Healing the Pains with the Science of Acupressure

Published: Dec 28, 2020
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When we feel the pain, we tend to look for the medications or medical treatment to seek the solution of the pains. But no one pays attention towards the external medicinal treatment to heal the pains of the body. Then what can be the substitute to reserve this type of treatment enhancement?

There are so many manipulative ordinances to acclaim the frequent stances that reveal a confined treatment of a particular pain and illness. When we define the immediate responsiveness of the visible improvement, we see in the form of taking oral pills and other injected medicines, why?

Here we come to the order or make people get rid of their illness through acupressure science. The acupressure is a technique that works with respect to point out the reasons for sufferings and get to solve them by pressing the adjoined or linked points present in the body.

There are many points linked to each other in our body to provide better circulation of the nutrients we consume with the help of connective tissue called blood. The flow of blood is basically determined by the path inside the body’s muscular part. This path is the reason of using acupressure. 

Through this blog, I shall be attempting to revive the traditional therapy of acupressure and relate the modern society with the relevance of using this therapy and its utilization in modern times. 

There are much prevalent financial reinforcement options through direct lending, which shall be considered by the end of this blog.

The Emergence of Acupressure Therapy  

The prevalent technique of acupressure was first time introduced in China. The Chinese Medicine Theory played a vital role in commencing this therapy before the world. The Chinese medicine theory suggests that there are 12 major meridians or channels in the body.

The vital energy or the force that sustains life called QI present inside the body that flows through these 12 major meridians and a block in the flow leads to malaise, pain or diseases. These blocks can be only released under the consideration of a practitioner who applies pressure in acupoints.

It is by pressing the specific acupoints present in the channels that promote healing of that particular organ and leads to entire recovery from pain.

Different and more reliable therapy

  • In accordance to minimize the effect of pain and their causing sufferings, we eat pain killers. These painkillers act as a stimulant and stimulate the specific pathways in the brain. In this way, the body’s specific targeted part gets stimulated, and the pain gets reduced.
  • Experts believe the function of acupressure is similar to those of eating medicines. They also target the specific organ and activate its function by pressing acupoints to diminish the pain. Several studies have inserted that acupressure reduced the activity in their brain’s stress pathways.
  • These kinds of experiments have been done on rats that brought good consequences and are similar to humans. 
  • When the experiments are to be done with animals with injecting medicines in their bodies, they feel more pain rather than feeling relaxed. And it also ruins the human body by creating multiple holes in the body that can be harmful. 
  • Acupressure is also called acupuncture which can be done without using the needles. Instead of using needles, this therapy involves the application of pressure that is done manually. The practitioner uses his fingertips to massage and presses the specific points on the body.
  • The specific points are majorly found on hands and under feet. For instance, a practitioner applies pressure to an acupressure point on foot to bring relief to the headache. This applicability has been derived from the Chinese Acupuncture therapy called ‘CHI’ or ‘QI’.
  • It brings instant relief with no side effects while taking medicines can bring multiple side effects and thus may result in organ damage.
  • No role of chemical properties included in the acupuncture therapy, whereas the medicines are the results of the chemical composition and filled with particular poisonous essence. 

Financial modes

There is financial support in the form of Text loans from direct lenders in the UK. This kind of support can assimilate the affordability of getting this therapy while sitting at home, suitable in current conditions.


The therapy has been getting admirations but limited to those who get in touch with it from ancient times. However, people are approaching the insights of using this therapy and getting its relevance to overcome a specific disease.  

The psychological inputs are also necessary because you definitely get it when you think of getting relief from it. Still, if you got no belief in going towards this manual pressure therapy, the chances of getting relief are comparatively lower than the former.


Today it seems that no external medicines can build our body’s consistency to live a long life. Instead, they provide instant relief with the condition to challenge a long life span.