10 Shortcode WordPress Plugins to Save Time and Extend Capabilities of Users

Published: May 26, 2013

Using shortcode WordPress plugins offers the convenient way of managing your WordPress sites with more efficiency and ease. These plugins are helpful whenever your ultimate goal is to help you improve your capabilities as a WordPress user in managing all the elements of your website that will be time saving and with better convenience.

Here are the 10 shortcode WordPress plugins to help you save time and extend your capabilities as its user.

Snippets Plugins

This WordPress plugin is very useful if you are using the same information on your website on different pages or places within the site. You can keep the information together and make them readily available as shortcodes for easy retrieval and posting. The plugin can be used for creating shortcodes for texts and images and may be used anywhere your WordPress content.

Store Locator Plus

This plugin contains shortcodes for a full featured location management system. This offers your website visitors to access a comprehensive and interactive store locator map that you can create using a shortcode for WordPress. You can also customize how the map will look like on your site from the control panel. Use this shortcode plugin for WordPress on your site and integrate an interactive Google map on your website with ease.

FX Image shortcode

If your WordPress site is highly optimized with images, using the FX Image Shortcode will provide you a plugin that will assist you in managing the image posts on your site with the ability to customize its style, size, layout and other features that will be most suitable to the WordPress theme that you use. You can mix the style from the photo gallery and pages of your website with some degree of control using shortcodes.

Promotion Slider

If you want to insert some slideshows on your WordPress site but is highly concerned that doing so may take some time, the Promotion Slider WordPress plugin offers a solution. This plugin allows WordPress users to manage and insert a slideshow presentation on their website using a shortcode. The user has an absolute control on how they want the slideshow to appear on their site. Using a straightforward shortcode, one has the ability to use flexible designs and wide range of customization options without the waste of time. You can create an effective visual promotional page slider that can be integrated on your webpage or blog

Shortcode Exec PHP

This plugin allows you to manage arbitrary PHP code that can be integrated with your WordPress site posts, RSS feeds, comments , widgets and pages. You can manage the PHP code through the plugin settings and you can possibly parse the shortcode parameters. All the PHP codes are collected in one place for better use and convenience. You also have the option whether you want to retain or delete the shortcodes on your site.

Divi WordPress Theme
Video embed and Thumbnail Generator

This plugin makes the management of embedding videos and generating thumbnails more convenient for a WordPress user. It is also HTML 5 compliant. There are many options available in order to generate a shortcode which can be inserted in your post through the post editor. The plugin comes with a preview image of Flash video player that allows you to see the video before finally submitting it for posting on your site. You have some degree of control in customizing the dimensions of the video without much difficulty in handling the technical side. Using shortcodes from the plugin makes the task easier and convenient , allowing you to manage your website videos like a pro.

Display Posts Shortcodes

Using this plugin allows its users to manage shortcode within the website page or posts. You can manage your posts more effectively and display their listings to your WordPress site without any technical difficulty. Thus, even without knowledge about PHP and editing of your WordPress templates, you can easily manage your post title, images, texts and date using shortcode with better ease.

WP Datatables

If you need to use tables in your website, this plugin can make the task easier for you in creating multi-functional tables using shortcodes. The plugin integrates with other sources of data like JSON, CSV, and mySQL. You can also print or save the table in Excel, PDF or copy it to your clipboard as its advanced feature. There are various options that you can choose from the plugin. You can change the column type as URL links, date, integer or strings. There are some features that allow you to tweak the multi-functional table easily to display on your Wordpess site without the need of being a pro.

Lightbox Plus Colorbox

You can generate an HTML 5 valid code to create a larger version of your texts, images and slideshows that can be viewed by your website visitors in an overlay. Using shortcodes you can select to overlay images, slides or videos on your website thereby allowing your visitors to view them on a larger image without the need to leave your site.

Shortcodes Ultimate

This shortcode plugin for website allows you to easily create buttons and boxes on your site and even display sliders. You can possibly create a more premium looking WordPress site using the plugin through the use of shortcodes that will make it quick and easy for you to manage them on your current WordPress theme. It comes with a special widget and more than 30 shortcodes to choose from. You can easily generate the codes and use them as you please to your WordPress site, saving much time and effort.

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