How to practice entrepreneurship before starting your company

Published: Mar 26, 2017

Before you start it, live it. When it comes to entrepreneurship, there are certain skills that you need to have in order to become successful. Some of these skills cannot be taught but should be developed from deep within. Entrepreneurship is not all about having a successful business today and calling it a day.

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As an entrepreneur, you need to look at things in the long term. The clients that you have today may not be with you tomorrow because of a number of factors, one of them being your personality. It could be that you are the best business man around but how you handle your clients can and will make them all flee from you.

It is therefore important that you start to practice entrepreneurship even before you start your company.

This will go a long way in ensuring that you develop and master all the necessary skills to keep you going in future.

There will be need for you to pay attention to some of these skills while still in school or if employed, while at work. Consider this as some of the precautions that you must take to prevent a fall in the future, which is when you will have formally started your business only for it to fall after a few weeks. The funny thing is that some people actually practice some of these skills but in the pre-conscious mind.

Entrepreneurship Hustle

In case you have been wondering just how you can begin practicing entrepreneurship before starting your company, here are a few insights that will be worth the read:

Get it right first

The most dangerous thing that you could ever do is to start something out without having any idea ofhow it will turn out, the response and all that. This is why you need to have tried something out to begin with even before getting tothe real thing. It could be that the business idea you have is workable on a plan but not in real life situation.

If for example you are a student, you can take advantage of the many practical clubs that exist in school and come up with a mind-blowing project. This will be a sign to you that you may be just one step closer to actualizing your dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

If you are in an office environment, you can also do the same by coming up with a project to boost the performance of the team and if it succeeds then that will be a clear indication to you that you can do it.

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Learn to how to communicate with people

Have you ever come across someone with the best business idea but does not know how to pass it across? This is when you will realize the importance of proper speech. As an entrepreneur, you need to able to speak your mind to crowds and be in a position to make them understand whatever it is you may be putting across.

It is important that you practice and master the art of confidently speaking, even when you are wrong. Communication skills play a big part in entrepreneurship because it is all about how you will convince your client to buy your idea or product over other products already in the market.

Entrepreneurship Communicate

In case you are wondering just how you can practice this skill in a school setting, you can take up the opportunity of addressing other students in public. You will realize that slowly, you will be boosting your confidence and becoming better at that. You can also join public speaking clubs and exploit your full potential in preparation for your future.

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Be open minded and positive

It is important that you are open-minded even before your dream business becomes a reality. This is because plans change and sometimes they change for the better. The business idea that you may have now may not be the one that you will actually implement in the future. You need to have the capacity to accept that and work towards making the current idea work.

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Have a mentor

Research has shown that most of the people who succeeded in life had a mentor behind their backs. A mentor is simply a tutor, someone who you learn from time to time and get inspiration from. A mentor will help you know the areas that you may need to lay more emphasis on and those that you are perfect in.

Without this, you realize that you may not know whether or not you are progressing. It is important that you cultivate a relationship with your mentor so that he/she can help you work towards the entrepreneur that you have always dreamt of becoming.

Have a journal

It is important to keep a journal, not only if you are looking at becoming an entrepreneur but also for basic things like keeping track of your progress. Besides this, each day you may have different ideas flowing through your mind. You may not know how good or rather workable they may be until you actually put them down on paper and work them out.


If you are a deep thinker, then you will need a journal to ensure that you note down each and every single idea that comes through. Truth is, you never know just which one may go through.

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