4 Reasons to Give Your Preference to Node JavaScript Developers

Published: Aug 22, 2019

Node.JS is a server-side JavaScript runtime that offers great flexibility, high performance, and effective software deployment in a JavaScript environment. Node JS is an event-driven, lightweight, and non-blocking I/O model that runs in the Chrome V8 JS engine. Node.js architect in combination with other JavaScript frameworks has become the core component of digital transformation in the marketplace.

Owing to numerous capabilities and features of Node.JS, almost every company is in need to hire Node.js developers for effective web development and server-side scripting. So, the demand of Node.js developer for hire in the marketplace is continuously increasing due to the advantages of node.js server environment in the JS-based full-stack web development.

Let’s have a look at the major reasons for hiring Node.js developers for business activities in our existing marketplace.

Major Features of Node JS Programming Language

Node.JS is a JavaScript-based programming language. JavaScript language is the most popular web development language in the world. It offers numerous features as mentioned below.

  • It is very fast and lightweight environment offer faster code execution capabilities in Chrome V8 JS engine
  • Node.js is event-driven and non-blocking input/output based environment in which the server does not wait for API to return response and continues to the next API
  • Highly scalable environment despite the fact it is a single-threaded model
  • It does not support buffering of the data and offers great performance
  • It is an open-source environment released under MIT license; so you don’t require to pay any license fee
  • It can be used with multiple JS client-end platforms and libraries
  • It is a cross-platform environment can be used for different OS platforms
  • It has a rich and large library of server-side JavaScript real-time run environment modules
  • Faster development, testing, and deployment.

Node.JS Ultimate Facts

The popularity of Node.JS Development Features & Capabilities

According to the State of Software Development Report 2018, JavaScript is the top language used by over 2.3 million developers. Node.JS is a JavaScript technology and extensively used by JS developers in different software development stacks for faster and smoother web development.

If you look at the landscape of big commercial users of Node.JS globally, you would find so many big names like GoDaddy, Yahoo, Microsoft, PayPal, IBM, GE, Uber, Mozilla Firefox, and many others. Many other small and medium-size companies are extensively relying on the Node JS for server-side real-time web applications.

According to the IT Jobs Watch information, the average salary and demand is consistently increasing, which is a clear indicator of the popularity of the Node.js developers in the marketplace.

It is very important to note that both front-end and back-end development in one technology makes the software development companies and the operators of the web service more comfortable and convinced. The client-side development of web applications is overwhelmingly done by the JavaScript technology, if the back-end scripting is also done in JavaScript technology, it will create a desirable impact on the businesses and enterprises. This is the reason that JavaScript-based web development full-stack solutions like MEAN, MEVN and others are getting popularity consistently.

Role of Node JS in Business Processes

Business in the present fiercely competitive marketplace has become so volatile, knowledge-based, and technology-driven, especially the software application-driven. All major business processes in our modern business are highly influenced by software applications like CRM, ERP, Sales, Marketing, and others. You need efficient, reliable, value-oriented, and highly featured applications developed in a short time.

Node.JS makes it easier, faster, and efficient development of an application with the shortest time-to-market. The performance of Node.JS apps remains highly commendable in numerous business process environments.

Why Choose Node JS Developers?

There are many good reasons to choose for Node JS developers. The top 4 reasons are listed below.

1. Faster Software Development

Node.JS is a run-time environment with a large pool of libraries modules, which makes the software development much faster. This is the reason that enterprises choose Node.JS developers for faster software development. Node.js developers can easily work with front-end technology to speed up app development. Powerful full-stack development solutions like MEAN are attracting enterprises to hire Node.JS developers for faster software application development.

Why Node.JS is so Special?

2.  Development of Cross-Functional Teams

With the emergence of Agile development methodology, continuous development and continuous implementation (CD/CI), and continuous testing (CT) have triggered the need of cross-functional teams for faster and smoother development. In a cross-functional team, you need all types of roles under one management command. Cross-functional teams are normally for accomplishing a project faster and more efficient in terms of cost, time, and quality. If you have Node.JS developers, you can create an effective web development cross-functional team by adding the JavaScript developers for the client-side development.

3.  Popular Web Development Technology Stack

According to the Stackoverflow survey, Node.JS is the top framework with 49.9% of the professional developers supporting this platform in 2018. It is also expected that Node JS will increase its popularity in the next year too. The popularity of Node.JS is mostly driven by two major factors in technological perspective 1) it is based on JavaScript that is the most popular technology in web development 2) it offers a big library and great features. Every business likes to have Node.JS developers to benefit from the most powerful features and capabilities of this technology.

4.  Access to Wider Talent Pool

Node.JS developers are available in almost all parts of the world in a sizeable number. You can also hire Node.JS remotely to strengthen your teams. As we know, software development is facing a shortage of software developers globally. If you have a sizeable number of Node.JS developers in the market, you are lucky indeed.

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Final Takeaway

Node.js is a server-side run environment that offers great features and capabilities to create highly reliable and best-performing websites and web applications. Node.JS is the most popular JS library in the marketplace. There are many great reasons that businesses choose to hire Node.JS developers in their teams, as mentioned in this article.