Sustaining Whiplash After a Car Accident: Why Victims Should Not Underestimate their Injuries

Published: Aug 26, 2021

Whiplash is a common injury that car accident victims may experience. But, a lot of people have no idea about this condition or when they should see a doctor for it. Those who suffer whiplash may feel the effects after several days. And while this injury is sometimes less serious, it can have severe consequences. Thus, if you have developed this injury after a vehicle crash, you must get medical treatment as soon as possible. 

How a Whiplash Injury Occurs

Usually, car accident victims sustain whiplash injuries; however, they can also occur because of physical abuse, playing physical sports, and other activities that involve sudden force applied to the neck. 

Whiplash happens when the head suddenly moves back and forth with significant force. Because of this sudden movement, the muscles in the neck will simultaneously flex and extend, causing muscle damage and more. Also, it can harm the neck’s nerves, ligaments, and discs.  

How Long Do Whiplash Symptoms Appear

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The symptoms of whiplash may appear hours, days, or weeks after a car crash. But, just because a victim does not feel neck pain right away does not mean the injury will not be serious when it shows symptoms. And because some people may not feel any symptoms during the first few days following a crash, it is best to see a doctor for a medical evaluation. Also, a Miami personal injury attorney will advise victims to get a prompt diagnosis and treatment, because this can help document their injuries. 

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit for a Whiplash Injury

Regardless of how serious a whiplash injury is, it can result in substantial medical bills, lost wages, and significant pain and suffering. When the pain results from a car accident, the victim may get compensation for their injury-related costs. 

Some victims may think that they only have minor injuries, so they don’t pursue a personal injury claim. But, those who sustained a whiplash injury and have to seek treatment and are unable to return to work for a while should not bear the consequences without taking legal action. Sufferers should get in touch with an attorney to discuss their legal options. No sufferer will ever want to jeopardize their financial future. By consulting with an attorney, they could learn that the at-fault party owes them significant compensation for their injuries. Victims should not assume they automatically have a claim. They will only learn the legal facts if they talk to an experienced lawyer.