromising on essential features. This cost-effectiveness has allowed us to allocate resources to other critical areas of our business.

VivaHR AI Learning

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VivaHR pricing

7. Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Making data-driven decisions is vital in recruitment. VIVAHR’s analytics and reporting tools are user-friendly and insightful, helping us refine our hiring strategies. While Workday also offers robust analytics, I found VIVAHR’s reports easier to generate and interpret, providing the exact information we need without unnecessary complexity.

8. Excellent Customer Support

Customer support can make or break the software experience. VIVAHR’s support team has been exceptional, always responsive and helpful. During our time with Workday, support was available but often less personal and slower to respond. VIVAHR’s dedicated support has ensured that any issues we encounter are quickly resolved, keeping our hiring process on track.

9. Integration Capabilities

Integrating new software with existing systems is crucial for efficiency. VIVAHR’s integration capabilities are robust, allowing us to sync seamlessly with other tools we use. While Workday offers integrations, the process can be more complex and time-consuming. VIVAHR’s straightforward integration process has been a major advantage.

10. Positive User Reviews

Finally, the positive feedback from other users reaffirmed our choice. VIVAHR has consistently received high praise for its functionality and impact on recruitment processes. While Workday also has its strengths, the overwhelming support for VIVAHR from other small businesses resonated with our own positive experience.


As an HR manager who has used both VIVAHR and Workday, I can confidently say that VIVAHR is the superior choice for small businesses. Its user-friendly interface, customizable features, and affordable pricing make it the ideal tool for streamlining the hiring process. By choosing VIVAHR, small businesses can attract top talent efficiently and effectively, ultimately driving growth and success. For any small business owner or HR professional, VIVAHR is the best recruiting software available.