Top 7 Azure DevOps Benefits For Your Business

Published: Sep 28, 2021

Azure DevOps is a powerful tool for any business, but just how useful is it? In this post, we’ll cover the top 7 Azure DevOps benefits and why you should tap into its potential for your business.

What is Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps is Microsoft’s Software as a Service (SaaS) developer service that aims to support product delivery from start to finish. It provides a single platform that integrates, manages, and enhances DevOps approaches into your organisation. Built on Microsoft’s cloud computing platform called Azure – it is a collection of services that impact five core domains of product development:

  • Computing
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Databases
  • Monitoring

To read more details, make sure to check out our Beginner’s Guide to Azure DevOps.

Azure DevOps Benefit 1: Collaboration

Seamless collaboration is one of the biggest challenges for effective product delivery. With Azure DevOps, teams are able to host and manage code centrally and fully optimize their processes. Whether your team uses PowerShell or VB scripts for different solutions, Azure DevOps cloud format ensures all code is stored and managed from a central location.

But the collaboration benefits don’t stop at coding. Teams can easily integrate prominent collaboration services like Microsoft Teams within the Microsoft ecosystem as well as other external data sources with ease.

Azure DevOps Benefit 2: Continuous Delivery

The robust Azure DevOps platform and its emphasis on optimizing pipelines ensure solutions can be developed and deployed continuously. Whether your team deploys a solution hosted in Azure or any other external cloud platform, the Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline can handle the entirety of your solution lifecycle from development to delivery.

Additionally, the aforementioned integration capabilities of Azure DevOps means that your workflows, delivery and handover process are completely seamless and supportive of continuous delivery.

Azure DevOps Benefit 3: Platform Agnostic

Microsoft has always been a pioneering leader in promoting cooperation, even with their own competitors. By extension, Azure DevOps is a master of integration, offering impeccable connectors and extensions to industry and community tools from Slack to ServiceNow and many more. Long gone are the days of closed-off single vendor solutions.

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Even better, if Azure DevOps themselves have not built the connection solution you need, there is a complete marketplace with hundreds of extensions and tools available to fully optimize and customize your workflows. No matter what platform, data source or applications you use, your team can still make the most out of Azure DevOps with little to no barriers.

Azure DevOps Benefit 4: Reliability and Security

Microsoft’s Azure data centers have secured IRAP certification, ensuring the highest grade of cyber and data security. Azure DevOps receives 24/7 support and has a guarantee of running 99.95% of the time. Additionally, Azure DevOps deployment can be managed across multiple instances and applications can be easily kept within compliance. This gives teams the full confidence to build solutions in a highly reliable and secure platform without compromising on its integrative capabilities with open-source solutions.

Azure DevOps Benefit 5: Maintenance Free

As a SaaS product, users do not need to worry about upgrading or patching up the tool as it is completely handled by Azure DevOps itself. For businesses running on a CI/CD model, down times are no longer necessary to facilitate upgrades. This brings extensive time and cost savings for teams to focus on more value adding activities of product delivery.

Azure DevOps Benefit 6: Customizability

The aforementioned integrative capabilities of Azure DevOps allows users to have the freedom to adapt, integrate and build solutions with the tools and processes that suit them best. This makes for easier customization and experimentation in delivery processes and encourages flexibility within teams. Rest assured that with their focus on customers, Azure DevOps is a solution that is made specifically to fit your workflows and practices rather than the other way around.

Azure DevOps Benefit 7: Enhances Culture

With its roots in Agile philosophies, bringing DevOps approaches into your organisation through the implementation of Azure DevOps encourages more proactive and collaborative teamwork. With its extensive integration, flexibility and customizability, Azure DevOps is able to adapt to the needs and scope of every team whilst also facilitating uninterrupted collaboration. As users begin to truly tap into the full potential of Azure DevOps, teams begin to work faster, take on more responsibilities and achieve better results.

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