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20 Creative Websites Running Django:

November 21, 2009 on General, Inspiration

Out of the hundreds of web application frameworks and content management systems available, only a select few surface for the masses to see. The reason is – not everyone who use your framework have a creative eye for making good design. Of course the more people utilize your framework – the more creative your user pool get.

Take Django for instance. “Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design”. Though I never tried implementing it – here’s a list of 20 beautiful websites powered by Django:

If you would like to see more websites powered by Django – visit:

You also might want to find out more about Django:

  • Chelle

    It’s hard for me to imagine using anything besides wordpress, lol. But the sites look great. I have a photo site project coming up and I think although there are probably better options available I still end up going back to wordpress because I can install it with my eyes closed and so many plugins available already…whereas with something like django I’d be completely lost and frustrated because I have never used it before!

  • John


    I’d have to agree with you AND I’m a python developer! So far from what I can see django can’t compete with ALL of the bells and whistles wordpress offers, BUT it can compete in other areas.

    Good luck.


  • Laurent

    Nice inspiration.
    Thank you to have featured one of our site (
    It allowed me to discover these nice designs !

  • hanifimahaldi

    great website, I look them for inspiration of color composition.

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  • Vinícius Salsotto

    Amazing websites!
    I would like to nominate a site I did recently, Qmaterial ( with:

    – Django
    – PostgreSQL
    – Haystack (elasticsearch)
    – Memcached
    – HTML5
    – CSS
    – CSS-Sprites
    – jQuery

  • saikiran

    Hey, You forgot the most popular site. is a graphic designer network powered by django-python. Designers create their portfolios here. You should add it to this list to have more weight.

  • tchilds5

    We did Ubiquitous Innovation ( and Branded Bridge Line ( both as custom designed, Django implementations. The designs are clean and the implementation straightforward.

    • Michael Soriano


  • Pryma

    And one from us:
    – django
    – django-allauth -> for facebook/google login
    – django-subdomains -> for language sepcific subdomains like
    – geolocation
    – HMTL 5 animations and maps
    – and more

    • Michael Soriano

      that’s an awesome site Pryma. Thanks for sharing.

  • Josef Nakládal

    And one new Django site from the Czech Republic: . We love Django.

  • Chris Hawkes

    Django is great, but your list of sites doesn’t show the real power. Sites like Dropbox, Quora, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, PBS, Washington Times are all written using Django. The sites you mentioned just make good use of images and CSS which can run on any platform.

    Personally I love django I wrote in it.