Top 3 Organic Tea for People Who Work the Night Shift

Published: Jul 29, 2021

It’s probably not a huge surprise that research indicates the rate of caffeine consumption is highest during night shifts as compared to both day and evening shifts. However, if you’re a night shift worker, you should consider substituting your daily caffeinated beverages for tea. Reason? Caffeinated tea provides you with the boost in alertness that is highly needed during the night shift and has plenty of health benefits. It does so without the drawbacks of energy drinks and coffee. Visit the online tea and coffee shop to buy tea online. In this article, you will find out the top three organic tea for people who work the night shift.

Benefits of Organic Tea to People who Work the Night Shift

  • Reduced levels of cholesterol by eliminating the LDL (bad cholesterol) from the blood.
  • Loss of weight by increasing the rate of your metabolism while helping to improve the regulation of glucose levels which in turn prevents diabetes. To achieve the desired effect, combine this tea with regular exercise.
  • It possesses anti-aging properties. Antioxidants in tea minimize wrinkling of the skin, eliminates the risk of cancer, helps with eye diseases, and other vision challenges.
  • Minimized risk of cardiovascular illnesses. It achieves this by changing the blood vessels’ lining and keeps them relaxed. Tea also helps with stopping blood clots.
  • It helps to prevent Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases by preventing the breakdown of necessary neurotransmitters that are strongly associated with memory.

Tea and Sleep

Just like energy drinks and coffee, the caffeine that is present in tea can disrupt a person’s sleep. The important thing to keep in mind here is if you’re intending on sleeping once you get to your house, you should go easy on caffeinated beverages towards the end of your shift. Changing to herbal or decaffeinated tea will ensure that you enjoy a great, healthy cup of tea and you will still get great sleep when you get home.

Top 3 Organic Tea for People Who Work the Night Shift

1. Tielka

Tielka is an organic, Fairtrade, certified, and family-run company that is committed to ethical sourcing and sustainable business practices. It has been the most awarded tea with several tea awards to its name. Tielka provides an amazing catalog of teas and herbals that range from loose leaf tea to plant-based tea bags that are sustainably packaged.

It comes in a variety of tea blends like green, oolong, classic black, and herbal infusion. If you work the night shift, you will find this tea to be quite useful because it will keep you alert for a reasonable time.

2. Numi

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Numi is a renowned tea company that produces great-tasting tea, and their efforts of sustainability are far-reaching. It comes in several flavors that come in tea bags, flowering tea, and loose leaf tea forms. It is quite at enhancing a person’s alertness which increases their productivity. These products can be found in leading shops and stores, and you can always order their products online.

3. The Art of Tea

No company treats their tea-making process better than The Art of Tea. Their production is one of the most sustainable and the teas undergo vigorous testing to ensure that the final customer only gets the highest quality of tea that has the freshest ingredients. From the ingredients to the packaging to the paint that is used by the company, everything is as environmentally friendly as possible.

The Art of Tea provides a wide variety of tea products like organic loose leaf tea, tea wares, packaged teas, and more. These types of teas are suitable for people who work the night shift because it minimizes sleep and keeps them more alert.