What Can You Buy with Bitcoins?

Published: Jun 19, 2020

There has been a lot of positive and negative speculation regarding bitcoins in recent days but as of now, it has been seen that bitcoin is the most trusted long-term investment. The bitcoin community has shown a lot of interest in the bitcoins and have tried to find out the payment system that was not being able to be used.

Bitcoin Revival says that bitcoin has never taken as a source of good work for most of the countries. Most people all across the world think that bitcoin is something very inconvenient and it has all related to all the illegal activities hence it is better not to get involved in it.

Many believe that the bitcoin technology and the blockchain technology can never be equal to PayPal and Visa Master Card. Bitcoin allows 7 transactions at a time, and all that is required in the network of the bitcoin that is required to be used. While on the other hand, the Visa Master Card allows 150 mln transactions in a day. This also helps to facilitate 24000 tips, while the bitcoin continues to allow 7 transactions.

Here we will discuss with you what all can you buy using the bitcoin in both online and offline mediums. There are some online methods and offline aspects where you can spend ample bitcoin and buy yourself whatever you want to. Here we will tell you about the things that you use or buy using bitcoins.

Things to Buy Online using Bitcoins

Here we will tell you in what all aspects can you use bitcoin, such as some of the major online merchants, some of the aggregators, services online, video games, travel, tipping games, and various other charity work.

We will try to explain some of the online factors where you can spend your bitcoins on.


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Videogames is most relevant to most people because most of the young population is directly involved in this. Earlier in the old days, one had to go to retail physical stores to buy video games. But now you can sit at home and book your favorite video game. Video games are gradually moving way too much into the digital world. It is very much like any digital currency. So, it is obvious that some of the leading video gamers will use bitcoin to buy video games.


Another interesting aspect where bitcoin is used, organically. Many of the service-based companies have already decided that they want to accept the payment of their customers in bitcoin. It is only possible to pay in bitcoin for a particular service only if the company decides to accept bitcoin payment. But it is interesting how many service-based companies are trying to expand their business and start accepting bitcoin for their service. Soon it will be a very regular norm to accept bitcoin for services.


There are a lot of travel-based services available and they’re eager to accept bitcoins. There are already some of the companies that have a certain guideline as per which they accept bitcoins. Most of the travel service-based companies offer certain packages which can be attained using the bitcoins.

Charity and Tipping

This another important sector where bitcoin is accepted gladly as if more than happy one could be. Donation is mostly in huge amount, and transaction in huge amount is best using bitcoins. Moreover, many people like to keep donation anonymous, which mean he/she does not want others to know about who is donating. Donating money in bitcoin is the best way to transact in a huge amount and also transact a huge amount of money without telling anyone or without anyone even knowing who exactly is behind the transaction.

Apart from donation, you can also use some bitcoins to give tips to the favorite boy in the hotel you go for lunch. After paying the bills you can just transact a single bitcoin to the boy for serving you hot.