Convert Your Words Into Money: 9 Copywriting Tips To Boost Your Conversions

Published: Jul 30, 2016

There are thousands of ways you can increase your website conversion rates. But, the most efficient and inexpensive way to do that is through your content. Your words play an important role in interacting with your visitors throughout every part of the sales process. Even with a small tweaks to your web content, you can significantly boost your conversions.

Don’t trust my word? Let me give you the proof here.

A fascinating piece of research from Carnegie Mellon University found that swapping a single phrase can increase the conversion rate.

They set up a DVD trial program and tested between two phrases:


The second phrase increased sign-up rates by over 20%.

So, placing the right words in the right places is crucial for conversion. In this article I am going to explain 9 copywriting tips that will help you to increase your website conversions.

So let’s jump right into the tips!

1) Know your audience

First things first, you need to know your audience first to write high converting copy.

You need to have an extensive knowledge of your targeted audience’s likes, dislike, needs and wants. Whenever possible, gather data from your audience through your personal interactions with them or through more formal surveys and research.

Without knowing these data, how would you directly speak to them?

The more you understand your audience, you will be more equipped to give them the content they desire and in turn, guide them through the buying cycle.

Get inside your audience mind source:

Get inside your audience mind source:

2) Write a catchy headline that makes people click

Your headline is what that’s all stands between you and a higher click trough rate. This is why the headline is the most important element for a website.

Let’s have a look what the famous advertising revolutionary, David Ogilvy said about headline-

“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

You might have topnotch product or service in the market but if you can’t make it clear in headline then your audience may not bother to have a look further.

Your headline needs to act like a big red stop sign.

Here are some tips to craft a catchy headline:

  • Be specific and use number if possible
  • Try to create sense of urgency
  • Use power words and adjective in your headline
  • Keep it short and concise

I will show you a perfect headline here from skype.


3) Make your copy easy to read

Let me start this point with an interesting statistics-

A study by Nilsen Norman Group revealed that, 79 percent of online users are scanners and only 16 percent read word-by-word.

So, you need to format your web copy in a way so that your audience can scan them easily.

Here are few points you need to follow to make your copy easy to digest:

  • Use black text on a white background
  • Use short sentences as they are easy to understand
  • Paragraphs should not be more than two lines
  • Bold the text where you want more attention
  • Use bullet points

If people can’t read your copy without giving any extra efforts then how would you expect to take the desired action in your website?

4) Pay attention to power words

It has been proven that, using certain power words in copywriting can significantly increase website conversion rate.

Before showing you the proof, let me specify some popular power words here:

  • You
  • Your
  • Free
  • Now
  • New
  • Because
  • Instantly
  • Exclusive

Copyblogger shares top 5 persuasive words in the English language that deserve a place in any compelling piece of copy.

Michael Aagaard in Content Verve found that 31.54% increase in conversions just by adding a power word.


Divi WordPress Theme

Power words can be incredibly powerful if you can place them properly and don’t just slap them into your content just to have them there.

5) Use instant-clarity text in your CTA button

The call to action button is what your audience need to click on it in order to be your customer or subscriber. Your primary goal is to convince people to click on it.

To convince people for clicking your button, your button text should be persuasive and actionable. Your CTA button must answer the following questions:


Make sure you avoid using the generic CTA button text like Next, Continue, Submit as they don’t make any sense to your audience.

Here is a neat example of a CTA button with persuasive text and the screenshot is taken from FreshBooks.


6) Write benefit focused copy

One of the common mistakes often writers make is writing copy by focusing and highlighting the features instead of benefits.

Because, your audience don’t bother how many features your product have and they solely think how your product can solve their problem and makes their life easier.

Yes, having features are great but your copy should answer what problems you are going to solve and how your potential customers will be benefited.

Therefore, put more emphasis on benefits of purchasing your product or service while writing your copy.

While we’re in the subject, read “Secrets to Evergreen Content“.

7) Be specific

It’s important to note that, online readers have very short attention span and it ranges from 3 to 5 seconds. What I am trying to say is that, whatever content you use, try making the most impact within the first 3 seconds.

To convince the visitor’s within 3 seconds, you should always be specific. Every single word you use in your content should add value for the audience and act as a critical part of your purpose.

For instance, instead of saying ‘make money online’ say, ‘make 300 dollars in 3 hours online’. That’s much more specific and compelling statement.

8) Write the way you speak

Writing content the way you speak to others face to face is known as conversational copy. Conversational copy is essential to convert the visitors into customers.

Explain why your product or service is awesome in a way that sounds normal, friendly and approachable like a sales man speaking through a sales presentation in front of a client.

People love to read conversational copy. Therefore, your writing should be informal and sound genuine.

You may consider to use more conversational words like I, You, Me, We, They etc. in your writing to make your copy more conversational.

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9) Stay away from sloppy copy

As a copywriter, revisions are continuous task for you. This makes your copy perfect and error free.

In spite of knowing this how many of we do that?

If your web copy is riddled with spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, your visitor’s will leave the site as fast as possible because you already proved that you are careless.

Who trust careless people? Believe me or not, this is the easiest way to lose the visitor’s trust.

Therefore, proof read your copy at least 3-4 times before it goes live to avoid this kind of silly mistakes.

Final Thoughts,

Converting words into money is not that tough if you can utilize them properly. Placing the right words into the right place is the key.

I believe if you can follow and implement the above 9 techniques in your writing, you will see noticeable improvements in conversions in no time.

Let us know which tips you found most valuable in the comments below.

Author Bio: Jabed Hasan is a Content Marketing Manager at Mountnow. He is passionate about writing and love to write on SEO, CRO, Growth Hacking and Online Marketing Strategies. You can follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.