Mistakes To Be Aware Of With Bridging Loans

Published: Jan 22, 2022

Bridging loans are a form of short-term loans offered by a broker to cover the interval between two transactions, like selling a property and buying one. As a bridge loan applicant, you will undoubtedly encounter certain expenses and limitations worth considering before deciding whether to proceed. This article will highlight what you should consider when finishing your bridging loan application.

What To Steer Clear Of During Your Application

  • Don’t Be Unclear With Your Communication

Communication is vital in any transaction, so it is essential to prioritise open communication at all stages of the process. For starters, it would be best to inform your broker about your circumstances and any previous and current challenges. Transparency simplifies the entire application process, making it as fruitful and effortless as possible.

  • Avoid Being Secretive

Secrecy is not ideal when applying for any loan type, so it is essential to be forthcoming during your application. Honesty throughout the application, appraisal, and consultation is vital to get the right loan terms. Consequently, inform your broker about everything during your bridge loan application. In addition, be honest about your financial standing, what you will use your loan for, and any other information they may seek from you.

  • Avoid Being Disorganized

It would be best to be absolutely prepared before approaching any broker for a bridge loan. Therefore, list your bridge loan’s specifics, like the amount you will require and what you will use it for. You can also note how you intend to repay and the type of security you will need to get your loan. In addition, reach out to your broker after applying to know whether you have completed your application successfully.

On the other hand, here are some things you should do during your application:

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  • Research Your brokers Extensively

Numerous brokers are offering bridging loans on the market. For example, Finbri bridging loans will have their own special terms and conditions, which may be better than others. Therefore, it is prudent to research the market to discover which broker can offer you the best bridge loan based on your unique circumstances.

  • Talk About Exit Strategies

Your bridge loan is only as effective as the repayment plan you set up for it. This repayment plan is needed to proceed with anything, and it specifies how you intend to repay your debt as swiftly as possible. This repayment plan is your loan’s exit strategy, and it assures brokers that you are capable of repaying your debts.

  • Have An Open Mind

Your broker will likely want to know all the relevant information about the loan when completing your application. This relevant information can include anything, from what you intend to use the money for to your financial history. Your information will determine whether you get the loan, so prioritise transparency and respect your broker’s advice.

  • Know Your Timelines

You must ensure that you have reliable cash flow and a practical timetable when applying for your bridging loan. These loans are limited-term, so decide when your loan and additional costs will be repaid with a bridge loan. The best plan is to develop a timetable, giving yourself enough time to finish it and repay your loan. However, consider doing this beforehand after deciding whether you can finish your work and repay your loan in one year.