Setting Agency Theme Options

Published: May 20, 2012

Agency is equipped with options that will make it easy for you to customize the theme – without having to code HTML. If you haven’t seen the demo – click here.

One of the theme options is to set the theme logo. This has already been covered in a different post. Another option is the feature slider category. That too has been covered in another article.

Therefore, we are only covering the next set of options.

Agency’s right sidebar has a Facebook and Twitter handle already embedded in it. All you need to do is add your Facebook and Twitter URL in the corresponding fields in the options page and click “Save Changes”. View your website and when you click on the links in the sidebar, it should take you to your pages.

The footer text is the copyright text in the lower left hand side of the theme. By default it takes the name of your website, with a copyright symbol and the current year. However, you can enter anything you wish in the options page and it will show in the footer.

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17 thoughts on “Setting Agency Theme Options

    Virginia says:


    I have one question.

    I would like to add “read more” link to short posts of front page items. See example from the picture I added to the comment. Is it possible with that theme? I tried different ways, but for example that page ( says that “ quicktag will not operate and is ignored in Templates where just one post is displayed, such as single.php.”

    But is it possible to get it work afterall? I would like to add this at the end of short story, so what can or must I do?

    Many thanks in advance!


    Virginia says:

    I did the replacement in index.php file:

    with this:

    href="”>[ Read More →

    still not working! 🙁

    Virginia says:

    Okay, I am sorry – I ask the question and I keep replying to that also. 🙂 I used “Excerpt Editor” plugin and it’s options and it’s working now alright! Didn’t need to change my index.php code at all.

    Sorry for replying so late. That’s sounds like a good plugin to use. Many people look for that type of functionality.

    Jed says:

    How would one edit the comment section or use a comment plugin instead of the templates comment section?

    I actually really like the comment section on this page … now that I look at it 🙂

    jessica cottle says:

    love this theme. i’m just getting it all set up. can you help me figure out why i have an extra search bar on the left sidebar?

    i’ve used all my tricks – i cannot find this code anywhere!

    Search for:

    yvonna says:

    3 things please! 1) I do not have the Slider Option on my dashboard in order to make change to the slider 2) is it possible to resize the left and right sidebars (even take out the left sidebar SPACE altogether?) and 3) the sample Agency looks larger than mine once installed. Is there a way t make the entire thing larger?

    Matt says:

    How do you add a “Read More” or something to that affect link to posts?

    you can add this code in index.php – look for “the_excerpt()” – and after it, add “the_permalink()” – with text “read more”

    Jed says:

    Love the theme. How do I change the post title to a Google Font?

    Jessica says:

    I just installed this theme and I’m puzzled as to why it still says “Agency” at the top. Although I’ve put the correct information into the Site Title and Tagline form, it still says Agency, A Special Theme for WordPress. Is there a way to change it or do I have to put a logo in there? And if so – what size should the logo be? I tried 187×187 per the docs, but that’s way too big! Thanks for your help!


    Steven says:


    Ive been using this theme for year now. I had to disable the search function and use google’s site search instead as the search results were showing double images for each query.

    have you any idea how to fix this as i would like to track search results within the site.

    Aj says:

    I was wondering if you can plug ads into this layout such as Adwords, commission junction, etc.


    Sally says:

    Hey guys…. Hoping for some help here:

    I purchased the agency theme and am finally having a crack at putting my site together –

    Just three questions I’d be grateful for you to answer:

    – What font is the ‘agency’ used in your demo logo.

    – I can’t see ‘options’ under the appearance menu for some reason. I can only access the editor in code style (that’s a bit tech for me).

    – Is there a way to make the large white post title font on the featured image slider smaller? I thought if I could make it smaller, it would capture more of the post title because at the moment it cuts it off after 3/4 words and doesn’t really make sense.

    Thanks so much for your help and the theme. Love your work!!!!!

    michael says:

    Hi Sally,

    I replied to you via email. though to answer your questions:

    font i think is candy script
    no-options – due to an older version of agency
    font size smaller – look in header.php and edit the font size in the javascript (cufon) from 50 to a smaller number.

    Sally says:

    Thank you. Love your work!!!

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