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Published: Dec 31, 2009

With the increasing popularity of WordPress comes the business of developing “bi-products” that support this amazing blogging platform. This includes the countless plugins, web hosting, developer support and of course – the most marketable of them all: premium themes.

A number of leading designers have already dominated this WordPress premium themes market; quite notably: Woothemes, DIYThemes and StudioPress.

But amongst these big names you may have come across a more succinct, straightforward and classy premium theme designer – simply named “Elegant Themes“.

Who is Elegant Themes?

Elegant Themes is owned by a designer named Nick Roach. This means that all of the designs and code that is produced from Elegant Themes is from this mighty fellow. According to Nick:

I created this website to provide WordPress themes of quality and integrity. I craft my themes with a goal of simplicity and professionalism and strive to inject each design with a dose of modest elegance. I believe that your website is not just a tool, it is an integral part of your identity. My job is to respect each customer by providing attractive and userfriendly templates that will help you achieve your online goals.

What’s so special about Elegant Themes?

Quality over quantity. Elegant Themes is hardly a large collection – I mean, there’s only about 30 downloadable themes at the time of this writing. But note they are quite high quality. Check out some of them below:


Very down to earth, classy and professionally done – this theme can transform your blog into a modern website wonder.


Soothing to the eye with subtle textures and sharp, detailed accents – this theme is packed with visual amenities that scream WEB 2.0!


Semi-magazine, semi-newspaper – beautiful textures, slider, thumbnails – simply stunning.



Create your own “Hulu” styled video website with this theme:



The ultimate grunge look! Random page tears, crumpled paper, dirty textures – you want your blog to stand out from the crowd – this be the theme for you!

Like Nick said – “each design is injected with a dose of modest elegance”. With each theme you will find excellent color schema, superb use of typography, plenty of textures, just the right amount of Javascript, and above all – originality. The themes obviously took time to build.

You Can’t Beat 20 Bucks a Year!

I don’t think I can elaborate on this any further. $20 dollars a year gives you unlimited access to all of Elegant Themes. Whether you’re a blog owner, an entrepreneur, or even a web developer – you’ve already won by having this arsenal of elegant designs to beautify your websites; all for about the same price as a bucket of fried chicken. Head on over to Elegant Themes!

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3 thoughts on “Elegant Themes – Best Value Themes Club

    Ali says:

    l like elegant themes and l do totally agree with author

    Great information. but I haven’t tried it yet myself yet. Great information especially for bloggers.

    Yo! I found ElegantThemes before and was really tempted to buy it, except I right before paying I went through their TOS and found this:

    “All other files, including: cascading style sheets (.css), Photoshop (.psd) files and images(.gif, .jpg, .png), are not compiled together but are sent independently of GPL code and combined in a client’s browser, and do not have to be GPL themselves. These files are not released under the GPL, but instead are given to all members on a personal use basis. These files are supplied to each paying user for personal use only. You may not offer them, modified or unmodified, for redistribution or resale of any kind.”

    Personal use only? I don’t plan to re-sell the themes, but I’m a web Designer and wanted to use them as starting points for my clients’ websites… so I guess I can’t?

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