Traveling to Pakistan? Here is what you should know

Published: Feb 28, 2019

Pakistan has a lot to offer to tourists- no ifs, ands, or buts about it. That said, picturesque sceneries, lush green forests, snow-capped mountain peaks, super delicious cuisines, easy on the eye valleys, warm-hearted people, rich culture, historical buildings and much more. If I am being brutally honest, this country has got everything to cater to the needs of any tourist belonging to this world.

Pakistan Travel

If Pakistan is on your bucket list as a peripatetic then you are going to hang your hat in one of the most beautiful destinations of the globe. However, security and safety are things of great import when you pay a call to any place as a backpacker. For this case, we have hand-picked a few tips for the travellers planning a tour to Pakistan. Just give the under-mentioned tips a once-over with a fine tooth comb to enjoy trouble-free tour to Pakistan. Without any fuss, let’s get on with this:

Tips for the travellers visiting Pakistan

Well, Pakistani food is regarded as one of the most finger-licking cuisines in the world. And that’s something not to be missed at any cost while paying a visit to Pakistan. Pakistani cuisines taste same as the Indian food which means your stomach has to put up with extra spice.

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Food and water

If you ask me, do try out the street foods of Lahore and Karachi- no ifs, ands, or buts about it. With that, the traditional foods of Northern areas of Pakistan are flavoursome. But, don’t dare to eat extra spicy food if your stomach opposes spice.

If you spend a moment just talking about the drinking water, almost every area of Pakistan is facing issue of clean drinking water. Therefore, keep a filtered water bottle on you and stay hydrated all the time. Don’t drink tap water at any cost. It is recommended not to eat the food open to dust and flies or otherwise you’ll end up suffering from a Delhi belly.

Moving around

Thanks to the broad-shoulder network of roads and railways, getting around Pakistan is as easy as falling off a log. Everything is just right in the block hole to meet the needs of travellers. That said, trains, buses, taxis, flights, autos; everything is available. We recommend to pick out trains for the longer journeys (like if you want to travel from Lahore to Karachi). This way, you would be having a great experience while saving lots of bucks. Be that as it may, taxis and autos are your best companions for inter-city travel. It would be fructiferous to keep a map on you (Google maps in case of having a stable internet connection) to single out the most convenient route and bargain for the fares.

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You can also take the services of flights to travel around. Almost all the major cities have airports to cater to meet the needs of travellers. But, that’d be costly. And you’ll enjoy travelling in buses and trains in Pakistan. Don’t take my word for it and experience yourself.

Packing your bag

Regardless of the place you travel to, packing appropriately is something really important. I mean, why filling your rucksack with all the stuff when everything is available at the destination place you are going to hang your hat in? Yes, everything is easily obtainable in Pakistan so you need to take only the super necessary things with you. Also, it’d be hard to take care of all the luggage on you. For this case, fill your travelling bag with the important things to minimize your burden. Keep a pair of shoes and jeans, medications (prescribed by your doctor), chargers and power bank, earphones, soap, towel, important documents, credit cards and anything that you think would be necessary to pack and that’s that.

However, thanks to plenty of Cargo Companies from UK to Pakistan these days which can take care of your excess luggage if you have extra stuff more than permitted by the airline you are travelling with.

Bargaining while shopping around

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It might seem a bit weird to you but you’ll spot people bargaining while purchasing from the local shops. Yes, you heard it right. And this can too save you quite a lot of bucks. This is due to the reason that the local shopkeepers sometimes tend to make extra money by doubling up the actual price if they find you a foreigner. To keep safe against this, you can bargain to buy the things at actual price. That’s not a big ask, is it? Thus, bargaining while shopping around from the local shops would save you thumping great amount of money.

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Places that must be on your bucket list while visiting Pakistan

Rama Meadow

Rama Valley is regarded as one of the grandiose places to pay a visit to. You can soothe your eyes by watching lush green pastures, crystal clear water lakes, beautiful high-altitude forests and mountain views, this place has got everything that a picturesque destination is supposed to offer to its tourists. Surprisingly pulchritudinous!

This marvel of nature is located at an altitude of about 3300 metres above the sea level. The valley is enriched with refreshing air and most of the time gets wrapped in snow. If you are fixing your gaze on witnessing the real beauty of Rama Valley, then summer season is the most suitable time to visit this place. It doesn’t matter whether you are on a solo trip or romantic retreat, Rama Meadows possesses magic in its air to make you feel joyous and happiest. Just imagine standing at such high altitude, stretching your arms and taking long breaths. It will surely take you far away from all worries of life. No kidding!

Gojal Valley

The next must see place on our bucket list is Gojal Valley. If you are an adventurer and questing for a place with tranquil life, then your search ends with Gojal Valley.

Gojal Valley has been spotlighted from years and an exceptional number of tourists visit this amazing place each year. This perfect Valley is home to conspicuous sceneries, rich culture, wildlife, pristine water lakes, snow-caped mountains, glistening glaciers, fruit laden gardens, lush green woods and amazing pastures. The inhabitants of Gojal Valley are loving and hospitable. They are so humble and caring that they won’t care about themselves in serving their unknown guest. Almost everyone in the Valley is sophisticated and the life is far away from the hassle and bustle.

Shangrila Resort

Shangrila Resort, also known as the “Heaven on Earth”, is another place that must be on your bucket list. This place is truly a hidden gem and Mother Nature has decorated this place amidst easy on the eye landscapes and mountains. Having whereabouts in Gilgit Baltistan, the Shangrila Resort lies within earshot of some of the sky-high mountain peaks of the globe.

Beautiful flower-filled gardens and picturesque fruit laden orchards add to the beauty of this resort. Just a single look can make the onlooker fall in love with the Shangrila Resort. In the heart of the resort, a Lake named Kachura Lake can be found which works like icing on the cake. Moreover, a restaurant built on the fuselage of an aircraft that had crashed nearby hits the nail on the head. Truly sensational, isn’t it?

If you ask me to define the Shangrila Resort in a single word, I would say a single word to beat drums for this hidden gem and that’s “Magic”. Don’t worry, you’d say the same after visiting this place for once. I kid you not.

Ranikot Fort

Having whereabouts in Sindh province of Pakistan, Ranikot Fort is another historical place that you must pay a call to. Also known as the great wall of Sindh, Ranikot Fort is the largest Fort of the Globe (with the circumference of around 26km). However, this hidden gem still needs the focus of authorities for its upraise. You can make the even-handed approach that lending eyes to the walls, rocks and sands inside the Fort will make you leave your heart right there after your first visit.

Lime cut sandstone and gypsum is used in the walls of the Fort. Travellers can find a lot of ditches, building structures, pools, watch-towers, bastions, streams, hills, ammunition depots, valleys and ponds inside the Fort. Overall, Ranikot Fort is a place worth visiting.