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Published: Mar 02, 2011

For Blue Rooster theme, we have made considerable improvements especially in performance, size and visual effects. I had to completely rewrite the slide show – which had lost it’s ability to automatically play. I had to simplify, meaning leaner code without the means of a plugin.

This theme can be downloaded at this link. More documentation can be found here. Please leave your comments below if you have questions.

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You can still use the original PSD files (for Free!). The page templates and custom fields are all the same. To view the original article, click here. For those who are still the old version – be sure to update your theme files.

So What was Changed?

I created this theme way back early 2009 – when many of the new features of WordPress was still not around. So I’ve cleaned up some functions, especially ways to integrate Javascript files. This has caused many conflicts in the previous version. I’ve also added the new WordPress 3.0 menu system:

Click on this tutorial on how to use the new menu system.

I’ve also updated the Home page and Archive page templates to use the “Post Thumbnail” feature. Don’t worry. If you’re updating your old Blue Rooster – your custom fields will still work. So you can use either / or.

I’ve also added other enhancements such as Google fonts and CSS 3 styling – so the theme is more lightweight and loads faster.

Lastly, I have a couple of free themes cooking. A fun one for St. Patrick’s Day, and another revived classic from the archives – So stay tuned!

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29 thoughts on “Back to your regularly scheduled programming…

    Gail says:

    i should perhaps also mention – in case i came across as overly negative in my earlier comment – that i think your designs are pretty darn good. i really like your style – and whilst disappointed the theme is not free – i also think that $10 is exceedingly good value. : ) G

    Cory says:

    First line of this article that you commented on:

    “You can now continue to download one of my older themes – Blue Rooster – which is no longer free ($10 only). Numerous bugs have been fixed.”

    I think they made it very clear that this theme is now a paid theme.

    Gail says:

    Hi there. Are you aware that have included your Blue Rooster theme in a blog post but describe it as being a FREE theme. Here is the post: . To add to my confusion their link to your site goes to – the clue being in the file name … “free-wp-theme-blue-rooster + your first para ends with the sentence “Blue Rooster is free under Creative Commons license”. AND at the end of the comments your own last comment says “michael soriano says:
    March 5, 2011 at 9:13 am –
    the download link is here…” SO… I clicked that link and got a popup saying …
    Before You Download, Make Sure You’ve:

    Click Here to become a Follower!
    Go to Facebook and Like Fearless Flyer
    Get Updates by Email

    Doing the things above will make sure that you get the latest updates for your downloads. You will also get notified when a new version is released, a bug is fixed, or even – when new features are added! How cool is that!

    Here is the file:
    Well i did subscribe and clicked the download link – only to be redirected to – which DID NOT take me to a download link – no matter how many pages i scrolled through – all of which BTW display the same content.

    So i am now rather confused and just a tad annoyed! now i have no problem with designers charging for their work – especially as it seems you have put a lot of effort into this theme – which is of course why i was interested in downloading it in the first place – but you should have made it VERY clear that this theme cannot be downloaded for FREE both on your own site and also let kinow so they can update their post details accordingly.

    Rob says:

    I use the slideshow on the home page but if I scroll down to footer, everytime the slideshow scrolls it scrolls me back up the page. Any tips? Thanks

    Jatin says:

    Hii, you have done a great job.
    I have used it on my website. There is some problem with the image rotation script. If i open my homepage in one tab and after switching to some other tab when i switch back, the rotating images don’t appear but only the background image. I have checked this and this problem exists in most of the browsers i have tried. Please help me out of this problem.

    Jatin says:

    Hello, i have just migrated to
    If you can please help me out in this slider problem (like it stops after some time).

    Shawn Blevins says:

    simply amazing theme….just to be clear, the rotate function status is…
    a. no longer available
    b. available with the additional of rotate.js (can’t locate)
    c. available but beyond my wee mind to grasp.
    Rotate would make you a GOD in WP themes in my mind….what’s the status ? And would you take $$ to shape/customize this theme for a website ? i think its perfect, and I am up against a deadline…thank you !!!

    I have too much in my plate these days.

    Cancel the image question, I understand now – apologies. The rotation would still be helpful.

    Just an update to my previous post, I have now also added a rotate folder so: /scripts/rotate and have added several files to match what I have found here:

    Still nothing, but, I thought I’d let you know my progress, also updating the images for the slideshow do not display correctly, they always float left, float right in the css does nothing?

    Thanks Again Michael.

    Hello Michael, Great theme!

    But how can we re-enable the rotation. I have located the rotate.js script and put in in the scripts folder but it still doesn’t work?

    ByuGrl says:

    Hi Michael,

    What’s going on with the rotate function. I’ve noticed that the homepage rotating feature doesn’t work anymore.

    What happened? How can I fix it?


    I took out the rotate function by default.

    Gloria says:

    Hi Micheal! Great theme, thanks!
    I’ve a question.. It’s possible to set the photo gallery’s page with a fixed height (lenght as the right sidebar)? So it will create automatically (or with plugin) page 1,2,3… And not only one infinite page.

    Gloria says:

    ah, another thing.. I don’t have rotate.js in the script folder… Where I can find it??? thank you very much!

    for pages you have to insert the “nextpage” shortcode. I’m not sure how to do it with galleries.

    Gloria says:

    next page shortcode don’t work in the gallery page..

    Angelo says:

    Hi Michael. I’m having some problems with recents posts on the home page. I’ve added posts with images saved locally but only 5 thumbnails appear instead of 6. Please help

    not so sure. are you sure all the posts are published?

    hi. i wanna put some banner on the header. what should I do to do that?

    I am trying to figure out how to make the facebook button show up in the social buttons. I see that you have it included in the graphic provided, but only have code inserted for:
    delicious, stumbleupon, twitter, and technorati. Could you post the proper code to have facebook also show up?

    I am using the theme Blue Rooster V1

    that involves some add’l html and css code. i noticed you took out my credits.

    Thank you for getting back to me. As soon as I saw your comment, I went to the CSS form to check & see if the credits were there – they were. Then I realized that you may have meant the site – I checked – they were not. I’m really sorry about that. I buy so many different themes – then keep them in my themes folder for the websites & I must have not thoroughly checked when doing updates. I’ve added it right back in.
    Does the new paid version offer the facebook link – or could I purchase the snippet of code to make the facebook graphic show up?
    Thanks so much!

    Macitaly says:

    I’m just going to publish a site with old Blu Rooster. I created a dropdown menu with a plugin, modified sidebar, adapted some code, added a plugin for thumbnails in shortcode…litres and litres of blood and now you arrive and say “you know? I updated BR: widgetized sidebar, solved jquery problems, used WP 3 menu, added G fonts and featured thumbnails”? I KILL YOU! 😀
    By now don’t have time, so I’ll publish as is but as soon as I can I’ll buy the new version and upgrade.
    Should be a good thing if slideshow can have autoplay.
    Thanks a lot for your work, Michael 😉

    Christina says:

    the thumbnails do not show up on the home page or the gallery

    I’ve updated the theme once more to use the “featured image” feature. The theme will first look for this, if not – it will look for the older “custom fields” set to “image” technique – and if not – it will return empty. More about feature images – click here

    Christina says:

    hello I bought and activated the new theme and I am still having to problem of the images not showing up in the gallery and static page.

    Andy says:

    Awesome as usual – thanks for the update!

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