10 Twitter Feeds to Follow for Web Design

Published: Jun 05, 2012

As a web designer and web programmer you need your information fast and preferably fewer than 140 characters. Whether you want to answer a difficult question or find the best design trend this list of 10 Twitter feeds can help you get there and get there quickly:


Tweets often anything and everything news worthy in the web design business. This is a great feed to keep you abreast of changes and new designs or programs.


Tweets are about web design and programming


Based on the popular blog, this Twitter feed is a great resource for all things web. Tweets are less frequent than others but each tweet is worth a definite retweet.


Jonathan Snook is the genius behind this twitter feed. There is a reason why he has the amount of followers he does, he is the web design and programmer guru you need to follow now.


The web programmer of all programmers is the king of all programming tweets. The great thing about his tweets, he answers questions and is tweeting around the clock.


Your information source that is collecting from anything and everything web design.

LearnWorlds AI learning

Their quick bio says it all: Chief Editor and Project Manager. The Official Twitter account of Web Design Mash. Tweeting you direct from the 24/7 Design Resources Centre.


This UK based Twitter feed is great for finding out what is going on over the pond. Tweeting less than others doesn’t make this one you should look past.


From Freelance tips to best sites to use, this team knows what they are doing.


Feeling a little less inspired? Have no fear, good web design is here. This is great resource to find your next web design ideas.


They claim that they are ‘THE online resource for web designers, developers and dealmakers’ and that they are!

If you haven’t started following these guys by the end of this sentence, you might as well not call yourself a web designer. Twitter is a great way to stay ahead of the web design game with the latest and greatest ideas, tips, secrets and sales! #Thankmelater

This Guest post is by Christine Kane, a graduate of Communication and Journalism. She enjoys writing about a wide-variety of subjects including internet provider for different blogs. She can be reached via email at: Christi.Kane00 @ gmail.com.