18 Examples of Beautifully Crafted Contact Pages for your Inspiration

Published: Apr 14, 2013

Below are some of the best examples of a Contact Page. We hope they ignite ideas for your next design project.

The contact page is often where the first interaction between the company and the client happens. Therefore, having this page designed in an inviting way is very important. This will definitely strengthen the impression the client gets from you. Most of the time, a lot of creativity is put on the home page of a web site. But not so much on the other pages.

Grain & Mortar

The headline is what catches my attention: “We’d love to hear from you.” It’s engaging and inviting. Further down is a map specifying where the company is located, and at the same time they invite you to contact them through email they also manage to invite you for a cup of coffe. It’s clever and it’s a beautiful design.


This contact page uses the old to interact with the new ways to get in contact. It gives a familiar impression to anyone that was born before the days of Internet.

Collision Labs

You know what to do when you come to the page because of the clean and clear message it radiates. All fields are highlighted and you can easily coordinate their office location by taking a glimpse at the left side of the page.


The contact form is visible on all pages in the footer. As soon as you scroll down the contact section catches your attention. The artistic and playful tone to it is what brights everything up and gives an inviting and overall great impression on the visitor.

Say Hi

The design is simple, but yet engaging. If it wasn’t for the man on the right it wouldn’t be much to brag about. In my opinion it is a clever attempt of engagement and I think it succeeds well.

Campbell & Harrison

As soon you land on their contact page it’s easy to understand your next move. The page is very straight to the point.


The contact page is colorful and uses a happy design which works very well with the rest of the design. The only thing I can come to think of that needs some improvement is the contact form. Maybe it should be modified to make it fit the other colors better.


If you take a look at the design as a whole it focuses on showing different elements of the nature. For example, the portfolio has a green grass background which overlaps the contact section which uses a sand background. The bottle post gives the visitors the impression as if they were stranded on the island.


When clicking the contact button a popup window (not the annoying ones which opens in a new browser) opens up. In that window you will find a clean and interactive contact window. Basically you find all information you need to get in contact. Skype, Twitter etc.

Digital Base

The design is beautiful and clever. The usage of the header image portrays what the page is for and you can find all the details you need to get in contact. A contact form, map, phone number, you have got it all.

Deluge Studios

A green and fresh style. It’s eye appealing and very straight forward. To the right is a column explaining the process.


This one is probably one of my favorites. The image helps illustrate the goal of the page.

Christian Sparrow

A lively and innovative design. The clouds you see are in a constant movement, in a not an annoying way which is amazing.


If you love colors, then you will love this one. A vintage looking contact form in beautiful colors.

I Am Federica

Simple and clean design. The main focus is on the map which points out the office location. Everything goes in the same tone giving it a calm and interesting look.


Sometimes information can become too much, but here they have succeeded to create a consise page. It is not much that takes to create a very informative and clean design.


With its colorful and bright colors it manages to really catch the visitors attention and get them to do one thing – take action and contact them.

Chemistry Group

It might not be the most simple contact page we’ve seen so far. But it’s interesting because of its color scheme which manages to make me like this one a lot.

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