Setting the Theme Options for Realty

Published: Aug 20, 2012

Realty theme has some basic options that can make you customize the theme faster without having the need to edit HTML. This includes changing the logo, background, messages and more. Continue reading below to find out how this is done.

You can access the theme options by going to “Appearance” > “Realty Options”.

Header Settings

This is the section the pertains to the head section of the page. The first options is the Logo URL. You can upload an image for your logo, or enter an image url that resides somewhere else in the internet. Make sure your image is 40 pixels in height, and 300 pixels in width. For best results, use a transparent .png image.

header settings section

The Favicon Url is the location of your favicon file. This is the small 16 x 16 image that appears in the corner of the browser tab for your website. See the image below for the default house icon – which is the theme’s default favicon. Simply enter your url to override the default.

Home Page Settings

This section pertains the customizations you can apply in the homepage.

Home page Settings section

By default, once you install the theme – your homepage is already using the template. However, you may want to have a separate page for your “blog” entries. If this is the case, then you need to create a page and utilize the homepage template. Follow the instruction from this post to do just that.

Home Page Background

Again, this field is for the url of the large background image you want to use for your homepage. Use an image that is landscape in orientation. You also might need to visualize an image that will work with the transparent form that hovers above it.


realty with a custom background

The code will resize and crop the image to the proper dimensions. It will also adjust accordingly as the viewport changes.

Welcome Message

The welcome message appears to the left of the custom form in the home page. Wrap your main headline inside H1 tags. If you want a part of your headline in bold – wrap that inside of a span (inside the H1). The rest of the message can be in p tags.


About the Realtor Message

The About the Realtor message is meant to say a little about yourself right in the home page. It appears right below the fold, in the rightmost area. Simply enter a couple of sentences (wrapped in p tags). If you want to insert a photo of yourself, simply add img tags with a small thumbnail image. This will automatically float to the right, while the text wraps around it.


Note that this same box appears in the inner pages, in the sidebar.

Footer Settings

This section applies to the footer area of the site. There’s only one field – and is pretty self explanatory. The footer text is what appears to the left of the footer. By default, the current year, your site name and “All Rights Reserved” will be displayed. Simply override this with your text and your all set.


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56 thoughts on “Setting the Theme Options for Realty

    Britt says:

    Hi there, I have recently updated my PHP to PHP 7 and now the options.php does not work. I can enter info into the boxes as per usual however they do not appear on the actual site. I have found an error in the PHP compatibility checker which said to add curly brackets to fix this and I have done that and it is not showing the error anymore however it has not fixed the page in terms of the info actually showing up. Please help!

    Robert-Jan Kempink says:

    can you please help me, i did just a fresh installation of this theme and put 1 test listing in but if i use the search bars i don`t get any results, also test a new installation of wordpress but also the same problem 🙁

    Robert-Jan Kempink says:

    can you please help me, i did just a fresh installation of this theme and put 1 test listing in but if i use the search bars i don`t get any results, also test a new installation of wordpress but also the same problem 🙁

    i am using wordpress version 4.4 with realty 1.2

    Virtual Assistant says:

    How can i delete search listing form from the home page? Please reply as soon as possible.

    Michael Soriano says:

    the code should be in the home template

    Jesus Cavazos says:

    Buen dia

    Necesito ayuda , las imagenes slideshow sin Funcionan en la nueva versión de WordPress …

    porfavor necesito ayuda urgente !


    Shelley Huff says:

    is it possible to leave the header blank… no title or anything.

    Cindy says:


    First of all thank you for this great theme!
    I block a little on several points:

    – How to remove the “Select” in the search bar

    – Can we bring up all the same taxonomy if no property there is?

    – When I put the pictures in the article they do not appear in the slideshow.

    Here are some pictures to make it clearer.

    Thank you for your answers.

    Sorry for the late reply. The word “Select” should be in the functions.php. You’ll see a function called buildSelect(); I’m not sure what you mean by bringing the taxonomy up w/ no property. For the photos to appear in the slideshow – all you need is to upload the photos – do not insert them in the article.

    Shelley Huff says:

    is it possible to leave the header blank… no title or anything.

    Michael Soriano says:

    Sorry for the late reply. The word “Select” should be in the functions.php. You’ll see a function called buildSelect(); I’m not sure what you mean by bringing the taxonomy up w/ no property. For the photos to appear in the slideshow – all you need is to upload the photos – do not insert them in the article.

    Deon Stander says:

    Hi Michael
    My first try with WordPress, great theme! I would like to put a metaslider in pace of the featured image on the home page. As I am a bit new to this I am a bit lost, always worked with DW. Can you please help??

    Thanks a lot.

    ejortol says:

    Hola, buenas tardes. Felicitaciones por el tema, intentaré utilizarlo. Puede alguien decirme dónde cambiarlo de idioma?
    Hello, good afternoon. Congratulations on the subject, I try to use it. Can someone tell me where to change language?

    Hi, is it possibel to work with a Form Post” and a Form Get please? could you explain how to do this?

    matt howell says:

    Never mind – – I got it. Images have to be uploaded to the post/listing (attached) and can be removed once that’s done so they don’t duplicate.
    It would be much easier if you could just use images from the media gallery.

    le says:

    I need help, when i insert image i don’t know how to delete them

    pvl says:

    Hi, great template there!

    I wish to change the first lines’ title of the dropdown selext box in Russia two words- Tnx in adv!

    obviously i need to modify functions.php
    but how……..

    and perhaps,

    If its the title of the form – yes, modify


    if it’s the first option in the drop down (where it says “select type” or “select room”, you need to edit functions.php – it should be function called “buildSelecttabs” or something like that.

    smmza says:

    Hello! excellent theme! Is there a way to add one or more categories similar to the Type, Area, Rooms, etc? I want to add about 4 more “parent” categories.. – many thanks

    You can add it in the admin panel. Go to “appearance” > “editor” and open “functions.php” . you will see a function called “listings_taxonomy” and inside it you will see several “register_taxonomy()” functions – that registers each type of “parent” category ie. “type”, “rooms”, “area” and “price”.

    simply duplicate that code for your new parent category – BUT keep it inside the “listings_taxonomy()” function.

    for example:

    ‘hierarchical’ => true,
    ‘label’ => ‘NEWCATEGORY’,
    ‘query_var’ => true,
    ‘rewrite’ => array(‘slug’ => ‘NEWCATEGORY’)

    smmza says:

    awesome, I did the careful “surgery” as implied and I think it went well. For some reason I cannot see changes on the front end – even after yesterday I filled in four sub-categories for Area but none of them display on the front end – is there some kind of cache to clean or something? many thanks

    smmza says:

    just checking – for some reason the front end will not reflect the sub categories I added to Area, In other words the front end still shows no sub option for Area, it’s acting like fresh install even though I added sub categories in the backed, any ideas? many thanks

    I’m sorry. 2 more files you have to edit:

    in search-listings-form-sidebar.php and search-listings-form.php

    add this line of code:

    CHANGEME is the value of your taxonomy.

    smmza says:

    Thanks Michael, But I don’t’ see the CHANGEME reference anywhere in the code you said to add – where should it be? many thanks

    you have to add the code above, and the CHANGEME is the value of your parent category

    Pa says:

    Dear Sir,

    i just download and try to set up the drop down list topic. I’m so new with this.

    I follow your suggestion :

    Theme Functions (functions.php)

    but the new “changeme” didnt show up in drop down list.

    Do I have to change anything in
    single-listings.php ?
    ID, ‘type’, ‘type: ‘, ‘, ‘, ” ); ?>

    Thank you very much

    Wessel says:

    Hi , on the front page / home page of my theme if i want to choose the type or amount of rooms it does not want to go to the chosen properties, am i doingsomething wrong ?

    Ryan Van Fleet says:

    I have just downloaded the theme and activated it. The theme settings are not showing? Help?

    Mary says:

    I’m just getting started installing this theme and I’ve never used WordPress before…so this is just the beginning for questions. The translucent box that overlays the header image turned to solid white when I changed image. Where do I fix that? Also, can I make the 1st section at top, above the header photo, any larger/taller? The realtor wants their name larger!

    Kate says:

    This theme is great! I love it! Thank You! I just have one quick question. I cannot get the image to show in the About the Realtor section. I have read through the comments below and still can’t seem to get it to work. I have double checked my source (copy and pasted it directly from my media manager in WordPress. Any suggestions? My website can be viewed at:

    i see that your realtor image is adding slashes to the quotes. try removing the quotes from the options.

    Jack Douglas says:

    I Love the REALTY THEME
    But Please, How can I Change the Text: “Select Type, Select Rooms, Select Area, Select Price”? These Words are in the SEARCH LISTINGS of the Sidebar and I need to Change then to my Language (Portuguese – Brazil).
    Please, Help me with this …

    Douglas says:

    I Found The Solution.


    Sandro Chiarel says:

    Douglas onde vc achou?

    Douglas says:

    Olá Sandro,
    Edite o arquivo functions.php
    na linha que começa com function listings_taxonomy() {
    Edite tambem os arquivos: search-listings.php – search-listings-form.php – search-listings-form-sidebar.php
    Qualquer dúvida entre em contato!

    simone686 says:

    hi…thanks for the info…have you even change the word “select” on the search box?…how…?

    Jack Douglas says:

    Hi Simone, I Change the Text: “Select Type, Select Rooms, Select Area, Select Price” editing the Following PHP PAGES: search-listings.php – search-listings-form.php – search-listings-form-sidebar.php

    If this answer don’t help.. Contact me again… OK?

    cmoalegria says:

    Olá Douglas, estou a tentar, mas não resulta: eis o que eu fiz na functions.php:
    ‘hierarchical’ => true,
    ‘label’ => ‘Tipo de Negócio’,
    ‘query_var’ => true,
    ‘rewrite’ => array(‘slug’ => ‘Tipo de Negócio’)

    dee says:

    Hi, How do i add a “for rent-for sale” category on the form? Please help, thanks much and more power on this theme. Is there a way?

    Oky says:

    Hello,i’m newbie,
    thanks for the Theme,I use it for my blog but I have a problem with blogroll,I used WordPress 3.5.2 as for as i know no more blogroll in 3.5x…could you please tell me how to using or disable the blogroll on your theme? Thanks

    encoreservices says:

    When I change the realtor text and image, the image is not picked up: here is my code

    RealtorName Founder, Editor-in-Chief
    RealtorName is RealtyCompany founder and director. My intimate knowledge of MyCity combined with my experience of the real estate market makes MyCompany the most desirable partner to talk to when moving to MyCity.

    make sure your src is correct.

    encoreservices says:

    src is correct – even when I try the theme’s original image realtor.jpg in my realtor text, it does not pick it up. When I inspected the element in Chrome/Firefox, it seems that as soon as I put anything into the realtor box, it creates invalid html by inserting an extra slash and quote at the beginning and end of the image source url to give

    If you want to check, please go to my test site at

    yes that’s an issue with php magic quotes. i believe in wp – its addslashes. i have it overridden in functions.php – where that code is being outputted. but somehow it’s adding it back in again.

    encoreservices says:

    So does that mean I can’t add the realtor image? Or is there a way to add it without hitting this problem?

    try disable Magic Quotes in your server php.ini file. like i said, i have coded for it in the theme – but i’m not sure why it’s not working on yours. more info:

    encoreservices says:

    OK. I’ll look into it but will probably end up using something else as the client has other sites on the same server

    if you want you can go directly to the source code and not use the form. i believe its a file called about-the-author.php

    Bharath says:

    I have installed this theme for my new WP, I found Image Galley is not working with the theme. I also tried with Lightbox plugin (Now disabled).

    Please help me.

    Hussam says:

    Just read this topic about blogroll! Use the link manager plugin!
    That’s all 🙂

    Michael Soriano says:

    you add bookmarks the same way you do in wordpress. you have to add a sidebar widget and your links will show – just like any regular theme.

    pamela says:

    i just wanted to know how to put my bookmarks on the blog roll. I really can’t proceed. i think I’m gonna change theme if it will not be solve 🙁

    herman says:

    same problem.
    been hardly search for it with no result. someone will help?

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