Common Emergency Room Medical Malpractices

Published: Feb 10, 2023

Devastating, life-threatening accidents or situations require immediate transfer to an emergency room. Therefore the environment inside emergency rooms is often tumultuous where the doctors are under the pressure of saving the patient’s life by stabilizing their condition through the best medical knowledge. But as doctors are merely humans, the chaotic situation inside an emergency room might make them commit mistakes that retain long-term health hazards. Often such cases are ignored by people lacking knowledge about medical malpractice cases. Therefore one needs to consult an attorney if one finds that the occurrence o an injury is a result of the emergency room treatment. One can also receive a first free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney. Click here to know more!

To spread awareness, below are some of the most common emergency room mistakes that can be assumed as medical malpractice.


Misdiagnosis refers to an incorrect diagnosis by medical professionals due to working under immense pressure. Additionally, due to lack of time, wrong treatment procedures might be adopted, which makes the patient vulnerable to irreparable damage.

Improper Method Of Undertaking A Treatment Procedure:

The doctors and nurses in the emergency room are always expected to handle any situation at their door. This obligation often ends up in treatment procedures undertaken by doctors or nurses who have little experience in the relevant field.

Retarded Treatment:

Often, the condition of the patients worsens due to delayed treatments, which even results in death. Such serious issues call for the requirement of an experienced attorney to file a medical malpractice claim.

Inappropriate Discharge:

Appropriate discharge instructions are essential for patients. The doctors and the nurses must ensure that the patient is properly instructed on the following medications and any other aspects that deem necessary for recovery. But the pressure inside the emergency room might often make them forget this step and makes the patient vulnerable to worsening conditions.

Prescribing Wrong Medication:

In a rush, medical professionals might prescribe the wrong medications or not consider the patient’s intolerance to certain medications, which leads to serious health impacts.

Final Thoughts:

However, determining the liability in a medical malpractice case involving the emergency room is difficult as the doctors are expected to take immediate decisions to prevent the condition from worsening. Talk to an experienced attorney to determine whether one can possess a medical malpractice claim before filing a lawsuit.