What Should I Look For When Choosing A Web Host?

Published: Nov 04, 2020

Looking for a web host may be overwhelming. Now a days, there are so many options when choosing one. There are many different price levels, some offer free domains, SSL certificates, website builders, templates, speeds and so much more which can drive a beginner website owner crazy!

Let’s take a step back and ask…

What is a web host? Do I need a web host?

A web host is a provider who grants you space to store your website files on their web server and ultimately allow for your website to be seen on the interned.

So, do you need a web host?

Well, if you want your website to be seen on the internet you will need a host of some sort. Whether that is a vps host, cloud host or most popular, a web host.

So, what should you look for when choosing your web host?

Let’s get started!


First things first, you DO NOT need to break the bank when purchasing a web host. You can get a valid, speedy web host for as low at $0.99/month and still get incredible reliability. The average web hosting plan costs between $4 and $8 a month. That is all you need for a fast, secure web host! You can take a look at our choice for fast & affordable web hosts 2020.

Loading Speed

Loading speed is SUPER IMPORTANT for your website. Loading speed is a critical factor in seo, so if you want your website to rank nice and high on Google with the top dogs then I recommend doing research on your web hosts page loading speed test results.

Keep in mind: the industry average page loading speed is 10.3 seconds. (per Backlinko)

Website Builders

Do you already have your website built? Or, are you looking to use a website builder within your web host to build and manage your website?

This is an important question because not all website builders are created equal.

You will need to make sure the web host you choose is integrated with a high quality, customizable and professional website builder. Some web hosts partner with leading website builders.

For example, Bluehost is integrated with the Weebly website builder, one of the most professional website builders on the market.

What makes a good website builder? Your website builder should offer:

– Professional templates

– 100% customization

– Image download with custom placement

– Seo optimization features

– Different text options

– Multiple header and footer options

– Section division

– Blog integration and management

– Ecommerce integration options and management

– Forms

– Linkability

Domain Options

Many different web hosting companies offer different domain deals.

For example,

with a paid package plan, many hosts offer a free domain for the first year then it’s $14.99 for the rest of the year. This is very common and this should be something you consider when looking for a web host.

Your web host should also include a free SSL certificate. This should be included in your payment. You should stay away from any host that tries to charge you for the SSL certificate.

What is an SSL Certificate?

It is a certificate that encrypts all personal data submitted on the website. That includes credit card information, addresses, names, emails and more. You can see if a website has an SSL certificate by seeing if their domain begins with https:// and has a lock icon to the left of it like this:

ssl icon

Other Features

There are a few other features the web host you choose should offer to make sure they are trustworthy.

One of these features is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee or a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Almost ALL of the most popular web hosts have this option. This ensures they are providing you with a quality product.

On top of a Money Back Guarantee, your web host should offer either 24/7 Customer Service or a 24/7 Live Chat Option.


This is your website, your business, your brand, your store, your income and it cannot wait when problems occur. A problem at any time of the day or week that can’t be solved right away could limit your sales, revenue, views, visitors, etc. Once again, this is a feature all the most trusted web hosting servers offer. They should be there for you whenever you need them.

Do you have any more web hosting questions? Take a look at this web hosting questions round up with short and sweet answers anybody can understand.