Welcome Global Design Into Your Home with These 3 Unique Decor Pieces

Published: Mar 13, 2020

Travelers have an eye for finding distinct beauty in cities and countries around the globe. From the beaches of Hawaii to the jungles of the Amazon, there is always something more to absorb from time spent abroad.

If we are so lucky to make multiple trips to a specific place we begin to develop a sense of that location’s heritage; whether it be through the food and drink we taste, the hospitality we receive, or the keepsakes we discover, it becomes easier for us to understand how the locals live.

In 2018, CEO and business owner Nana Quagraine founded 54kibo.com, an online retailer of unique contemporary African design pieces that are shaped by the stories of African culture. Highlighting 30 artists who trace their roots back to Africa and its diaspora, 54kibo ships a wide selection of home decor, kids, and women’s fashion items across the United States with free shipping.

Woven Baskets from Africa

A home decor piece that ties in nicely as part of a dining table or counter scape is the Tintsaba Sisal Basket. These are designed using Sisal, a succulent agave bush with large fleshy leaves that grow in Swaziland as a weed for over 30 years. The Tintsaba design team executes every step of production by hand using a fine-coiling technique, with non-toxic environmentally friendly dyes. The company has trained over 1000 Swazi women in this craft since they were established in 1985.

Decorative Pillows from South Africa

The Shine Shine pillow collection from South Africa is designed in a distinctive tongue-in-cheek style. Featured at Art Basel and in numerous publications, the historical imagery woven into their pieces make their heritage tactile. The Malick Sidibe Pillow pays tribute to this iconic photographer, who studied the young people of Mali in the 1950s-70s.

Keepsakes from the Caribbean

Recognized as a leading Jamaican ceramic studio, Baughaus specializes in Jamaican handmade ceramics with a focus on fine porcelain inspired by the Caribbean. Infusing Jamaican and Caribbean “roots & culture” Baughaus’s product line is clean but warm, a true expression of Tropical Modern. Arrange the Sand Dollar Coaster Set on your dining room table setting for the next dinner party you host and add a great reminder of the natural beauty found in the Caribbean Islands.

Perusing on 54kibo.com, you’ll find a variety of handmade home decor items structured by the stories of Africa and its diaspora. Shift to Explore, and you’ll discover unique stories by the designers, including travel tips from their home country and details about their design work.

With over 54 countries in Africa, there is a lot to explore from East to West and North to South. The highest peak, Kibo, of the tallest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, on the continent is the inspiration behind 54kibo’s mission. Share in 54kibo’s journey of reaching new heights in contemporary African design: open up your home to global design, share stories from generations past, and spark conversations about your own heritage.