How to write a Marketing Essay

Published: Aug 01, 2017

Having a well-researched marketing article can provide great benefit to the recipient, especially if there is an in-depth market analysis required. There are a wide variety of “types” of marketing essays, however, for today; we’ll be focusing on the basics of creating a compelling marketing article.

Within your document, you’ll want to focus on several key marketing aspects relating to your primary objective. It’s important to know what information to concentrate on based on the expectations of the reader and to solidify your arguments throughout the document.

Let’s jump into the dynamics of writing a stellar marketing essay.


The first and foremost part of the article comes down to the argument. What is it you want to achieve or rather, what is your expected outcome based on your research. Your argument sets the tone and direction of your entire essay, and thus it is important to establish a concrete thesis from the beginning. As mentioned, this will also provide you direction within the writing meaning that the rest of the essay will come more naturally once the course establishes.

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Before actually writing the article, you’ll want to brainstorm on the thesis. What are some of the supporting arguments that can make? What is wrong with your argument? Is there any room for improvement? Is your argument vague or too detailed?

All of these questions must answer, and you should dedicate some time to organizing your ideas as it will facilitate the writing process significantly.


Within the introduction, you will reiterate your thesis however you will also begin to set the stage for the rest of the essay. You will follow up with real-world examples from case studies, publications, and previous studies. It provides you with “proof of concept” or supporting clauses to reinforce your thesis. If you’re not the only one that is saying “X,” then “X” will have more authority within your paper.

Thus, finding credible sources is a requirement. You will also need to implement proper citation to not infringe on any copyright information. You can use major corporations or even “mom and pop shops” as examples within the market. Variety is always good.


Once you have established the introduction and provided a few arguing points, it’s time to dive into detail about each one. The body essentially will break down your thesis into concrete sections that will support your main argument. It’s good to break down your main points into sub points, which allows for subheadings within the body. Each subheading will deal with a unique concept related to your central premise.

Within this section, you can also insert graphs or other supporting content that will help solidify your argument within the minds of the readers. You must always try to reflect the primary position within your introduction in the body of your custom essay. Also, it is important to cite your sources that help to strengthen your position.


Once you have gone through the entire process of writing the essay, you need to tie it all up together. You do this within the conclusion. It’s always a good thing to restate your original premise and to pull out key points from within your supporting arguments in the end.

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Many marketers also use this section to add their own opinions based on their research. It isn’t a requirement however it does provide additional insight for the reader. Thus it’s always good to add in your own opinion on the research at the end.

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Once you finished the conclusion of your essay, it is advisable to set it aside for a day or two. It allows your mind to clear itself of the task on hand and will give you ‘fresh eyes’ when you revisit the work. Read the entire document, see where you can strengthen your positions, which points don’t make sense within the content and rewrite the whole thing.

Some people do this last step several times to ensure that they create truly compelling content. Additionally, you can add a bibliography at the end to summarize all of the sources you cited.

Outsourcing your Marketing Essay Writing

It isn’t necessary that you write your document either. There are many different platforms online that provides top-notch marketing essay writing services such as that can do the research, editing and compiling of your paper in exchange for money.

It is especially valuable to people who lack time to do diligent research on any given topic. It is important to shop around for the best possible service out there, however, once you have found a legitimate service provider, you will be able to rely on them time and time again.

While it will still be important for you to provide the general direction or the “thesis,” you can outsource the workload to a professional writer.

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