Tips for Using Instagram Reels for Marketing

Published: Feb 15, 2022

Instagram Reels are the hottest and latest social media marketing tools that big names like Louis Vuitton and Sephora were seen using as part of their campaign activities. In fact, Louis Vuitton’s Instagram Reels created big ripples with over 7 million views. To put it simply, Instagram Reels are the bite-sized video-sharing elements that have received worldwide acceptance. It is the recently launched feature in Instagram which allows you to create short creative, and entertaining videos. 

There are various visual and audio effects options to enhance the attraction quotient of these reels, which are normally not more than 15 seconds in duration. Thus, owing to the short span and special editing features made possible by the Instagram Video editors, Instagram Reels have in no time gained in popularity since its launch in 2019. 

Why Use Instagram Reels for Marketing?

Here, we will decode some useful tips for using Instagram Reels for marketing purposes. But before going into the tips, it is important to understand why Instagram Reel has become the new promising social media marketing tool compared to the others. 

After we realize how important it is, we will be able to adopt adequate and planned steps to make the most fruitful use of these amazing marketing techniques. The importance of Instagram Reels can be summarized as:-

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  • It has a big and ever-increasing audience base. So when you use it for marketing your products and brands, you can reach out to a bigger audience in no time and at minimum cost. As the audience base is very high, especially with the users of TikTok now taking up Instagram Reels as a possible alternative platform for showcasing their talents, there is a higher scope of interaction with the increase in comments, likes, and shares when this helps with fact and effective brand awareness.
  • One of the crucial strategies brands swears by for promotional ideas is to educate the people about their products through engaging content. And there is no doubt that Instagram Reels offer the optimal way that allows brands to spread the required message to the target audience in no time. Like topmost brands like Apple is also making use of this wonderful social media marketing tool. It uses Instagram Reels to add a new dimension to its promotional activities by releasing tutorial reels about its various products and new features.
  • Both big brands and beginners establish a direct connection with potential customers. By creating short, informative, and attention-grabbing videos, the sellers can easily highlight whatever they want to win over the viewers’ confidence. And with Instagram video editor features, there is no end to the amount of creativity that you can add to your videos. Hence, it is easier to appeal to the audiences by providing them with the kind of content that they are interested in.

Tips to Use Instagram Reel for Marketing

Marketing via Instagram Reels should be engaging and involving rather than being forceful. The content you present to the viewers should be well-designed and thought out properly. Allow the viewers to know about the work culture and practices that your brand promotes. Sharing important videos showing the real spirit and actions behind the scene will provide them with a better insight into how you are managing your work. 

And the best thing is that you can communicate everything that you feel is important for the customers to know about your business activities without making them lose much. The videos are short enough to not feel burdening or overpowering. As is said, short messages are very effective, and when you do them with special visual effects, the impact will surely be better and stronger. And with well-shot behind-the-scene reels, it is possible to build long-lasting relationships with audiences and turn them into loyal customers.

  1.  Another important tip that you as the seller or brand promoter must apply to make the best use of Instagram Reel for marketing is by creating user-generated content. User-generated content will include reviews, feedback, pictures that the recent buyers send you about the product that they have bought from you. The idea is to display their positive feedback in front of all the visiting audiences to help them assess your products’ quality and standard. You can plan out events and contests wherein you will reward the highest contributing content. People publicly praising your brand will act as trustworthy testimony to potential buyers and will add to your reputation and business authenticity. 
  2. Promote your products in the most lucrative manner with Instagram reels. Reels can grab attention easily and make the most of this fantastic tool to highlight all that is important about your products. Identify the main aspects of your products that customers will find most appealing and create reels on the same. Again, you can create tutorial reels about how to use the products. This will give clarity and a better understanding of the necessity and usage of the products, and the audience will feel more confident in spending money on such products. Highlighting the USP via Instagram reels is one of the best marketing strategies that sellers must keep in mind. 
  3.  Keeping the tone of the simple video friendly with an element of fun is the secret to creating engaging and inviting Instagram Reels. Being real and reachable is the main aim to help views properly connect with the content. Releasing a gripping and inquisitive teaser on Instagram Reels is a great way of keeping your audiences posted about the upcoming series of events or about to be launched new products that the audiences are waiting for. It will make your fans happy that you are keeping them in line with everything that is happening at your end. This will help to establish great bonding between you and your followers. You can also bank on reels for further promotion of products that are already available by adding a link to the full video in the teaser. This will help to direct greater traffic to the intended page or website.

With several worthy Instagram Video editors to choose from, there is no limit to the amount of creativity and appeal that you can add to your Instagram Reels. You can easily edit your videos by availing the various features to add that touch of personalization to them to make them unique and the best of the lot. So, Instagram Reels is currently the most addictive social media platform feature with high traffic engaging capacity. Thus, it has evolved as one of the most effective marketing tools, with more and more brands taking it up for their promotional activities.