Here’s How Schools Will Reopen During Covid

Published: Oct 12, 2020

Here’s How Schools Will Reopen During Covid

The pandemic has changed the dynamics of living for everyone severely. Not just for working professionals, but the students were also induced to change their learning patterns from traditional classroom learning to virtual lessons.

physical distancing

As humans, we have adapted to the Covid-19 situation in a fair manner. Though it took time, the government has devised some of the policies which can help the school authorities, parents, and students to restart the schools.

Minimizing the spread of infection

When the schools started reopening, they had to struggle to formulate a structure that can prevent the students from getting infected with the disease. The government suggested several mitigation measures for schools so that students could make a safe return to school.

These include reducing the interaction between students and teachers, students, and school staff, and amongst students.

Students have to be taught safety guidelines regarding sneezing, coughing, or touching others while maintaining social distance. The school authorities must minimize the spread of infection if any case is detected in the school premises.

Performing regular tests

It is essential to arrange daily symptom screening procedures for students, teaching faculties, caretakers, and other staff of the school. Most of the cases are found to be asymptomatic, hence ensuring that proper tests are done from time to time can help detect Covid-19 positive students and prevent the spread of infection to other people.

It has been seen that the children between the age of 3 to 14 years have higher chances of getting infected with the disease than others. But others can become carriers. Hence, schools cannot be opened if there is no arrangement for regular tests and checkups.

Continuing with online classes

Though schools are being reopened, the teachers must continue taking online lectures for the students who cannot come to school physically due to unavoidable circumstances. The likelihood of further transmission of the virus makes online classes comparatively a safer option for both parents and students.

It is also advised that the schools which are planning to reopen and hold physical classroom sessions must ensure to follow the safety guidelines. It primarily includes wearing masks at all times, sanitization of the classroom regularly, and taking care of students’ hygiene. Extra curricular activities must be avoided at all costs during this period, especially those requiring physical touches.

Prompt actions on early detection

Nations are aiming at zero transmission of disease to control the infection. It is a difficult time, indeed. Whenever a new case of Covid-19 is diagnosed in the schools and colleges, the first prompt action of the institutions shall be to provide treatment as soon as possible. After this, checking and testing for other students is also required to prevent the transmission. Such prompt actions help the schools to start the process of education effectively again.

The government has provided rigorous safety guidelines that cover approximately all the situations which can lead to the spreading of infection. Hence they must be diligently followed by all the schools to ensure the safety of their staff and students.