Swift Programming Language: The Future of Apple Universe

Published: Jun 28, 2014

On 2nd June 2014 Apple launched its multi-paradigm programming language called Swift. All speculations point to Swift as “THE” new era of programming. It is also said that it will “BE” the platform on choice for iOS. Developers around the world are already looking forward to this new language with lots of excitement. Let’s look at what Swift entails and see what the fuss is all about.


So What is Swift?

We already know that it’ Apple’s new programming language. But what we don’t know is that it took years of research and studies to finally come out with this breakthrough language. Swift is built on Low Level Virtual Machine (LLVM) complier and runtime. Which means that it’s a blend of the best features in Objective C (the current programming language for iOS) and C (a general purpose language – which laid the ground rules for other programming languages).

Swift also bursts less compatibility constraints, simplicity in scripting, and capability to run millions of parallel programs faster.

Key advantages of Swift

Let’s just say Swift is performance driven, fast, flexible, simple and easy for programmers to use. Key advantages that make this it a promising tool for the future is as follows:

  • Parallel running capability: Swift is able to run multiple parallel programs if inputs for various programs are available. Thus it replaces complex parallel programming with simpler and effective one
  • Easy and smart: Swift needs short and simple scripting but is capable to perform large scale work. It works with the same script on all devices and environments like multi-core computers, cloud, clusters, grids and super computers
  • Unmatched speed: Swift is capable to run and launch millions of apps and programs at the same time
  • Flexible and diverse: Swift is already being embraced in diverse fields like science, engineering, business and statistics for its great flexibility
Some new features that made Swift better

Just before its formal launch, Apple announced some key features that promises Swift to be more lucid and capable for developers. For instance, it supports a variety of crucial programming aspects like Functional Programming Patterns, Generics and Closures with Function Pointers. It also has a much improved and optimized memory allocation capabilities. Many sources of bugs and crashes have been comprehensively addressed in Swift. It has become much easier now to debug apps thanks to added features like Playgrounds and Real Oval Print Loop or REPL – which is packaged with Swift by default.

Even more interesting

As if the above mentioned is not enough, Here are a few more advantages that makes Swift a safer bet compared to other programming languages.

  • Swift offers cleaner and simpler syntax making APIs ever easier to read and maintain
  • All unsafe codes get eliminated in Swift automatically
  • You can run Swift and Objective C in parallel
  • Plus, Identical runtime is used by Swift and Objective C


In closing, there is much more to learn about this new program. Apple has a tall stack of promises to keep – which we can safely say is common for the tech giant. iOS has come a long way with hundreds of millions of users globally. Now with Swift’s abilities and features, we all can’t help but wonder what new applications of the future will hold.

I bet it will be awesome.

Chirag Leuva is a CEO of an iPhone app development company named Yudiz Solutions; where he works to bring client ideas to reality. He enjoys pushing the limits of user interaction and finding ways to create awesome reusable components within a mobile environment.