How to use the WP menu system

Published: May 17, 2012

Fearless Flyer themes utilizes the WordPress 3.0 menu system. This makes it easy for you to create every possible combination to your navigation – without touching code. The menu system supports drag and drop editing, as well as multiple levels of child entries.

Create a Menu

Go to “Appearance” > “Menus” and create a new menu. Enter a menu name and click “Create“.

create a menu

This will create a blank menu panel in the right side of the page. The idea is to select categories, pages or custom links from the left side, click the “Add to Menu” button – and it will appear on the menu panel in the right. In this panel, you can drag and drop the links so you can design the menu hierarchy. Links that are staggered underneath become the drop down links from the respective parent.

menu sample

Assign to a Theme Location

Once you’re done – hit “Save Menu”. In the top most left column – there’s a box called “Theme Locations“. Depending on the theme, this is where you assign the menu you just created from the drop down list. So if the theme has a menu location called “header” – it will show up in this selection. Once you select a menu selection – click “Save” and view your website. Your menu should now be in place.

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18 thoughts on “How to use the WP menu system

    Guest says:

    i love you <3

    Kathy says:

    How can I change the “Blog Roll” portion. Instead of this I would like have a Mailchimp email optin box. I am giving away a free ebook to encourage sign ups. But I will be using Mailchimp. How do I add the embed form to my site?

    the blog roll will have to be removed manually. the mailchimp would have to be a plugin. check their site for a plugin – then its as simple as adding a function call into that section

    gmitrovich says:

    On the demo, the menu turns to a dropdown when I shrink the page, but on my site it just wraps the menu to two lines. How do I get the dropdown at lower window sizes?

    that depends on how the front end is coded. the wp_menu generates the uls and lis and a tags – it is up to you how to present it in css. In my demo – i’m most likely using the zurb foundation menu

    elffuts says:

    I’m trying to use the Lucky (free) theme, and I can’t figure out how to make it display the tagline. I’m new to WordPress, and unfamiliar with what might be an obvious answer to more-experienced people. Thanks!

    SVETOZAR says:

    Hello i like how your side menu goes down. How to do that in WP?

    Shabs says:

    How do I change the submit query button. What css file are the style for the buttons and orange links are ?

    pamela says:

    how can i display thumbnails in my post in the menu? this is really my problem since I used the realty theme. Here’s what I did, i created listings and wanted to display my listings in the menu. For example, I have a listing about a house and lot on a certain place and I created a menu name “Area”. When I clicked the Area, it list all of the property under the same location/area however it does not display thumbnails, only plain text, can you help me with this 🙁

    im not sure what you’re trying to do. send me your url.

    Gene says:

    How can I remove the stuff that’s in the right sidebar by default? I’d like to put my own items in their place.

    You can open sidebar.php and edit the contents

    Will says:

    I recently downloaded your lucky theme. I have not found on your site how to actually apply it to my wordpress site. Could you send me some instructions on how to make Lucky or any of your other themes my theme for wordpress.

    michael says:

    you’re right. I will have a post on how to install the themes. basically it’s done this way: . i will also write a post regardless, so stay tuned.

    Bianca says:

    I need help to center my menu list? I’ve been trying to find the html code that will allow it, but nothing is working.

    cathryn says:

    Hi I just enabled ‘lucky’ but the big ad widget is there like in your demo version. how do I remove that? (Or if I wanted to place an ad, I’d have to put code in the editor?) Also can I remove the search button at top – it is crowding my title. I love it if those two quirks are fixed. thanks!

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