8 Ways To Get Google To Index Your Site – A Complete Guide

Published: Jun 27, 2019

Even if you have created an amazing website with some interesting content, a page which is not indexed by Google has no chance to get traffic. Indexing of a website is one of the most significant parts of the ranking process which falls at number 2 between crawling and ranking. So, in the next few minutes, we will be entirely working on the process to get your web pages indexed faster.

Google Index

But before we proceed with the ways or process that can help in better indexing, let us quickly get some insights to the idea of pages which have been indexed by the search engines. This can be calculated either with the help of indexation rate  i.e.

= number of pages in Google’s index/number of pages on your site

Or you can rather take benefit of google search console to get an idea of index coverage status report. In case you have so many pages out of the index, it can be URLs set with robot.txt, too many duplicate pages, or lack of authority on your website.

Though it may sound strange, one thing which you have to achieve for indexing of your website is to build search engine experience. If you have a website that is not in harmony with Google guidelines related to quality and authority, working on the tips to index your website wouldn’t work.

Without taking any of your time, let us quickly jump to the ways that can help you increase the indexation rate of your website.

Use Google Fetch

The first step which you can take to help your website get indexed faster is to reach for Google search console as it gives you the feature to add your required URL on the search console and ask Google to fetch the link. Once you are done with the submission of URL on search console, it automatically gets bots to go through your link for indexing.

This just needs you to create your official business email ID or use the existing one to login into the search console. Once you have logged in to the dashboard, all you need to do is reach to the option called “crawl fetch as google”. This may need you to paste the URL of the page which you want to get indexed and you can simply click on fetch button to allow google search for the link. Once your desired link is found on the screen, all you need to do is submit to index. If you have a page which is good to go, it can be indexed the same day within a few hours.

The Power of Internal Links

Search engines crawl from one page to another by reading the HTML links. Though you may be wondering over the idea of how internal links could help in better indexing, it is something that can help you get faster results.

Actually, the process works by pushing the authority for sharing equity from the high authority pages. Simply, it needs you to add an internal link for any page on your website which has good authority. However, you have to ensure that two pages linked are relevant to each other.

Block Low-Quality Page Indexing

Just like the way good content can help you gain the right exposure for your website, bad content can bring the entire reputation down. Having low-quality pages during crawl can lead to a downfall in rankings. There are so many SEO techniques which you can follow to avoid the pages which are of low quality.

Some of the great tactics that can help you work such goals are to set the noindex tag on pages making your web pages invisible to search engines, or you can prefer the use of the robot.txt file to hide the content. Else, you can prefer to add 301 redirects or 404 code for deleted pages to help the search engine know that page has no value or links.

Build Sitemap

A sitemap is a guide for your website which tells the search engines the right way to run through the pages depending upon the page priority. Though it is something which never guarantees the indexing, it is something when missing could cause a delay in indexing. This the reason why development platforms like WordPress enable you to create a sitemap really easy way with the help of plugins like Yoast.

When you are done creating the sitemap of your website, you can submit your website to google search console to get the reports. Moreover, you can always double check to find indexed pages as well as those which you don’t want to get indexed.

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Share your Website on Twitter

You may be thinking that it is the least heard or expected thing which you can get to know when it comes to the indexing of your website. But it is actually a good way to promote indexing via sharing of the website on Twitter. Twitter is a massive network which is crawled by Google in a routine which means every single tweet is indexed. So, it is actually a great way to poke or send a nudge to search engine for indexing of your website to add or share your website URL on social media handles.

Share Website on Reputed Websites

One of the best tricks to get your website indexed is to reach popular sites like Quora for dropping links. This is actually a good way to promote all the pages which are recently published to get traffic and indexation goals.

Secure External Links

As we have discussed earlier, search engines crawl from page to page through HTML links. Therefore, when you get your website for indexation through other websites, the chances of ranking also improves.

This may need to work on promotional tactics like guest blogging, advertising requests, and locating relevant blogging sites. This is actually an oversimplified task to do which needs you to add a little extra effort to gain the right results. 

Get Pings for your Website

Last but not least, you can plan to get a ping for your website to let the search engines know that you need your website or blog to be updated. Though it is not one of those effective tricks that can work for you, it is one of the free and fast techniques to work. For instance, you can use sites like pin-o-Matic to update your URL on their sites and ensure faster indexing.

The Final Words

Every business or site present on the web is always on the rush to align with best SEO practices after completing the development goals and one of the most significant factors to work with SEO practices is to ensure indexing of your website for maximum authority and rankings.

So, if you are having a tough time managing the indexation process of your website, now you have 8 of the amazing ways to work on your indexing goals along with active management of URLs, submitting new URLs to google with right use of search console, and a little professional support for SEO in India can help you add value to your website with quicker indexing. All the best!

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