Top Tips and Advice for Contact Lens Wearers

Published: Oct 12, 2020

As a contact wearer, you no doubt already know first-hand the many benefits the correct lenses can bring, from discreet comfort to convenience and improved all-round vision. But to keep making the most of your contact lenses, you need to keep on top of their care and maintenance. Here are our top tips and advice for contact lens wearers looking to get the very best out of their eyecare investment. 

Never use water 

Only ever use a specialist cleaning solution on your contact lenses and if you run out, avoid the temptation to use ordinary tap water. Water can contain microbes which may cause an eye infection if left on the surface of a contact lens. This is also why you are advised to remove your contacts before showering, bathing or swimming. 

Stick to your prescription schedule

Always follow your optician’s prescription when it comes to your contact lenses and ensure you stick to their user schedule. And that means not trying to stretch out using your lenses longer than you should. Wear each set of lenses for the prescribed time and replace when advised.

Never sleep in your lenses

You should aim to be contact lens free for at least eight hours a day to ensure your eyes get all the oxygen they need to be healthy and bright. When your eyes are closed for prolonged periods of time, say overnight, they can get depleted of O2 which can lead to bacteria building up. And if you have your lenses in, they make the perfect place for these little bugs to hide. 

Make sure you wash your hands

Always ensure your hands are squeaky clean and dry before handling your lenses and avoid using heavily scented or oily soaps. When putting your lenses in or taking them out, your hands can transfer oils, grease and bacteria to the lens surface, which in turn can cause irritation and infection in your eyes.

Don’t forget your lens case

When cleaning your contact lenses, it can be easy to overlook the case you need to store them in. If left insufficiently cleaned, these cases can harbour bacteria which can then easily transfer to your newly cleansed lenses when it comes to storing them. Rinse your lens case every night with a multi-purpose solution and aim to replace it completely at least every three months. 

Take your lenses out before removing makeup

Grease and oil are a no-no for contacts, yet makeup can contain enough to stubbornly cloud them up. The secret to looking and feeling your best is to get the timings of your makeup routine just right. Always apply makeup after you have put your lenses in and, at the end of the day, ensure you have taken your contacts out before you start your makeup removing routine. 

And our final tip – keep hydrated

This tip applies whether you wear contacts or not as your eyes need hydration and moisture to feel comfortable and function at their best. Especially if you spend long periods at a computer screen, make sure you are regularly drinking water and if dryness with your contacts become a problem, discuss it with your optician so they can recommend contact lens-compatible eye drops you can try. 

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